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Topo Map of Streams in Garrett County, Maryland

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Streams in Garrett County Maryland

Place USGS Topo Map
Aaron Run Westernport
Alexander Run Grantsville
Ambrose Run Table Rock
Aronhalt Fork Table Rock
Bear Creek Friendsville
Bear Pen Run Barton
Big Laurel Run Grantsville
Big Run Bittinger
Big Shade Run Grantsville
Big Shade Run Grantsville
Blackhawk Run Bittinger
Blacklick Run Barton
Block Run Deer Park
Bluelick Run Barton
Braddock Run Frostburg
Bradley Run Oakland
Broad Ford Run Deer Park
Buffalo Run Friendsville
Carey Run Frostburg
Cherry Bottom Run Oakland
Cherry Creek Table Rock
Cherry Creek McHenry
Cherry Glade Run Oakland
Chestnut Ridge Run Davis
Chestnut Ridge Run Davis
Chisholm Run Oakland
Christley Run Avilton
Chub Run Accident
Chub Run Accident
Church Run Avilton
Clark Run Table Rock
Collier Run Friendsville
Cotton Run Oakland
Cove Run Accident
Cove Run Accident
Crab Run Grantsville
Crabtree Creek Bittinger
Crooked Run Gorman
Deep Creek Sang Run
Double Lick Run Bittinger
Douglass Run Table Rock
Dry Run Cumberland
Dry Run Bittinger
Dunkard Lick Run Oakland
Elk Lick Run Barton
Elklick Run Kitzmiller
Fikes Run Accident
Folly Run Westernport
Fork Run Sang Run
Fox Run Table Rock
Frozen Camp Run Table Rock
Gap Run Sang Run
Ginseng Run Sang Run
Glade Run Friendsville
Glade Run Gorman
Glade Run Oakland
Gravelly Run McHenry
Green Glade Run Deer Park
Herrington Run Oakland
Hoop Pole Run Deer Park
Hoyes Run Sang Run
Jennings Run Kitzmiller
Laurel Run Westernport
Laurel Run Barton
Laurel Run Friendsville
Laurel Run Friendsville
Laurel Run Gorman
Laurel Run Oakland
Laurel Run Davis
Left Prong Three Forks Run Kitzmiller
Little Bear Creek Accident
Little Buffalo Run Friendsville
Little Laurel Run Grantsville
Little Savage River Barton
Little Shade Run Grantsville
Little Shade Run Grantsville
Little Youghiogheny River Oakland
Lostland Run Mount Storm
Maple Lick Run Kitzmiller
McMillan Fork Table Rock
Meadow Mountain Run McHenry
Michaels Run Barton
Middle Fork Crabtree Creek Bittinger
Mill Run Barton
Mill Run Friendsville
Miller Run Bittinger
Millers Run Oakland
Monroe Run Bittinger
Muddy Creek Sang Run
Mudlick Run Avilton
Murley Run Oakland
North Branch Casselman River Grantsville
North Branch Jennings Run Cumberland
North Branch Laurel Run Friendsville
North Fork Crabtree Creek Kitzmiller
North Fork Sand Run Table Rock
North Glade Run McHenry
North Prong Lostland Run Gorman
Nydegger Run Gorman
Pawn Run Deer Park
Perrys Glade Run Deer Park
Pine Swamp Run Bittinger
Piney Run Kitzmiller
Piney Run Sang Run
Pleasant Valley Run McHenry
Poplar Lick Run Barton
Red Oak Run Davis
Red Oak Run Davis
Red Run Avilton
Red Run Deer Park
Right Prong Three Forks Run Kitzmiller
Rileys Spring Branch Gorman
Rocklick Creek McHenry
Round Glade Run Oakland
Salt Block Run Sang Run
Sand Run Table Rock
Sand Spring Run Table Rock
Savage River Westernport
Schoolhouse Run Grantsville
Shade Run Grantsville
Shields Run Table Rock
Short Run Kitzmiller
Silver Bell Run Bittinger
Slaubaugh Run Grantsville
Smith Run McHenry
Snowy Creek Oakland
South Branch Bear Creek Friendsville
South Branch Casselman River Grantsville
South Branch Laurel Run Friendsville
South Fork Crabtree Creek Kitzmiller
South Fork Sand Run Table Rock
South Prong Lostland Run Gorman
Spiker Run Grantsville
Spring Lick Run Kitzmiller
Steep Run Sang Run
Steyer Run Gorman
Stony Brook Sang Run
Stony Hollow Run Kitzmiller
Stony Run Friendsville
Swamp Run Barton
Tarkiln Run Grantsville
Three Forks Run Kitzmiller
Toliver Run Oakland
Toms Spring Run Bittinger
Trap Run Sang Run
Trout Run Gorman
Trout Run Oakland
Twomile Run Avilton
Warnick Run Barton
Waters Run Bittinger
West Branch Bluelick Run Barton
White Meadow Run Oakland
White Rock Glade Sang Run
White Rock Run Sang Run
Willis Creek Cumberland
Wilson Run Oakland
Wolfden Run Kitzmiller

This is a list of all the streams in Garrett County, Maryland. In some cases there are duplicate names so try to select the one you are looking for based on the USGS quad topo map name which is often a recognizable feature or town nearby.