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Topo Map of Lakes in Becker County, Minnesota

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Lakes in Becker County Minnesota

Place USGS Topo Map
Abbey Lake Detroit Lakes
Abners Lake Big Basswood Lake
Acorn Lake Vergas
Albertson Lake Frazee
Alvin Lake Rochert
Anderson Lake White Earth
Apple Lake Flom NE
Arrow Lake Big Cormorant Lake
Aspinwall Lake Ponsford
Audubon Lake Audubon
Augusta Lake Lake Itasca
Axberg Lake Lake Park SW
Bad Boy Lake White Earth
Bad Medicine Lake Long Lost Lake
Baker Lake Ogema
Balke Lake Flom SE
Ballard Lake Toad Mountain
Balsam Lake Flat Lake
Banana Lake Flom SE
Barnes Lake Big Cormorant Lake
Bass Lake Audubon
Bass Lake Strawberry Lake
Bass Lake Ponsford
Bay Lake Lake Park
Bear Lake White Earth
Beaver Lake Many Point Lake
Belcourt Lake White Earth
Berseth Lake Audubon
Big Basswood Lake Big Basswood Lake
Big Cormorant Lake Big Cormorant Lake
Big Rat Lake Strawberry Lake
Big Rock Lake Rochert
Big Rush Lake Big Rush Lake
Big Sugar Bush Lake White Earth
Big Tam Lake Two Inlets
Big Tamarack Lake White Earth
Bijou Lake Lake Park SW
Birch Lake White Earth
Black Earth Lake Strawberry Lake
Blackberry Lake Richwood
Blackbird Lake Height of Land Lake
Blueberry Lake Park Rapids SW
Bluebird Lake Audubon
Boe Lake Lake Park
Bog Lake Osage
Boot Lake Lake Park SW
Boot Lake Frazee
Boot Lake Big Basswood Lake
Booth Lake Height of Land Lake
Bottomless Lake Osage
Bow-Dodge Lake White Earth
Boyer Lake Big Cormorant Lake
Branch Lake Wolf Lake
Brandy Lake Audubon
Brenum Lake Ponsford
Brown Lake White Earth
Brown Lake White Earth
Buck Lake Lake Franklin
Bullhead Lake Audubon
Bullhead Lake White Earth
Bush Lake Many Point Lake
Cabin Lake White Earth
Camp Seven Lake Big Rush Lake
Campbell Lake Richwood
Carlston Lake Audubon
Carman Lake Strawberry Lake
Casebee Lake White Earth
Cedar Lake Two Inlets
Chain Lake White Earth
Chilton Lake Rochert
Chippewa Lake Height of Land Lake
Chokecherry Lake Strawberry Lake
Clarence Lake Flom NE
Cliff Lake Wolf Lake
Coleman Lake Big Basswood Lake
Collett Lake New York Mills NW
Coon Lake Big Basswood Lake
Cottage Lake Vergas
Cotton Lake Flat Lake
Cranberry Lake Osage
Cravath Lake Callaway
Cuba Lake Dale
Cuba Lake Lake Park SW
Cucumber Lake Flom SE
Dahlberg Lake Big Cormorant Lake
Dart Lake Audubon
Dead Lake Little Pine Lake
Deadshot Lake Detroit Lakes
Detroit Lake Detroit Lakes
Dinner Lake Two Inlets
Dog Lake Wolf Lake
Droff Lake Audubon
Du Forte Lake Ogema NE
Duck Lake Lake Park
Duck Lake Two Inlets
Dumbbell Lake Ponsford
Dump Ground Lake Ogema
Eagen Lake Richwood
Eagle Lake Vergas
Eilertson Lake Big Cormorant Lake
Elbow Lake Rochert
Elbow Lake Tulaby Lake
Elbow Lake Osage
Engebretson Lake Big Cormorant Lake
Equay Lake Height of Land Lake
Erickson Lake Big Cormorant Lake
Evans Lake Flat Lake
Fairbanks Lake White Earth
Felker Lake Big Cormorant Lake
Fish Lake Waubun
Fish Lake Audubon
Fish Lake Richwood
Fish Lake Strawberry Lake
Fishhook Lake White Earth
Five Lake Richwood
Flat Lake Flat Lake
Floyd Lake Detroit Lakes
Fog Lake Audubon
Fools Lake Park Rapids NW
Forget-me-not Lake Big Cormorant Lake
Fox Lake Audubon
Fox Lake Rochert
Frisk Lake Big Cormorant Lake
Gable Lake Snider Lake
Gandrud Lake Callaway
Gebo Lake Frazee
Gilbertson Lake Big Cormorant Lake
Gilfillan Lake Lake Itasca
Glawe Lake Detroit Lakes
Goose Lake Toad Mountain
Goose Lake Wolf Lake
Green Water Lake Ponsford
Grimsgard Lake Callaway
Gyles Lake Osage
Hanson Lake Flat Lake
Harding Lake Callaway
Height of Land Lake Height of Land Lake
Hemphill Lake Two Inlets
Hernando DeSoto Lake Lake Itasca
Holstad Lake Audubon
Horan Lake Big Cormorant Lake
Horn Lake Lake Itasca
Horseshoe Lake Park Rapids NW
Horseshoe Lake Tulaby Lake
Houg Lake Richwood
Hougland Lake Big Cormorant Lake
Howe Lake Rochert
Hubbel Pond Rochert
Hungry Lake Rochert
Hungry Man Lakes Two Inlets
Hunt Lake Audubon
Irish Lake Rochert
Iron Corner Lake Lake Itasca
Island Lake White Earth
Island Lake White Earth
Island Lake Height of Land Lake
Island Lake Wolf Lake
Jack Haw Lake Strawberry Lake
Jay Lake Audubon
Johnson Lake Vergas
Johnson Lake Height of Land Lake
Johnson Lake White Earth
Johnson Lake Tulaby Lake
Johnson Lake Snider Lake
Jones Lake Rochert
Jones Lake Ponsford
Juggler Lake Long Lost Lake
Kennedy Lake Callaway
Kneebone Lake Big Rush Lake
Knights Lake Park Rapids NW
Knutson Lake Park Rapids SW
LaBelle Lake Lake Park
Lake Eunice Lake Franklin
Lake Frazier Lake Itasca
Lake Ida Cormorant
Lake Katie Wolf Lake
Lake Maud Lake Franklin
Lake Sallie Audubon
Lake Twentyfive Height of Land Lake
Lake Wahbegon Big Rush Lake
Larson Lake Lake Park
Larson Lake Big Cormorant Lake
Larson Lake Big Cormorant Lake
Lashbrook Lake Lake Itasca
Leaf Lake Big Cormorant Lake
Lee Lake Lake Park SW
Leitheiser Lake Detroit Lakes
Lemon Lake Flom SE
Lime Lake Dale
Linbom Lake Ponsford
Lind Lake Vergas
Little Bass Lake Strawberry Lake
Little Basswood Lake Big Basswood Lake
Little Boyer Lake Lake Park
Little Cormorant Lake Big Cormorant Lake
Little Cotton Lake Flat Lake
Little Dinner Lake Two Inlets
Little Flat Lake Strawberry Lake
Little Lake Park Rapids SW
Little Long Lake Park Rapids SW
Little Mud Lake Two Inlets
Little Pearl Lake Audubon
Little Rat Lake Strawberry Lake
Little Rice Lake Many Point Lake
Little Round Lake Park Rapids SW
Little Round Lake Flat Lake
Little Sugar Bush Lake White Earth
Little Tamarack Lake White Earth
Lizzy Lake Toad Mountain
Long Lake Audubon
Long Lake Lake Park SW
Long Lake White Earth
Long Lake Snider Lake
Long Lake Two Inlets
Loon Lake Audubon
Loon Lake Richwood
Lower Egg Lake Many Point Lake
Mallard Lake White Earth
Mallard Lake Many Point Lake
Mallard Lake Big Basswood Lake
Marshall Lake Big Cormorant Lake
Mary Yellowhead Lake Strawberry Lake
McKenzi Lake White Earth
Meadow Lake Detroit Lakes
Middle Cormorant Lake Big Cormorant Lake
Mill Lake Lake Franklin
Mill Lake White Earth
Mill Pond Lake Franklin
Minnetonka Lake Audubon
Minnow Pond Lake Franklin
Mission Lake White Earth
Mission Lake Ponsford
Missouri Lake Anchor Hill
Moe Lake Audubon
Mollar Lake Big Cormorant Lake
Momb Lake Flat Lake
Moore Lake Tulaby Lake
Morrison Lake Ogema
Morrison Lake Lake Itasca
Mud Lake Big Basswood Lake
Mud Lake Audubon
Mud Lake Detroit Lakes
Mud Lake Flat Lake
Mud Lake Flat Lake
Mud Lake Two Inlets
Mud Lake Toad Mountain
Mud Lake Osage
Mud Lake Evergreen
Mud Lake Height of Land Lake
Mud Lake Wolf Lake
Mud Lake Ponsford
Mulgri Lake White Earth
Munson Lake Audubon
Muskrat Lake Audubon
Nelson Lake Big Cormorant Lake
Nelson Lake Big Cormorant Lake
Nemec Lake Ogema NE
Net Lake White Earth
Neuner Lake Rochert
Norcross Lake White Earth
North Momb Lake Flat Lake
North Twin Lake Toad Mountain
Northern Lake White Earth
Nottage Lake Vergas
O-Me-Mee Lake White Earth
Oak Lake Audubon
Oar Lake Audubon
Ogema Lake Ogema
One Acre Lake Park Rapids NW
Orange Lake Big Cormorant Lake
Otter Lake Wolf Lake
Otto Lake Ogema
Pearce Lake Rochert
Pearl Lake Audubon
Pearson Lake Callaway
Peninsula Lake Wolf Lake
Perch Lake Rochert
Pickerel Lake Rochert
Pickerel Lake Evergreen
Pickle Lake Strawberry Lake
Pike Lake Tulaby Lake
Pine Island Lake Long Lost Lake
Pine Lake Flat Lake
Pine Lake Strawberry Lake
Plum Grove Lake Lake Park
Prestrude Lake Lake Park SW
Raspberry Lake Strawberry Lake
Rat Farm Lake Ogema
Reep Lake Lake Park
Reeves Lake Vergas
Rice Lake Frazee
Rice Lake Rochert
Rice Lake Richwood
Rice Lake Height of Land Lake
Rider Lake Audubon
Roberg Lake Big Cormorant Lake
Rochert Lake Flat Lake
Rock Lake Richwood
Rose Lake Lake Park SW
Round Lake Lake Park SW
Rush Lake Many Point Lake
Rustad Lake Dale
Sago Lake White Earth
Saint Clair Lake Audubon
Saint Clair Lake White Earth
Saint Patrick Lake Detroit Lakes
Samson Lake Audubon
Sand Lake Lake Park SW
Sand Lake Ogema
Sands Lake Richwood
Sauers Lake Lake Franklin
Schultz Lake Detroit Lakes
Seabold Lake Lake Park
Section Ten Lake Wolf Lake
Senico Lake Detroit Lakes
Shell Lake Ponsford
Shipman Lake Park Rapids SW
Shoe Lake Lake Park SW
Sivertson Lake Height of Land Lake
Skaein Lake Audubon
Slough Lake Detroit Lakes
Small Lake Two Inlets
Sock Lake Evergreen
Sockeye Lake Big Basswood Lake
Somdahl Lake Richwood
South Barnes Lake Big Cormorant Lake
South Twin Lake Toad Mountain
Spear Lake Audubon
Spindler Lake Many Point Lake
Spirit Lake White Earth
Spot Lake Wolf Lake
Spring Lake Richwood
Stakke Lake Big Cormorant Lake
Stein Lake Little Pine Lake
Stilke Lake Detroit Lakes
Stinking Lake Dale
Straight Lake Osage
Strawberry Lake Strawberry Lake
Strunk Lake Audubon
Stump Lake Two Inlets
Swimming Lake White Earth
Talac Lake Lake Park SW
Tamarac Lake Richwood
Tamarac Lake Flat Lake
Tea Cracker Lake Height of Land Lake
Ten Acre Lake Two Inlets
Toad Lake Evergreen
Torgerson Lake Lake Park
Tovson Lake Richwood
Town Lake Frazee
Trading Post Lake White Earth
Trieglaff Lake Rochert
Trotterchaud Lake Ogema
Tub Lake Lake Park SW
Tulaby Lake Tulaby Lake
Turtle Lake Lake Park SW
Twin Island Lake Anchor Hill
Twin Lakes Detroit Lakes
Twin Lakes Flat Lake
Twin Lakes White Earth
Two Inlets Lake Two Inlets
Upper Cormorant Lake Lake Park SW
Upper Egg Lake Many Point Lake
Valines Lake Park Rapids NW
Vizenor Lake White Earth
Waboose Lake Many Point Lake
Wapsi Lake Park Rapids NW
Werk Lake Flat Lake
West Lake Big Cormorant Lake
Wettles Lake Rochert
Wheeler Lake Audubon
White Earth Lake Ogema NE
Wilson Lake Tulaby Lake
Wine Lake Audubon
Wolf Lake Evergreen
Wright Lake White Earth
York Lake Lake Park SW
Youman Lake Detroit Lakes

This is a list of all the lakes in Becker County, Minnesota. In some cases there are duplicate names so try to select the one you are looking for based on the USGS quad topo map name which is often a recognizable feature or town nearby.