Adventure Maps

Slot Canyons of Zion National Park

The two best-known narrow canyons in Zion National Park are the Narrows on the Virgin River and the Subway on the Left Fork of North Creek. Both of these are hikes that will be filled with people during the summer months. But this popular area has more options for those who don’t want to share […]

Blowholes in Hawaii

Halona Blowhole, Oahu Blowholes are one of the most unique natural phenomena. They are created by ocean waves crashing into a tube or cave then rushing up through a hole in the rock. Typically they create a geyser-like spray that shoots high in the air. Some make noises and others just spill water out on […]

Epic Mountain Passes in Colorado

Georgia Pass – See images below of more epic passes Colorado has more driveable passes over 10,000 feet than any other state. Many are not paved making the trip over them more rewarding and in some cases quite challenging! This map locates the Colorado backroads that expose you to thin air at high elevations, rugged […]

Lighthouses of Oregon, Maps and Photos

Driving the Oregon Coast in the summer is a popular thing to do. So much so that the hotels and motels in the small towns along the route will be completely booked well ahead of time. It’s a beautiful drive with so many places to discover, so plan ahead if you want to make this […]

Map of California State Vehicular Recreation Areas

California has designated off-road riding and driving areas scattered about the northern, central, and southern parts of the state. These state vehicular recreation areas aren’t far from all the population centers in California. This helps spread out the masses that flock to these popular parks. Each SVRA is different. Some are mostly dunes and are […]

Best Sand Dunes for ATV and UTV Riding

Many of the sand dunes around our great country are not open to motorized uses. Luckily many enthusiasts have been lobbying to keep our existing areas from being shut down. Several areas have been divided into two so there is one area for motorized use and one for hiking and wildlife preservation (e.g. Oceano and […]

The Best 7 Hot Springs of Utah

Utah, a geothermally active state, has many hot springs, but only a few are accessible and worth visiting. Over recent years several have been lost as they are on private property and owners have closed off access or removed the pools entirely. Luckily there are several natural hot springs and privately-owned hot spring resorts to […]

Best Slot Canyons of the Desert Southwest

Antelope Canyon Why are slot canyons so attractive? Antelope Canyon in northern Arizona is one of the most photographed locations in America. It is a beautiful place with light peaking in through the narrow gap at the top of the canyon so I get that slot canyons are “attractive.” Maybe the better question is “what […]