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Topo Map of Locales in Eddy County, New Mexico

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Locales in Eddy County New Mexico

Place USGS Topo Map
Abo Shopping Center Artesia
Anderson Young Ranch Sixteenmile Draw East
Andrus and Golf Ranch Pickett Hill
Angel Ranch Angel Draw
Armstrong and Armstrong Ranch Texas Hill
Artesia Country Club Artesia
Artesia Weather Station Artesia
Bailey Well Jumping Spring
Ballard Ranch Rattlesnake Springs
Bates Ranch Angel Draw
Bates Windmill Texas Hill
Becker Carlsbad East
Beeson Station Loco Hills
Benson Ranch Illinois Camp SE
Black Muley Mill Foster Ranch
Blue Quail Center Artesia
Blue Spring Farm Black River Village
Bond Ranch Carlsbad East
Booker Camp Loco Hills
Boone Beach Ranch Cottonwood Hills
Box Canyon Ranch Box Canyon Ranch
Box Shack Well Texas Hill
Bunting Ranch Antelope Sink
Burleson Well Red Bluff Draw
Butcher Well Rattlesnake Springs
Callaway Ranch (historical) Bandanna Point
Campbell Ranch Laguna Gatuna
Carlsbad Caverns Weather Station Carlsbad Caverns
Carlsbad Reclamation Project Carlsbad East
Carlsbad Weather Station Carlsbad East
Carper Windmill Pierce Canyon
Cass Ranch Box Canyon Ranch
Cawley Ranch Cawley Draw
Circle K Ranch Rattlesnake Springs
Cleveland Ranch Malaga
Coffin Ranch Parish Ranch
Colwell Ranch Grapevine Draw
Corral Red Bluff
Corriente Cattle Company Queen
Cottonwood Ranch Cottonwood Hills
Cox Ranch Sixteenmile Draw East
Crawford Ranch Tower Hill South
Crockett Ranch Sixteenmile Draw East
Delaware Ranch Red Bluff
Denny Ranch Azotea Peak
Diamond A Ranch Red Lake
Dickson Farm Loving
Dillahunty Ranch Jumping Spring
Double Mills Cottonwood Hills
Dublin Ranch Indian Flats
Eagles Windmill Big Sinks
Eaton Ranch Hope SE
Eddy County Fairgrounds Artesia
Elliot Ranch Black River Village
Ewing Place Black River Village
Fanning Ranch Lake McMillan South
Farrell Ranch Grapevine Draw
Farrell Ranch (historical) Carlsbad Caverns
Fenton Ranch Illinois Camp SE
Flynn-Welch-Yates Number Three Oil Well Historic Site Artesia
Forehand Ranch Otis
Foster Ranch Foster Ranch
Frank Jones Ranch Carlsbad West
Game Department Cabin Pickett Hill
Gerry Smith Ranch Carnero Peak
Gettysburg Illinois Camp SE
Greenwood Ranch Lake McMillan South
Guadalupe Administrative Site Queen
Guadalupe Church Camp Queen
Gyp Windmill Phantom Banks
H Bar Y Ranch Red Bluff Draw
Harkey Double Mills Bond Draw
Harris Ranch Sixteenmile Draw East
High Lonesome Windmill Basin Well
Hilt Well Antelope Sink
Hope Weather Station Hope
Howell Ranch Foster Ranch
Hughes Ranch El Paso Gap
Hughes Ranch El Paso Gap
Hughes Ranch El Paso Gap
Hunter Ranch Sixteenmile Draw East
J D Well Red Bluff Draw
J X Ranch Hope NW
James Ranch Los Medanos
Joe Young Ranch Sixteenmile Draw East
John Forehand Ranch Bond Draw
Jones Ranch Martha Creek
Judkins Ranch Black River Village
Kee Ranch Carnero Peak
Keyhole Windmill Big Sinks
King Ranch Kitchen Cove
Kite Windmill Queen
Lake Avalon Weather Station Carlsbad West
Lakewood Lake McMillan North
Laney Ranch Hope SE
Leck Ranch Carlsbad West
Lee Ranch Foster Ranch
Leeman Ranch Grapevine Draw
Lewis Ranch Lake McMillan North
Little Windmill Jumping Spring
Loco Hills Gasoline Plant Red Lake SE
Lovejoy Ranch Kitchen Cove
Loving Weather Station Loving
Lowe Ranch Carlsbad Caverns
Lusk Ranch Tower Hill North
Lusk Ranch (historical) Greenwood Lake
Magby Ranch El Paso Gap
Mayes Ranch Rattlesnake Springs
McAshan Ranch Hope
McAshan Ranch Sagebrush Valley East
McCollum Ranch El Paso Gap
McIver Ranch Carnero Peak
McKinstry Ranch Artesia
Mendoza Ranch (historical) Martha Creek
Miller Ranch Azotea Peak
Millman Ranch Illinois Camp NE
Moss Ranch Bandanna Point
Munson Reservation Gunsight Canyon
Murray Ranch Angel Draw
National Ranch Ares Peak
Nester Well Sagebrush Valley East
New Mexico State University Experimental Station Artesia
New Windmill Big Sinks
North Williams Ranch Illinois Camp
North Windfohr and Brown Camp Number 1 Loco Hills
Old C P Ranch Rattlesnake Springs
Old Duran Ranch Black River Village
Old Farrell Place (historical) Carlsbad Caverns
Old Helper Ranch Gunsight Canyon
Old Jones Ranch Azotea Peak
Old Pardue Ranch Black River Village
Old Stone Place (historical) Carlsbad Caverns
One Hundred Ranch Dayton
Onehundred Ranch Hope
Painted Grotto Carlsbad Caverns
Parish Ranch Parish Ranch
Paxton Well Jumping Spring
Phoenix Adobe Carlsbad East
Pickett Windmill Ross Ranch
Pipkin Ranch (historical) Carlsbad Caverns
Pipkin Ranch (historical) Bandanna Point
Plowman Ranch Malaga
Polk Ranch Martha Creek
Popes Wells Site Carlsbad East
Potash Bullwheel Historic Site Loving
Prisoner of War Camp Artesia
Putman Cabin Queen
Queen Ranch Red Bluff
Rain Spring Ranch Azotea Peak
Rattlesnake Springs Historic District Carlsbad Caverns
Reed Ranch Malaga
Reed Ranch Cottonwood Hills
Reeves Ranch Bond Draw
Rock House Red Bluff
Rock House Foster Ranch
Rock Windmill Grapevine Draw
Ross Ranch Ross Ranch
Roy Forehand Ranch Bond Draw
Runyan Ranch Antelope Sink
Russell Ranch Bandanna Point
Sims Ranch Black River Village
Sitting Bull Communication Facility Red Bluff Draw
Smith Blue Spring Ranch Black River Village
Smith Ranch Martha Creek
Smith Ranch Carnero Peak
Steeple Ranch Phantom Banks
Strychnine Camp Strychnine Draw
Sun Windmill Ross Ranch
Sweetwater Windmill Paduca Breaks West
Target Windmill Phantom Banks
Tatman Ranch Cawley Draw
Taylor Ross Ranch Dayton
Teel Ranch Sixteenmile Draw East
Texas Deep Well Texas Hill
Texas Hill Camp Texas Hill
Thurman Ranch Grapevine Draw
Tin Henry Well Red Bluff Draw
Tomcat Windmill Pierce Canyon
Truitt Ranch Carnero Peak
Tucker Ranch (historical) Grapevine Draw
Twin Wells Ranch Big Sinks
Twin Windmills Grapevine Draw
United States Potash Company Refinery Loving
W W Smith and Sons Ranch Carlsbad Caverns
Walnut Ranch Well Sixteenmile Draw East
Ward Ranch (historical) Bandanna Point
Welch Ranch Cottonwood Hills
White Ranch Carlsbad Caverns
Williams Well Antelope Sink
Windham Ranch Carlsbad West
Windy Windmill Big Sinks
Wood Ranch Tower Hill North
Wooten Ranch Bandanna Point
X Bar Ranch Serpentine Bends
X T Ranch Grapevine Draw

This is a list of all the locales in Eddy County, New Mexico. In some cases there are duplicate names so try to select the one you are looking for based on the USGS quad topo map name which is often a recognizable feature or town nearby.