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Topo Map of Locales in Bernalillo County, New Mexico

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Locales in Bernalillo County New Mexico

Place USGS Topo Map
Academy Plaza Shopping Center Alameda
Albuquerque Country Club Albuquerque West
Albuquerque Cutter Carr Airfield Windsock Albuquerque West
Albuquerque Golf Course Tijeras
Albuquerque Sports Stadium Albuquerque West
Albuquerque Tree Nursery Albuquerque East
Albuquerque Veteran Center Flagpole Albuquerque East
Albuquerque Weather Station Albuquerque West
Altura Shopping Center Albuquerque East
American Square Albuquerque East
Arrowhead Plaza Albuquerque East
Arroyo del Oso Golf Course Alameda
Aspen Bowl Ski Area Sandia Crest
B and H Shopping Center Albuquerque East
Balsam Glade Picnic Area Sandia Crest
Barelas Railroad Park Albuquerque West
Benavidez Ranch Benavidez Ranch
Black Ranch The Volcanoes
Camp Campbell Sandia Park
Canyon Estates Trailhead Tijeras
Capulin Spring Picnic Area Sandia Crest
Carolino Canyon Recreation Site Escabosa
Cedar Ridge P O Tijeras
Cedro Peak Recreation Site Sedillo
Cibola National Forest Supervisor’s Office Alameda
Cibola National Forest Supervisors Headquarters Albuquerque East
Cienega Canyon Picnic Area Sandia Crest
Cienega Trailhead Sandia Crest
Circle Six Gun Club Albuquerque West
Civic Plaza Albuquerque West
Cole Spring Picnic Area Sandia Crest
Coronado Shopping Center Albuquerque East
Cottonwood Springs Trailhead Sandia Crest
Crest Trailhead Sandia Crest
Deadman Campground Escabosa
Deadman Recreation Site Sedillo
Del Norte Parkade Shopping Center Alameda
Doc Long Picnic Area Sandia Crest
Doc Long Trailhead Sandia Crest
Duke City Raceway (historical) Albuquerque West
East Mountain Library Tijeras
Eastdale Shopping Center Albuquerque East
El Dorado Square Shopping Center Alameda
Eleher Executive Center Albuquerque West
Elena Gallegos Picnic Area Sandia Crest
Ellis Trailhead Sandia Crest
Ellis Trailhead Sandia Crest
Embudito Trailhead Sandia Crest
Embudo Trailhead Tijeras
Encantada Square Shopping Center Albuquerque East
Environmental Education Center Sandia Crest
Fair Plaza Shopping Center Albuquerque East
Far North Shopping Center Alameda
Fidelity Square Shopping Center Albuquerque East
Fiesta Del Norte Shopping Center Alameda
First Plaza Albuquerque West
Five Points Shopping Center Albuquerque West
Foothills Shopping Center Albuquerque East
Four Hills Ranch Albuquerque East
Four Hills Village Shopping Center Tijeras
Franklin Plaza Albuquerque East
Genestown Plaza Shopping Center Alameda
Gibson Center Albuquerque East
Golf Plaza Albuquerque West
Grandview Green Albuquerque East
Herrera Mesa Windmill Arch Mesa
Herrera Ranch Canoncito School
Highland Shopping Center Albuquerque East
Hobbies Tijeras
Hoffmantown Shopping Center Albuquerque East
Indian Plaza Shopping Center Albuquerque East
Indian Ranchettes Moriarty South
Jaral Ranger Station Sandia Crest
Juan Tabo Cabin Sandia Crest
Juan Tabo Plaza Alameda
Kiwanis Cabin Sandia Crest
LA 717 Los Griegos
La Cueva Recreation Site Sandia Crest
La Cueva Trailhead Sandia Crest
La Jaral Ranch Tajique
La Luz Trailhead Sandia Crest
La Madera Ski Area Sandia Crest
La Mesa Shopping Center Albuquerque East
Ladera Shopping Center Albuquerque West
Laramie Square Albuquerque East
Las Imagines Los Griegos
Los Altos Shopping Center Albuquerque East
Los Griegos Historic District Los Griegos
Los Poblanos Historic District Los Griegos
Los Poblanos Ranch Los Griegos
Manzano Shopping Center Albuquerque East
Market Center East Albuquerque East
McCormick Ranch Hubbell Spring
Medical Art Center Albuquerque West
Menaul School Historic District Alameda
Menaul Shopping Center Albuquerque East
Milne Stadium Albuquerque West
Montgomery Crossing Shopping Center Alameda
Montgomery Plaza Mall Alameda
Morningside Shopping Center Albuquerque East
Mountain Run Shopping Center Alameda
Mountain Shadows Retail Center Alameda
National Humane Alliance Fountain Albuquerque East
Nazareth Hospital (historical) Alameda
New Mexico Girls Welfare Home Albuquerque West
New Mexico State Fairgrounds Albuquerque East
Ninemile Picnic Area Sandia Crest
Nob Hill Business Center Albuquerque East
Nob Hill Shopping Center Albuquerque East
North Edith Casa Corral Historic Site Los Griegos
North Hills Shopping Center Alameda
Oak Flat District Ranger Office Escabosa
Oak Flat Recreation Site Escabosa
Old Town Mercado Center Albuquerque West
Old Town Plaza Albuquerque West
Old Town Shopping Center Albuquerque West
Orilla de la Acequia Historic District Los Griegos
Otero Canyon Trailhead Tijeras
Pa-ako Ruins Sandia Park
Paako Ruin Tijeras
Park Plaza La Mesita Negra SE
Park Square Shopping Center Albuquerque East
Parkland Hills Shopping Center Albuquerque East
Pi Kappa Alpha Estufa Historic Site Albuquerque West
Piedmont Plaza Alameda
Piedra Lisa Canyon Trailhead Tijeras
Pine Flat Picnic Area Sedillo
Pino Canyon Trailhead Sandia Crest
Presbyterian Church Camp Sedillo
Princess Jeanne Shopping Center Albuquerque East
Promenade Shopping Center Alameda
Pueblo Calabacillas Historic Site Los Griegos
Pure-e Tu-ay Los Griegos
Quebrar La Mesita Negra SE
Rancho de Carnue Historic Site Albuquerque East
Republic Square Shopping Center Alameda
Riedmont Fur Farm Sedillo
Rio Puerco Ranch Benavidez Ranch
Rio Puerco Trading Post La Mesita Negra
S H Kress Building Albuquerque West
Sabino Sedillo
Saint Anthony Boys Home (historical) Albuquerque West
San Antonio de Padua de Carnua Tijeras
San Marcos Plaza Albuquerque East
San Mateo Square Albuquerque East
Sandia Cave Trailhead Sandia Crest
Sandia Park Weather Station Sandia Park
Sandia Peak Ski Area Sandia Crest
Sandia Plaza Shopping Center Albuquerque East
Sandia Ranger Station Tijeras
Scottsdale Village Shopping Center Albuquerque East
Sedillo Hill Sedillo
Sierra Vista Shopping Center Alameda
Siesta Hills Shopping Center Albuquerque East
Silva Site Tijeras
Silver Hill Historic District Alameda
Smelter Ruins Sandia Park
Snow Heights Shopping Center Albuquerque East
South Piedra Lisa Trailhead Sandia Crest
South San Pedro Shopping Center Albuquerque East
Spruce Park Historic District Alameda
Sulphur Canyon Picnic Area Sandia Crest
Summit House Restaurant Sandia Crest
Ten K Trailhead Sandia Crest
The Tram Trailhead Sandia Crest
Three Gun Spring Trailhead Tijeras
Tijeras Club Gardens Albuquerque East
Tijeras Ranch Milbourn Ranch
Tijeras Weather Station Tijeras
Tinnin Center Albuquerque East
Town and Country Shopping Center Albuquerque East
Tramway Sandia Crest
Tranquillo Pine Escabosa
Tree Spring Recreation Site Sandia Crest
Tunnel Canyon Trailhead Tijeras
United States Forest Service Tanker Base Albuquerque East
University of New Mexico Arena Albuquerque West
University of New Mexico Stadium Albuquerque West
Uptown Shopping Center Albuquerque East
USC and GS Laboratory Seismological Laboratory Mount Washington
Vista Del Norte Shopping Center Alameda
Vista Grande Community Center Sandia Park
Volcano Ranch The Volcanoes
Watson Historic District Los Griegos
Westway Shopping Center Albuquerque West
Windmill Number 3 South Garcia
Winrock Shopping Center Albuquerque East
Wyoming Mall Albuquerque East
YWCA Camp Tijeras
Zuni-San Mateo Center Albuquerque East
Zuzax Sedillo

This is a list of all the locales in Bernalillo County, New Mexico. In some cases there are duplicate names so try to select the one you are looking for based on the USGS quad topo map name which is often a recognizable feature or town nearby.