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Topo Map of Locales in St. James County, Louisiana

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Locales in St. James County Louisiana

Place USGS Topo Map
Acadia Plantation (historical) Donaldsonville
Alta Vela Plantation (historical) Donaldsonville
Arcadia Landing Donaldsonville
Armant Landing Lutcher
Armant Plantation (historical) Lutcher
Bagatelle Plantation (historical) Donaldsonville
Bay Tree Plantation (historical) Lagan
Beauvais Plantation (historical) Lutcher
Bellevue Plantation (historical) Lutcher
Bon Esperance Plantation (historical) Convent
Bourbon Plantation (historical) Lutcher
Bourgeoise Plantation (historical) Lutcher
Buena Vista Plantation (historical) Donaldsonville
Cabanocey Plantation (historical) Lagan
Caribo Landing Convent
Caribu Landing Lagan
Celestine Plantation (historical) Convent
Central Station (historical) Donaldsonville
Chapman Plantation (historical) Lutcher
College Point Landing Lagan
College Point Landing Lagan
Columbia Plantation (historical) Convent
Convent Landing Convent
Convent Landing Convent
Convent Station (historical) Convent
Crescent Landing Lutcher
Crescent Landing Lutcher
Crescent Plantation (historical) Lutcher
Curtis Plantation (historical) Lutcher
De Lobel Plantation (historical) Lutcher
Dubon Spur Convent
Dupare Plantation (historical) Lutcher
Duprac Landing Lutcher
Duprac Landing Lutcher
Elevation Plantation (historical) Convent
Elina Plantation (historical) Donaldsonville
Gramercy Wastewater Treatment Facility Lutcher
Helvetial Landing Convent
Hester Plantation Convent
Hester Station (historical) Convent
Home Place Plantation (historical) Lagan
Jamestown Landing Convent
Jolly Plantation (historical) Lutcher
La Blank Plantation (historical) Donaldsonville
Leche Plantation (historical) Lutcher
Legendre Plantation (historical) Lutcher
Lilly Plantation (historical) Convent
Lily Landing Convent
Lily Landing Convent
Longue Plantation (historical) Lutcher
Magnolia Landing Lutcher
Magnolia Landing Lutcher
Magnolia Plantation (historical) Lutcher
Malarcher Plantation Convent
Manresa House of Retreats Lagan
May Plantation (historical) Donaldsonville
Minnie Plantation Donaldsonville
Moonshine (historical) Lagan
Mount Airy Landing Lutcher
New Hope Plantation (historical) Donaldsonville
Oak Alley Landing Convent
Oak Alley Plantation Convent
Olga Landing Convent
Olga Landing Convent
Rapidan Plantation (historical) Convent
Regina Plantation (historical) Lutcher
Saint Alice Plantation (historical) Donaldsonville
Saint Cecil Landing Convent
Saint Cecile Plantation (historical) Convent
Saint Clair Landing Convent
Saint Clair Landing Convent
Saint Claire Plantation (historical) Convent
Saint Emma Plantation (historical) Lagan
Saint James Landing Lagan
Saint James Landing Lagan
Saint James Plantation (historical) Convent
Saint Joseph Plantation Convent
Saint Joseph Plantation (historical) Lutcher
Saint Joseph Plantation (historical) Donaldsonville
Saint Mary Plantation Donaldsonville
Saint Michael Plantation (historical) Convent
Saint Trisca Plantation (historical) Convent
Saint Victoire Plantation (historical) Donaldsonville
Salbury Landing Donaldsonville
Salsburg Landing Donaldsonville
Sport Plantation (historical) Lutcher
Theriot Plantation (historical) Convent
Tippecanoe Plantation (historical) Donaldsonville
Uncle Sam Landing Convent
Uncle Sam Landing Convent
Uncle Sam Plantation Convent
Union Landing Donaldsonville
Union Landing Donaldsonville
Union Plantation Donaldsonville
Valcour Aime Plantation (historical) Lutcher
Welham Landing Convent
Welham Plantation Convent
Wilton Landing Convent
Wilton Landing Convent
Wilton Plantation (historical) Convent
Wilton Station (historical) Convent

This is a list of all the locales in St. James County, Louisiana. In some cases there are duplicate names so try to select the one you are looking for based on the USGS quad topo map name which is often a recognizable feature or town nearby.