Topographic Map of Mount Rainier National Park

It’s hard to find a more majestic mountain anywhere on this planet than Mt. Rainier. It might not be the highest mountain in the world or in the United States, but it rises up to over 14,000 feet and starts closer to sea level than all the mountains in the Rockies. It’s volcanic history and potential energy makes it that much more dynamic. The topographic map of Mount Rainier is impressive and can hang with honor on any wall at home or office.

The massive glaciers, three separate summits (the true summit plus Point Success and Liberty Cap), the side peak of Little Tahoma (Washington’s third highest summit with prominence), sharp ridges, and the massive crater are clearly visible on this map. It’s one of our favorites.

The national park is full of hiking trails and a circumnavigation route called the Wonderland Trail. This backpackers loop is over 90 miles long and gains about 22,000 feet of cumulative elevation over all the hills and valleys. Day hiking options abound in the summer and backcountry skiing routes are popular in the spring. Know what you are doing before heading into the backcountry at Rainier as this dangerous mountain claims lives nearly every year.

Here’s a link to the topo.

Mount Rainier National Park Topo Map

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