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Topo Map of Streams in Monroe County, Michigan

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Streams in Monroe County Michigan

Place USGS Topo Map
Alfen Drain Carleton
Amos Palmer Drain Maybee
Antes Drain Maybee
Anweiler Drain Monroe
Baker and Green Drain Flat Rock
Bancroft Noles Drain Rockwood
Barnaby Drain Ida
Barry Babcock and Baker Drain Flat Rock
Bathgate Drain Rockwood
Batway Drain Carleton
Bay Creek Erie
Bear Creek Maybee
Bear Swamp Creek Milan
Beaver Meadow Drain Maybee
Beaver Swale Drain Carleton
Beaverdam Drain Flat Rock
Bitz Drain Maybee
Blanchett Drain Stony Point
Boes Drain Carleton
Brost Drain Monroe
Brown Drain Monroe
Burdeau Drain Monroe
Burgess Drain Carleton
Burns Drain Carleton
Burton and White Drain Dundee
Calkins Drain Monroe
Carter Drain Flat Rock
Center Creek Milan
Chapman Drain Rockwood
Colburn Drain Flat Rock
Cone Creek Lambertville East
Cone Drain Milan
Cooper Snell and Ansel Drain Ida
Cottonwood Creek Stony Point
Cousino Drain Erie
Coyle Drain Carleton
Cranberry Drain Carleton
Darrow Drain Lambertville West
Davis Drain Erie
Davis Drain Carleton
Davis Swale Monroe
Duff Drain Flat Rock
Dunlap Drain Dundee
Dunn Drain Carleton
Eby Drain Monroe
Emmons Drain Carleton
Fitzgerald Drain Lambertville East
Flat Creek Erie
French Creek Monroe
Grauf Drain Monroe
Green Drain Carleton
Grundman Drain Flat Rock
Gutnecht Drain Monroe
Halfway Creek Oregon
Hansberger Drain Monroe
Helser Drain Carleton
Herkimer Drain Maybee
Hitting Drain Ida
Hoffman Drain Monroe
Horen Drain Carleton
Huron River Rockwood
Ida Drain Ida
Indian Creek Toledo
John Hoffman Drain Carleton
Karm Drain Monroe
Kelly Drain Carleton
La Plaisance Creek Erie
Langton Drain Estral Beach
Larkin Drain Carleton
Laudenschlager Drain Rockwood
Leet Weidner Drain Milan
Leppleman Drain Dundee
Little Lake Creek Erie
Little River Raisin Dundee
Little Sandy Creek Stony Point
Little Stony Creek Carleton
Little Swan Creek Stony Point
Little Swan Creek Flat Rock
Lockwood Drain Ida
Loranger Drain Stony Point
Macon Creek Dundee
Mason Run Stony Point
Middle Branch Macon Creek Dundee
Middle Branch Otter Creek Lambertville East
Middle Branch Willow Run Monroe
Middle Creek Flat Rock
Miller and Malosh Drain Stony Point
Miller Creek Ida
Miller Drain Dundee
Moore Drain Flat Rock
Moore Drain Monroe
Mouille Creek Rockwood
Muddy Creek Erie
Murphy Drain Carleton
Nolan Engle Drain Milan
North Branch Amos Palmer Drain Maybee
North Branch Cone Creek Lambertville East
North Branch Macon Creek Dundee
North Branch Otter Creek Erie
North Branch Sandy Creek Maybee
North Branch Swan Creek Flat Rock
North Branch Willow Run Monroe
North River Lambertville East
North Tenmile Creek Sylvania
Oakville Drain Maybee
Ottawa Lake Outlet Lambertville West
Ottawa River Oregon
Otter Creek Erie
Parish Drain Flat Rock
Peters Drain Ida
Pike Swale Erie
Pin Oak Creek Monroe
Pitts Creek Monroe
Plum Creek Stony Point
Port Creek Flat Rock
Rapideau Drain Erie
Rauch Drain Ida
Rice Drain Milan
Richards Drain Maybee
Richardson Drain Dundee
River Raisin Stony Point
Robert Drain Carleton
Roe Drain Dundee
Rofter and McCormick Drain Flat Rock
Root Drain Flat Rock
Ross Drain Carleton
Russell Drain Dundee
Saline River Ida
Salter Creek Lambertville East
Sandy Creek Stony Point
Schesberger Drain Monroe
Seitz Drain Ida
Shantee Creek Oregon
Sherman Wilson Drain Milan
Shober Number One Drain Ida
Shurtzer Drain Monroe
Silver Creek Oregon
Sink Creek Lambertville West
Sortor Drain Ida
South Branch Amos Palmer Drain Maybee
South Branch La Plaisance Creek Monroe
South Branch Macon Creek Dundee
South Branch Mouillee Creek Rockwood
South Branch Otter Creek Erie
South Branch Sandy Creek Maybee
Spaulding Drain Carleton
Spring Brook Toledo
Stacy Drain Dundee
Stony Creek Stony Point
Streit Drain Carleton
Sulphur Creek Erie
Summerfield and Ida Drain Ida
Swamp Raisin Creek Dundee
Swan Creek Estral Beach
Swope and Hurd Drain Stony Point
Sycamore Drain Monroe
Tamarack Creek Monroe
Teall Drain Carleton
Tracey Run Lambertville East
Uden Drain Flat Rock
Van Hountin Drain Flat Rock
Wager Drain Flat Rock
Wahoo Prairie Drain Dundee
Walker Drain Stony Point
Webb and Reisdorf Drain Stony Point
Weber Drain Monroe
West Bates Drain Ida
Whitewood Creek Erie
Willow Run Monroe
Wittkop Drain Ida
Woodchuck Creek Erie
Yetter Drain Erie
Yoas Drain Flat Rock
Zink and Nolan Drain Carleton

This is a list of all the streams in Monroe County, Michigan. In some cases there are duplicate names so try to select the one you are looking for based on the USGS quad topo map name which is often a recognizable feature or town nearby.