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Topo Map of Locales in De Baca County, New Mexico

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Locales in De Baca County New Mexico

Place USGS Topo Map
Alamo Ranch Alamo Ranch
Ashbacker Windmill Howell Ranch
Atwood Windmill Dunlap NE
Bailey Ranch Twin Mesa NW
Baker Ranch Lovelady Draw
Bays Windmill Fort Sumner West
Bertie Windmill Ricardo
Big Tank Windmill El Morro Ranch SE
Big Windmill Gammil Well
Black Lake Windmill Horney Ranch
Blair Windmill Howell Ranch
Brannon Windmill Conejo Creek West
Brassell Ranch Windmill Draw
Buck Tank Alamo Ranch
Buck Windmill Alamo Ranch
Buckeye Ranch Twin Mesa
Butts Windmill Watts Hill
C C Camp Windmill Yeso Mesa SE
Canton Weather Station Watts Hill
Canyon Windmill Yeso Mesa SE
Cardenas Yeso Mesa
Carroll Windmill Watts Hill
Carter Ranch Twin Mesa NW
Clure Windmill Watts Hill
Colter Ranch Watts Hill
Cook Ranch Dunlap NE
Cooper Cooper Ranch
Cooper Ranch Cooper Ranch
Corner Windmill Fort Sumner West
Cullen Windmill Dunlap NE
Deep Windmill Conejo Creek West
DeReno Windmill Tolar SW
Doyle Ranch Taiban
Drum and Bley Ranch Twin Mesa NW
Duke Windmill Lovelady Draw
East Camp Taiban
East Hale Windmill Windmill Draw
East Pasture Windmill Yeso Mesa SE
East Sand Springs Windmill Sumner Dam
East Windmill Windmill Draw
East Windmill Dunlap
Evanola Windmill Ricardo
Field Ranch Horney Ranch
Fletcher Windmill Tolar SW
Fort Sumner Lake Weather Station Sumner Dam
Fort Sumner Weather Station Fort Sumner East
Frank Windmill Taiban
Fry Windmill Tolar SW
Game Reserve Windmill Howell Ranch
Gammill Ranch Howell Ranch
Gibbons Ranch Lovelady Draw
Gibbons Ranch Gibbons Ranch
Gillum Windmill Borica SW
Goldberg Windmill Fort Sumner West
Good Ranch Borica SW
Grimes Windmill Howell Ranch
Hackberry Windmill El Morro Ranch SE
Hale Windmill Windmill Draw
Hall Ranch Lomas Gatos
Head Ranch Colorado Canyon
High Lonesome Windmill Borica SW
High Lonesome Windmill Wright Ranch
Highway Windmill Alamo Ranch
Hisel Ranch Yeso
Horney Ranch Horney Ranch
Horse Pasture Windmill Windmill Draw
Howell Windmill Cooley Lake
Hudson Windmill Fort Sumner West
Hutchinson Windmill Dunlap NE
Jasper Ranch El Morro Mesa
Johnson Well Yeso Mesa SE
Jointer Windmill Watts Hill
Jones Camp Watts Hill
Jones Ranch Twin Mesa NW
Jones Windmill Watts Hill
Jose Marie Windmill Sumner Dam
Key Ranch Dunlap
Key Ranch Dunlap NE
Killo Windmill Dunlap NE
King Windmill Dunlap
Knighten Ranch Candy Mesa
Koll Ranch Twin Mesa
Koontz Ranch Sumner Dam
Koutz Windmill Gammil Well
Law Windmill Dunlap NE
Lee Haney Windmill Dunlap NE
Lewis Windmill Tolar SW
Lightfoot Windmill Lovelady Draw
Line Windmill Alamo Ranch
Little Red Windmill Watts Hill
Long Ranch Yeso
Lower End Windmill West Camp
M and M Ranch Candy Mesa
Marlin Windmill Yeso NW
Martin Ranch Dunlap
Martinez Windmill Fort Sumner West
McCabe Ranch Yeso NW
McClure Windmill Dunlap NE
McCollum Ranch Fort Sumner West
McDowell Ranch Cooley Lake
McMeans Ranch Ricardo
McRee Ranch Colorado Canyon
Middle Spy Windmill Cooley Lake
Miles Windmill Alamo Ranch
Morgan Ranch Twin Mesa
My Windmill Ricardo
New Eclipse Windmill Fort Sumner West
New Windmill Fort Sumner West
New Windmill Yeso NW
Noblitt Windmill Tolar SW
North Bonner Well Taiban
North Camp Windmill Windmill Draw
North Markel Windmill Dunlap NE
North Pitts Windmill Fort Sumner West
North Salado Windmill Borica SW
North Spy Windmill Cooley Lake
North Windmill Dunlap
North Windmill Fort Sumner West
North Windmill Watts Hill
North Windmill Sumner Dam
North Windmill Windmill Draw
North Windmills Conejo Creek West
Northeast Windmill Dunlap NE
Northeast Windmill Ricardo
Northwest Windmill Dunlap NE
Nut Windmill Howell Ranch
Old Place Windmill Ricardo
Old South Windmill Alamo Ranch
Orchard Windmill Alamo Ranch
Overton Ranch El Morro Mesa
Overton Ranch Borica SW
Payne Windmill Watts Hill
Pennington Well Alamo Ranch
Perez Ranch Yeso Mesa
Powell Ranch Twin Mesa
Pursley Windmill Lovelady Draw
R Perez Ranch Yeso Mesa
Rabbit Windmill Alamo Ranch
Railroad Windmill Ricardo
Rattlesnake Windmill Conejo Creek East
Red Sand Windmill Alamo Ranch
Reed Windmill Conejo Creek West
Reynolds Ranch Loco Draw
Rocky Windmill Ricardo
Sand Windmill Fort Sumner West
Sand Windmill El Morro Ranch SE
School Section Windmill Dunlap NE
School Section Windmill Conejo Creek West
School Section Windmill Yeso NW
Sea Camp Cooley Lake
Sheppard Windmill Dunlap
Shipping Trap Windmill Windmill Draw
Shirley Ranch Lovelady Draw
Shoemake Windmill Watts Hill
Shorty Windmill Yeso NW
Simmons Windmill Lovelady Draw
Six Windmills Wright Ranch
Small Windmill Lovelady Draw
Smith Ranch Yeso NW
Smith Windmill Howell Ranch
Soda Windmill Watts Hill
SoRelle Windmill Dunlap NE
South Markel Windmill Dunlap NE
South Pitts Windmill Fort Sumner West
South SoRelle Windmill Dunlap NE
South Windmill Windmill Draw
South Windmill Ricardo
Southeast Windmill Ricardo
Spring Windmill El Morro Ranch SE
Star Windmill Windmill Draw
Star Windmill Alamo Ranch
Stark Windmill Dunlap NE
Steele Ranch Dunlap NE
Steele Ranch Fort Sumner West
Stevens Ranch Conejo Creek West
Sulphur Windmill Dunlap
Taiban Weather Station Taiban
Thompson Windmill Dunlap NE
Tom Haney Windmill Dunlap NE
Triangle Cattle Company Lomas Gatos
Triangle Ranch Lomas Gatos
Trigg Ranch Conejo Creek West
Trigg Ranch River Camp Conejo Creek East
Trojillo Ranch Sumner Dam
Twin Windmills Loco Draw
Upper Wagon Windmill Cooper Ranch
Van Eaton Ranch La Espia Peak
Vaughn Ranch Fort Sumner West
Walton Ranch Windmill Draw
Weaver Ranch Twin Mesa NW
West Camp West Camp
West Gillum Windmill Yeso NW
West River Windmill Windmill Draw
West Sand Springs Windmill Sumner Dam
West Windmill Conejo Creek West
West Windmill Gammil Well
West Windmill Ricardo
West Windmills Cooley Lake
Weston Ranch West Camp
Wharton Windmill Watts Hill
White Windmill Dunlap NE
Windy Ridge Windmill Dunlap NE
Winter Horse Pasture Windmill Windmill Draw
Wright Ranch Twin Mesa
Wright Ranch Wright Ranch
Yeso Camp Windmill Horney Ranch
Yeso Weather Station Yeso
York Ranch Windmill Draw

This is a list of all the locales in De Baca County, New Mexico. In some cases there are duplicate names so try to select the one you are looking for based on the USGS quad topo map name which is often a recognizable feature or town nearby.