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Topo Map of Locales in Chaves County, New Mexico

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Locales in Chaves County New Mexico

Place USGS Topo Map
Abbott Well Kenna
Adair Well Eightmile Draw
Alkali Well Shannon Draw
Almo Well Dunken
Amarillo Well Eightmile Draw
Anchor D Ranch King Camp
Apache Windmill Denton Camp
Askew Windmill Mesa SE
Atkinson Ranch Bottomless Lakes
Backus Windmill Culp Ranch
Badger Well Cottonwood Draw
Bar C Bar Ranch Bar C Bar Ranch
Barnhill Windmill Dunlap Sill
Bates Windmill Lewis Peak NE
Beatonbough Windmill Denton Camp
Benedict Ranch Deering Place
Benedict Ranch Cottonwood Draw
Big Creek Windmill White Flat SE
Bitter Lakes Weather Station Bitter Lake
Bloom Ranch Hondo Reservoir
Bloom Windmill Blackwater Hill
Blue Water Well Shannon Draw
Boardman Windmill Prairieview NE
Bogles Cotton Gin Dexter West
Booster Windmill Chivata Canyon
Boot Ranch Wire Lake
Boswell Ranch Mesa SW
Boswell Windmill Round Mountain
Brady Ranch Hackberry Ranch
Braun Windmill San Juan Mesa West
Brewton Marley Draw
Broadmoor Shopping Center Roswell North
Brown Brothers Ranch Roswell South
Buchanan Ranch Lucky Lake
Buck Windmill Sagebrush Valley West
Buffalo Valley Farm Hagerman
Bullis Spring Ranch Bullis Spring Ranch
Burk Camp Skunk Canyon
Burnt Windmill Flying H
Burro Tanks Site Maljamar
Butler Windmill Panther Hill
C and M Ranch Kincaid Ranch
C H Lewis Ranch Mesa
C L White Ranch Eightmile Draw
Calentine Well Clements Ranch
Calhoun Windmill Derrick Draw
Calumet Ranch Dexter East
Casarez Ranch Roswell South
Casarez Ranch Hackberry Ranch
Caudill Ranch Caudill Ranch
Cauhape Ranch Sixteenmile Draw West
Cauhape Ranch Lewis Peak
Cauhape Teel Windmill Sixteenmile Draw West
Causy Windmill L E Ranch
Cedar Windmill Denton Camp
Challenge Windmill Dark Canyon
Chatten- Muncy Ranch Haystack Butte
Childress Ranch White Flat SE
China Draw Well Mesa SW
Christine Windmill Blackwater Hill
Circle Three E Ranch Eightmile Draw
Clements Ranch Clements Ranch
Coles Camp Hondo Reservoir
Cooper Ranch Haystack Butte
Cordell Windmill Howell Ranch
Corn Ranch Marley Draw
Corn Ranch Barn Draw
Corn Ranch White Flat SE
Corn Ranch Corn Ranch
Costel Windmill Shannon Draw
Cottonwood Ranch Cottonwood Draw
Cottonwood Windmill Sagebrush Valley West
Coupland Ranch Cornucopia Canyon
Crawford Ranch Eightmile Draw
Crockett Ranch Elk
Crooked Creek Ranch Dark Canyon
Cuevo Ranch Dunken
Cullins Windmill Derrick Draw
Culp Culp Ranch
Culp Ranch Culp Ranch
Cunape Pinon Ranch
Dallas Ranch Acme
Daniels Ranch Mesa SE
Daveport Ranch Dunken
Deep Sand Well Kenna
Deep Tank Windmill Cedar Point
Deep Well Deep Well
Deep Well Sixteenmile Draw East
Denton Camp Denton Camp
Denton L Seven Ranch Denton Camp
Denton Windmills Denton Camp
Derrick Ranch Derrick Draw
Dexter Federal Fish Hatchery Dexter East
Dexter Sewage Disposal Plant Dexter East
Diamond A Ranch Diamond A Ranch
Dirt Tank Well Thimble Canyon
Divide Camp Horseshoe Bend
Dixon Well Coyote Draw
Dobe Well Kenna
Doodlebug Windmill Kenna
Double Well Kenna
Dr Robert Goddard Original Rocket Tower Site Panther Hill
Dunken Windmill Dunken
Dunlap Wire Lake
Durham Ranch Eightmile Draw
Eagle Well Thimble Canyon
Eagle Windmill Sagebrush Valley West
East Camp Presler Lake
East Fivemile Well Shannon Draw
East Header Windmill Dark Canyon
East Stancel Corral Shannon Draw
East Townsend Windmill Prairieview NE
East Windmill Prairieview NE
East Windmill Campbell
East Windmill Cedar Point
Eighteenmile Mill Diamond A Ranch
El Camino Del Diablo L E Ranch
Elk Weather Station Elk
Elkins Weather Station Elkins
Ervin Ranch Bottomless Lakes
Faircloth Ranch Haystack Mountain
Faircloth Well Eightmile Draw
Felix Windmill Singer Lake
Fifteenmile Windmill Round Mountain
Fin and Feather Club Bottomless Lakes
Finley Well Shannon Draw
Fivemile Ranch Shannon Draw
Floyd Windmill Prairieview NE
Flying H Flying H
Flying H Ranch Weather Station Flying H
Flying M Ranch Flying M Ranch
Foreman Well Shannon Draw
Forsite Homestead Roswell North
Four Hundred and Seventy Singer Lake
Frazor Windmill Lucky Lake
Frier Ranch Frier Ranch
Gainer Ranch Olive
Gallina Well Button Mesa North
Glenn Ranch Oasis
Gnat Windmill Flying H
Good Ranch Cooley Lake
Goodin Ranch Roswell South
Graham Ranch Campbell
Greenwood Ranch Bottomless Lakes
Greer Ranch Derrick Draw
Gressett Ranch Dark Canyon
Gulf Well Kenna
Hackberry Ranch Hackberry Ranch
Hagerman Weather Station Hagerman
Haley Ranch Roswell North
Halfway House Ranch Wire Lake
Harwell Ranch Dunken
Haynes Windmill Historic Site Derrick Draw
Header Windmill Flying H
Headquarters Well Shannon Draw
Heifer Windmill Cooley Lake
Heights Windmill Mescalero Point NE
Hepler Ranch Chimney Lake
High Lonesome Haystack Mountain
Hill Ranch Hagerman SW
Holeman-Taylor Ranch Maljamar NE
Horse Pasture Windmill Lucky Lake
Howell Ranch Howell Ranch
Hurst Ranch Hagerman SW
Indian Well Cottonwood Draw
Indian Well Clements Ranch
Irwin Corn Ranch Rock House Canyon
Isler Ranch Oasis
J B Runyan Ranch Thimble Canyon
J M Lewis Ranch Mesa
J M McKnight Ranch Mesa SW
Janes Well Clements Ranch
Jenkins Ranch Peters Lake
Jernigan Ranch Robertson Canyon
Jess Well Shannon Draw
John White Ranch Eightmile Draw
Johnson Ranch Round Mountain SE
Johnson Ranch Skunk Canyon
Johnson Ranch North Lake
Joy Ranch Loco Canyon
Juniper Windmill Singer Lake
Keggy Well Curlew Lake
Kerr Brothers South Ranch Dexter West
Kerr Ranch Roswell South
Kerr Well Number 1 Dexter West
Kerr Well Number 2 Dexter West
Kincaid Ranch Kincaid Ranch
King Camp King Camp
King Ranch Derrick Draw
Kitchen Ranch Acme
Koch Windmill Prairieview NE
KOK Ranch Robertson Canyon
Koy Ranch White Flat SE
L-E Ranch L E Ranch
L-N Ranch L E Ranch
Lake Van Rod Club Dexter East
Lake Windmill Thimble Canyon
Langenegger Bar C Bar Ranch
Little Windmill Olive
Lone Wolf Windmills Culp Ranch
Lowe Ranch Dexter West
Lower Mill Hondo Reservoir
Lucky Strike Well Haystack Butte
Lyles Farm Roswell South
Macho Ranch Rock House Canyon
Macho Ranch Mesa SE
Malstrom Ranch Malstrom Ranch
Marley Farm Roswell North
Marley Ranch Roswell North
Martin Ranch Mesa SE
Martin Ranch Dunlap Sill
McCarter Well Curlew Lake
McCarty Well Clements Ranch
McCombs Ranch Lone Wolf
McDaniels Ranch Round Mountain SE
McGee Ranch Indian Bluff
McGuire Ranch Chimney Lake
McKnight and Cooper Ranch Roswell North
Mean Ranch Bullis Spring Ranch
Medlin Ranch Cedar Point SE
Mennecke Ranch Blackwater Hill
Merritt Ranch Diamond Mound
Merritt Ranch Cornucopia Canyon
Mesa Weather Station Mesa
Metal Tank Well Sagebrush Valley West
Middle Well Shannon Draw
Missouri Plaza Indian Ruins Hondo Reservoir
Monument Windmill Singer Lake
Mutt Windmill Prairieview NE
Myers Windmill Cedar Point
Neal Ranch Eightmile Draw
Neatherlin Ranch Lewis Peak
New Well Mesa SW
New Windmill White Flat SE
New Windmill Round Mountain SE
North Townsand Windmill Prairieview NE
North Windmill Acme
North Windmill Vest Camp
North Windmill Mescalero Point NE
North Windmill Sagebrush Valley West
O’Brien Ranch Sardine Lake
Oasis Oasis
Oasis Ranch South Spring
Oil Well Windmill Lewis Peak NE
Orchard Park South Spring
Orchard Park Station South Spring
Panther Windmill Panther Hill
Partnership Well Mesa SE
Partnership Windmill White Flat SE
Penasco River Ranch Dunken
Penasco Well Sixteenmile Draw East
Pendergrass Well Clements Ranch
Petty Windmill L E Ranch
Pierce Ranch Mesa SW
Pinon Ranch Pinon Ranch
Pioneer Well Kenna
Pipeline Windmill Maljamar NE
Pipeline Windmill Dark Canyon
Poe Bitter Lake
Pollard Well Cottonwood Draw
Pollard Windmill Dunlap Sill
Pool Windmill Denton Camp
Potter Well Eightmile Draw
Pretty Bird Windmill Lewis Peak
Price Ranch Kincaid Ranch
Publ Corral Lucky Lake
R Vandewart Ranch Loco Canyon
Rabbit Well Cottonwood Draw
Rainwater Windmill Denton Camp
Rattlesnake Well Eightmile Draw
Rattlesnake Windmill Derrick Draw
Red Bluff Ranch Coyote Draw
Red Hill Windmill Olive
Red House Flying H
Red Tank Windmill Denton Camp
Red Well Kenna
Red Windmill Dunlap Sill
Redtower Windmill Bar C Bar Ranch
Reeyes Ranch Thimble Canyon
Rippee Ranch Rippee Ranch
River Windmill Cottonwood Draw
Rock House Dunlap Sill
Rogers Windmill Prairieview NE
Roswell Country Club Bitter Lake
Roswell Industrial Air Center Roswell South
Roswell Mall Roswell North
Roswell Weather Station Roswell North
Runyan Ranch Sagebrush Valley East
Runyan Ranch Thimble Canyon
Sacra Farm Roswell South
Sacra Ranch Swallow Nest Canyon
Salt House Loco Canyon
Salt Windmill Denton Camp
Samples Windmill Haystack Mountain
Sand Ranch Oasis
Sand Well Kenna
Savage Well Coyote Draw
Savage Well Curlew Lake
Scharbauer Ranch Meadow Hill
School Section Well Schram Lake
Schram Well Schram Lake
Scotty Windmill Flying H
Scrambled Eggs Windmills Cedar Point
Seventyseven Windmill Blackwater Hill
Shanks Windmill Flying H
Shorty Well Curlew Lake
Sixmile Station Roswell North
Smith Ranch Hackberry Ranch
Smith Ranch Acme
Smith Ranch Haystack Mountain
Smith Windmill Coyote Draw
Smith Windmill Elkins
Smith Windmill Schram Lake
South Camp Wire Lake
South Chatten- Muncy Ranch Elkins
South Spring Ranch South Spring
South Van Eaton Ranch Haystack Butte
South Well Cottonwood Draw
South Well Curlew Lake
South Windmill Acme
South Windmill White Flat SE
Steel Windmills Dunlap Sill
Sterling Ranch Campbell
Stevenson Ranch Chimney Lake
Stewardson Ranch Roswell North
Sturgeon Ranch Eightmile Draw
Taylor Ranch Thimble Canyon
Taylor Well Clements Ranch
Tecolote Windmill Sagebrush Valley West
Teel Canyon Well Clements Ranch
Teel Well Clements Ranch
Terrill Well Button Mesa North
Terry Ranch Bullis Spring Ranch
The Well Shannon Draw
Tidwell Ranch Lewis Peak
Treat Ranch Sagebrush Valley West
Treat Windmill Dunken
Tucker Ranch Button Mesa NE
Twin Butte Camp Indian Bluff
Twin Wells Stock Pens Dexter West
Twin Windmills Denton Camp
Van Cleve Ranch Chimney Lake
Van Eaton Ranch Olive
Vest Camp Vest Camp
Viejo Well Dunken
W R McKnight Ranch Mesa SW
Wade Ranch Wade Ranch
Walker Windmill Derrick Draw
Waller Ranch Indian Bluff
Waller Ranch Dark Canyon
Well Camp Lucky Lake
West Camp Hernandez Lake
West Camp Howell Ranch
West Frazor Windmill Lucky Lake
West Singer Windmill Singer Lake
West Stancel Corral Mesa SE
West Well Button Mesa North
West Windmill Hernandez Lake
West Windmill Campbell
West Windmill Denton Camp
West Windmill Flying H
White Ranch Diamond A Ranch
Williams and Chesser Ranch Roswell South
Williams Ranch Dexter West
Willow Well Clements Ranch
Windy Windmill Lucky Lake
Wooden Wheel Well Kenna
Woods Ranch Hondo Reservoir
Yellow Windmill Sagebrush Valley West
Yoder Ranch Round Mountain
Zimmerman Ranch Cedar Point SE

This is a list of all the locales in Chaves County, New Mexico. In some cases there are duplicate names so try to select the one you are looking for based on the USGS quad topo map name which is often a recognizable feature or town nearby.