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Topo Map of Summits in Pulaski County, Kentucky

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Summits in Pulaski County Kentucky

Place USGS Topo Map
Alexander Hill Frazer
Bald Knob Bobtown
Banks Knob Bobtown
Barker Knob Faubush
Bergin Knob Bobtown
Big Knob Bobtown
Bogle Knob Delmer
Boneyard Knob Somerset
Brushy Point Shopville
Bunker Hill Burnside
Bunker Hill Somerset
Burton Knob Somerset
Buzzard Knob Shopville
Buzzard Knob Somerset
Buzzard Knob Bobtown
Buzzard Rock Knob Bobtown
Cannon Knob Bobtown
Carter Knob Mintonville
Cash Knob Shopville
Cave Hill Science Hill
Cedar Bluff Knob Somerset
Cedar Knob Bobtown
Cedar Knob Science Hill
Coal Pit Knob Shopville
Cox Knob Science Hill
Cox Knob Bobtown
Crane Knob Somerset
Custer Bluff Shopville
Darky Knob Bobtown
David Knob Shopville
Denham Knob Delmer
Denny Knob Somerset
Doolin Knob Shopville
Dungan Knob Science Hill
Egypt Knob Shopville
Fanny Knob Shopville
Fellowship Knob Shopville
Feuz Knob Somerset
Flat Lick Knob Shopville
Hale Knob Delmer
Halsey Rough Billows
Harrison Knob Faubush
Haynes Knob Somerset
Hewey Knob Bobtown
High Rock Science Hill
Hill Knob Faubush
Holsomback Knob Somerset
Holtzclaw Knob Bobtown
Hubble Knob Bobtown
Jack Knob Somerset
Jack Knob Bobtown
Jenkins Knob Shopville
Jingling Hole Knob Bobtown
Joint Knob Bobtown
Jones Knob Somerset
Jones Knob Bobtown
Lick Skillet Knob Somerset
Little Knob Somerset
Long Point Ano
Malvin Hill Dykes
May Knob Bobtown
Mayfield Knob Dykes
McKinney Knob Bobtown
Meace Knob Bobtown
Menifee Knob Shopville
Nelson Knob Science Hill
Old Brown Knob Faubush
Peach Orchard Knob Bobtown
Perry Knob Somerset
Plato Knob Shopville
Pleasant Hill Science Hill
Possum Knob Frazer
Potato Hill Somerset
Potato Knob Somerset
Potato Knoll Delmer
Purcell Knob Woodstock
Rainwater Knob Faubush
Red Bud Knob Bobtown
Reservoir Knob Somerset
Rock Knob Dykes
Rocklick Knob Somerset
Round Knob Dykes
Saltpeter Knob Bobtown
Sand Rock Knob Bobtown
Schoolhouse Knob Bobtown
Seed Tick Knob Burnside
Shop Knob Somerset
Siever Knob Faubush
Smith Knob Delmer
Smithern Knob Bobtown
Sugar Hill Knob Bobtown
Thunder Struck Knob Somerset
Timmy Knob Shopville
Tom Knob Shopville
Turkey Pen Point Frazer
Wait Knob Delmer
Ware Knob Bobtown
Warren Knob Woodstock

This is a list of all the summits in Pulaski County, Kentucky. In some cases there are duplicate names so try to select the one you are looking for based on the USGS quad topo map name which is often a recognizable feature or town nearby.