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Topo Map of Streams in Morgan County, Kentucky

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Streams in Morgan County Kentucky

Place USGS Topo Map
Allen Day Creek West Liberty
Arnett Branch Cannel City
Baldwin Creek Ezel
Barker Branch West Liberty
Barker Branch Cannel City
Bear Branch Dingus
Bear Branch Hazel Green
Bear Branch Bangor
Bellamy Branch West Liberty
Benton Branch Cannel City
Big Lick Branch Wrigley
Big Mandy Creek Lenox
Big Sinking Creek Ezel
Big Spring Branch White Oak
Big Staff Branch Cannel City
Birch Fork Dingus
Blackwater Creek Ezel
Blair Branch Wrigley
Blair Branch Wrigley
Bolin Branch Lenox
Booker Branch Wrigley
Broke Leg Creek Ezel
Browns Branch Redbush
Brushy Fork Cannel City
Bryant Fork Hazel Green
Buck Branch Cannel City
Buck Branch Dingus
Bucket Branch Wrigley
Caney Creek West Liberty
Carpenter Branch West Liberty
Caskey Fork Cannel City
Castle Branch Cannel City
Cecil Branch West Liberty
Cindas Creek Dingus
Clebitt Branch Sandy Hook
Coffee Creek Dingus
Coley Branch Wrigley
Conley Branch Lenox
Conley Branch Cannel City
Coon Creek Ezel
Cow Branch Lenox
Cruey Branch West Liberty
De Board Branch Cannel City
Deadling Branch Dingus
Devil Creek Ezel
Devils Fork Wrigley
Doc Ison Branch Dingus
Doe Branch Cannel City
Dry Branch Wrigley
Dunnie Branch Lenox
Dyer Branch Redbush
Dyer Branch West Liberty
Eaton Creek Ezel
Elam Branch West Liberty
Elam Branch Wrigley
Elam Branch Lee City
Elk Fork West Liberty
Elliott Lick Branch West Liberty
Elm Log Branch Bangor
Fannins Fork Lenox
Felins Branch Cannel City
Ferguson Branch Lenox
Ferguson Branch Dingus
Flaxseed Branch Ezel
Fyffe Branch Dingus
Gevedon Branch Cannel City
Gillam Branch Dingus
Gladie Branch Ezel
Gose Branch West Liberty
Grampus Branch Lenox
Grassy Creek West Liberty
Gravel Lick West Liberty
Gray Branch Dingus
Greasy Creek West Liberty
Greasy Fork Ezel
Greear Branch Cannel City
Gum Bottom Branch Dingus
Halsey Branch Cannel City
Haney Branch Cannel City
Hans Branch Wrigley
Harns Branch Wrigley
Harper Branch Lenox
Havens Branch West Liberty
Hinson Branch Dingus
Hog Branch Dingus
Hookpole Branch Ezel
Horse Mill Branch Dingus
Howard Branch White Oak
Indian Creek Lenox
Johns Branch West Liberty
Jones Creek Lenox
Kay Branch West Liberty
Keeton Branch White Oak
Knatty Branch Lee City
Knocking Cave Creek Ezel
Lacy Branch Cannel City
Lacy Creek White Oak
Laurel Branch Bangor
Laurel Branch Dingus
Laurel Fork Dingus
Leach Branch West Liberty
Left Fork Lacy Creek Lenox
Left Fork Laurel Fork Lenox
Lewis Branch Wrigley
Lewis Branch Cannel City
Lewis Branch West Liberty
Lick Branch Lenox
Lick Branch Dingus
Lick Fork West Liberty
Little Blackwater Creek Hazel Green
Little Blackwater Creek Hazel Green
Little Caney Branch Dingus
Little Caney Creek West Liberty
Little Laurel Branch Bangor
Little Lick Branch Wrigley
Little Pea Branch Wrigley
Long Branch Dingus
Long Branch West Liberty
Loring Nickell Branch Hazel Green
Lost Creek Redbush
Lower Long Branch West Liberty
Lower Sandlick Creek Redbush
Lucky Branch West Liberty
Lunce Branch Cannel City
Lykins Branch Cannel City
May Branch White Oak
McGuire Branch White Oak
McKinney Branch Ezel
Meetinghouse Branch Dingus
Meetinghouse Branch Ezel
Middle Branch Wrigley
Middle Branch Rockhouse Creek White Oak
Middle Fork Elk Fork Lenox
Middle Fork Lacy Creek Lenox
Mill Branch Redbush
Mill Branch Lenox
Mill Branch Lenox
Mine Branch Bangor
Mining Branch Cannel City
Minor Creek Wrigley
Mordica Branch Lenox
Mordica Branch Sandy Hook
Muddy Branch Lenox
Murphy Fork Hazel Green
Nickell Branch Cannel City
Nickell Fork Hazel Green
North Fork Licking River Bangor
Okley Cave Branch Wrigley
Old House Branch Dingus
Old House Branch Dingus
Oldfield Fork Cannel City
Open Fork Ezel
Open Fork Paint Creek Redbush
Osborne Branch Redbush
Painter Branch West Liberty
Pasture Branch Dingus
Patoker Branch Redbush
Paulina Branch Dingus
Payton Fork Cannel City
Pelfrey Branch Lenox
Pelfry Branch Dingus
Peter Cave Branch Dingus
Phils Branch Cannel City
Phipps Fork Cannel City
Piney Branch Dingus
Pleasant Run West Liberty
Poorhouse Fork Cannel City
Powder Spring Branch Dingus
Prater Branch White Oak
Prater Branch Lee City
Pretty Branch Wrigley
Pretty Branch Ezel
Pricy Creek White Oak
Pup Branch Wrigley
Putty Branch Wrigley
Ragstand Branch Ezel
Right Fork Lacy Creek Lenox
Right Fork Laurel Fork Lenox
Right Fork Smith Creek Dingus
Right Fork White Oak Creek White Oak
Road Fork Wrigley
Road Fork Dingus
Robinson Branch Ezel
Rockhouse Branch Wrigley
Rockhouse Branch Lenox
Rockhouse Creek White Oak
Rocky Branch White Oak
Roe Branch West Liberty
Rosnick Branch Cannel City
Rube Branch West Liberty
Rush Branch Lenox
Sage Branch Ezel
Salem Fork Cannel City
Sebastian Branch White Oak
Sellars Fork Cannel City
Shoals Branch West Liberty
Short Branch West Liberty
Simpson Branch Lenox
Smith Creek Dingus
Spaws Creek Lenox
Splitwood Branch Dingus
Spring Branch West Liberty
Spring Branch Cannel City
Stable Branch Lenox
Stacy Fork Cannel City
Steele Branch West Liberty
Stick Branch Cannel City
Stingy Fork Dingus
Stinson Branch Cannel City
Stone Coal Fork Cannel City
Straight Creek West Liberty
Straight Creek Lenox
Sugar Camp Branch West Liberty
Sugar Camp Branch Lenox
Tantroft Branch Lenox
Tarkiln Branch Ezel
Tarkiln Branch White Oak
Testerman Branch Cannel City
Toms Branch West Liberty
Trace Fork White Oak
Turpentine Branch Dingus
Tyre Branch White Oak
Upper Long Branch West Liberty
Upper Sandlick Creek Redbush
Vance Fork White Oak
Vest Branch Ezel
Village Branch Cannel City
Walters Fork Cannel City
War Creek Lenox
Webb Branch Cannel City
Wells Branch White Oak
White Oak Branch Dingus
White Oak Creek Lenox
Williams Creek Lenox
Willie Branch Dingus
Wilson Branch Cannel City
Wolfpen Branch Wrigley
Yearling Branch Cannel City
Yocum Branch Hazel Green
Yocum Creek Bangor

This is a list of all the streams in Morgan County, Kentucky. In some cases there are duplicate names so try to select the one you are looking for based on the USGS quad topo map name which is often a recognizable feature or town nearby.