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Topo Map of Locales in Churchill County, Nevada

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Locales in Churchill County Nevada

Place USGS Topo Map
AEC Test Site Fourmile Canyon
Alans (historical) Russell Spit
Alpine Ranch Cold Springs
Anderson Ranch Dixie Hot Springs NE
Bar A-3 Ranch Bolivia
Bell Telephone Relay Station Eagle Rock
Bench Creek (historical) Camp Creek Canyon
Bench Creek Ranch Camp Creek Canyon
Bisbys Station (historical) Lahontan Dam
Black Rock Springs (historical) Buena Vista Hills South
Boyer Ranch Boyer Ranch
Bradys Hot Springs Hot Springs Flat
Byers Ranch Byers Ranch
Camp Terrill Terrill Mountains
Canvasback Gun Club Stillwater
Canyon (historical) Bell Canyon
Carson Sink Station South of Fallon
Centerville (historical) Soda Lake West
Chalk Wells (historical) Burnt Cabin Summit
Clan Alpine Mill Clan Alpine Ranch
Clan Alpine Ranch Clan Alpine Ranch
Cold Spring Ranch Cold Springs
Cold Springs Highway Maintenance Station Cold Springs
Conradts Landing Pintail Bay
Cottonwood Station (historical) Lahontan Dam
Cox Station (historical) Diamond Field Jack Wash
Crazy K Ranch Dixie Valley
Cripple Creek Desatoya Peak
Cristal (historical) Clan Alpine Ranch
Derring Ranch Job Peak
Desert (historical) Two Tips
Desert Quartz Mill (historical) Parran
Desert Siding Upsal Hogback
Diatom Hazen
Douglass (historical) South of Fallon
Dromedary Mill Drumm Summit
Eagle Salt Works (historical) Eagle Rock
East Pasture Corral Foxtail Lake
Fairfield (historical) Drumm Summit
Fairview Drumm Summit
Fairview Station (historical) Drumm Summit
Falais Siding Soda Lake NW
Fallon Radio Range Station Grimes Point
Fanning (historical) Ocala
Freeman Ranch Stillwater
Frey Ranch Sheckler Reservoir
Frontier Village Shopping Center Fallon
Goose Landing Foxtail Lake
Gravel Pit Windmill Lahontan Mountains
Greenhead Duck Club Carson Lake
Grimes Point Recreation Site Lahontan Mountains
Hercules Wonder Mountain
Home Corral Carson Lake
Home Station (historical) Fondaway Canyon
Horse Creek Ranch Dixie Valley SE
Hot Springs Relay Station Parran
Hunt (historical) Fourmile Canyon
John Gallio ranch Indian Lakes
Kent Ranch Stillwater
La Plata La Plata Canyon
Lahontan (historical) Lahontan Dam
Lahontan Boat Landing Lahontan Dam
Lamar (historical) Lahontan Dam
Leete Station (historical) Eagle Rock
Leter Ranch Battleground Point
Magee Station (historical) Fallon
Mahala (historical) Soda Lake West
Millens Landing Stillwater NE
Mirage (historical) Sheckler Reservoir
Mirage (historical) Desert Peak
Mountain Well Station La Plata Canyon
Murphys Station Granite Point
Narrow Landing Pintail Bay
Nevada Feed and Cattle Grimes Point
Nevada Hills Mill (historical) Bell Canyon
Nevada Wonder Mill (historical) Wonder Mountain
Newland Field Station – University of Nevada Fallon
Old River Station (historical) Fallon
Old Stage Station (historical) Cold Springs
Old Telegraph Station (historical) Cold Springs
Oneida Mill (historical) Ocala
Overland Mail Station Basque Summit
Overland Stage Station New Pass
Overland Stage Station New Pass
Peers Landing Pintail Bay
Perkin Hazen
Redmans (historical) Grimes Point
Reeds Station (historical) Lahontan Dam
Rice Landing Foxtail Lake
Rock Springs Bunejug Mountains
Rugby (historical) Lahontan Dam
Salinas (historical) Cox Canyon
Salt Well Junction (historical) Grimes Point
Scotts Camp Tungsten Mountain
Shady Run (historical) Fondaway Canyon
Sheckler Community Center Fallon
Silver Hill I X L Canyon
Silver Station (historical) Cox Canyon
Smith Ranch South of Fallon
Soldiers Spring Shoshone Meadows NE
South Lead Lake Landing Stillwater
South Swan Landing Pintail Bay
Southeast Corral Carson Lake
Southwest Corral South of Fallon
Station (historical) Fourmile Canyon
Taylor (historical) Hazen
Togo (historical) Bell Canyon
Toy Mill Ocala
Tule Lake Landing Pintail Bay
Tunnel Spring Windmill Fourmile Flat
Turley Ranch Dixie Valley
Upsal Siding Upsal Hogback
Victor (historical) Wonder Mountain
Wallace-Taylor Ranch Grimes Point
Water Station Bunejug Mountains
West Corral South of Fallon
West Gate West Gate
West Gate Mill West Gate
White Canyon (historical) White Plains
White Plains (historical) White Plains
White Rock (historical) Eastgate
White Rock House (historical) Buffalo Summit
Wildcat Freight Station Carson Lake
Wonder Wonder Mountain

This is a list of all the locales in Churchill County, Nevada. In some cases there are duplicate names so try to select the one you are looking for based on the USGS quad topo map name which is often a recognizable feature or town nearby.