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Topo Map of Lakes in Barry County, Michigan

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Lakes in Barry County Michigan

Place USGS Topo Map
Adams Lake Cloverdale
Algonquin Lake Hastings
Aurohn Lake Dowling
Baker Lake Bowens Mill
Barlow Lake Bowens Mill
Bassett Lake Middleville
Bawker Lake Dowling
Bear Hole Lake Hastings
Big Cedar Lake Dowling
Black Lake Middleville
Blue Lake Cloverdale
Brewster Lake Dowling
Bristol Lake Bedford
Bulkey Lake Banfield
Bullhead Lake Woodland
Bullhead Lake Cloverdale
Bullhead Lake Delton
Carr Lake Saubee Lake
Carter Lake Hastings
Cassidy Lake Bedford
Cat Lake Lake Odessa
Chief Noonday Lake Bowens Mill
Clear Lake Dowling
Cloverdale Lake Cloverdale
Cobb Lake Bowens Mill
Coleman Lake Banfield
Cook Lake Kalamazoo NE
Cox Lake Dowling
Crooked Lake Delton
Crystal Lake Cloverdale
Culver Lake Bedford
Dagget Lake Cloverdale
Dake Lake Delton
Deep Lake Cloverdale
Duncan Lake Caledonia
Duncan Lake Lake Odessa
Dunn Lake Bedford
Ellis Lake Maple Grove
Ellison Lake Maple Grove
England Lake Orangeville
Fair Lake Banfield
Fawn Lake Cloverdale
Fine Lake Banfield
First Lake Saubee Lake
Fish Lake Cloverdale
Gesler Lake Dowling
Gilkey Lake Banfield
Glasby Lake Delton
Grass Lake Bedford
Gregory Lake Maple Grove
Guernsey Lake Cloverdale
Gun Lake Orangeville
Hall Lake Cloverdale
Hall Lake Maple Grove
Hardwood Lake Bowens Mill
Hathaway Lake Middleville
Head Lake Cloverdale
High Hill Lake Bedford
Holcomb Lake Cloverdale
Horseshoe Lake Cloverdale
Horseshoe Lake Dowling
Howard Lake Dowling
Huckleberry Lake Woodland
Indian Lake Delton
Jones Lake Cloverdale
Jordan Lake Lake Odessa
Kilpatrick Lake Saubee Lake
Lake One Nashville
Larabee Lake Dowling
Laubaugh Lake Hastings
Lawhead Lake Woodland
Lawrence Lake Banfield
Leach Lake Hastings
Leeks Lake Bowens Mill
Lily Lake Dowling
Lime Lake Cloverdale
Little Cedar Lake Dowling
Little Gilkey Lake Banfield
Little Long Lake Delton
Little Mill Lake Banfield
Little Payne Lake Bowens Mill
Little Pine Lake Dowling
Long Lake Orangeville
Long Lake Maple Grove
Long Lake Cloverdale
Long Lake Bedford
Loomis Lake Cloverdale
Loon Lake Bedford
Lost Lake Bedford
Lower Lake Woodland
Manning Lake Banfield
Marshall Lake Banfield
McDonald Lake Middleville
Metcalf Lake Bedford
Middle Lake Hastings
Middle Lake Maple Grove
Mill Lake Banfield
Mill Pond Orangeville
Mill Pond Nashville
Miller Lake Delton
Mixer Lake Maple Grove
Mud Lake Bedford
Mud Lake Dowling
Mud Lake Delton
Mud Lake Banfield
Mud Lake Cloverdale
Myers Lake Dowling
Newton Lake Dowling
Number Twenty-one Lake Cloverdale
Orr Lake Cloverdale
Otis Lake Cloverdale
Payne Lake Bowens Mill
Perch Lake Dowling
Pickliss Lake Banfield
Pierce Lake Dowling
Pine Lake Cloverdale
Pine Lake Kalamazoo NE
Pleasant Lake Delton
Podunk Lake Dowling
Pumpkin Seed Lake Woodland
Purdy Lake Hastings
Purdy Lake Banfield
Saddlebag Lake Saubee Lake
School Pond Banfield
Scott Lake Woodland
Second Lake Saubee Lake
Shallow Gilkey Lake Banfield
Shallow Lake Dowling
Shaw Lake Middleville
Shelp Lake Orangeville
Silver Lake Kalamazoo NE
Snow Lake Cloverdale
Stewart Lake Cloverdale
Strewins Lake Banfield
Sugarbush Lake Hastings
Tamarack Lake Cloverdale
Tamarack Lake Banfield
Tanner Lake Dowling
Taylor Lake Maple Grove
Thornapple Lake Maple Grove
Tillotson Lake Dowling
Turner Lake Middleville
Twin Lakes Lake Odessa
Twin Lakes Dowling
Von Syckle Lake Bedford
Wall Lake Cloverdale
Warner Lake Kalamazoo NE
West Gilkey Lake Delton
West Lake Bedford
Whitefish Lake Dowling
Wild Lake Maple Grove
Wiley Lake Cloverdale
Wilkes Lake Bedford
Wilkinson Lake Cloverdale
Williams Lake Middleville
Zigler Lake Dowling

This is a list of all the lakes in Barry County, Michigan. In some cases there are duplicate names so try to select the one you are looking for based on the USGS quad topo map name which is often a recognizable feature or town nearby.