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Topo Map of Reservoirs in Eddy County, New Mexico

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Reservoirs in Eddy County New Mexico

Place USGS Topo Map
AAA Tank Bond Draw
Acrey Water Storage Tank Ares Peak
Anderson Tank Pickett Hill
Apple Tank Cottonwood Hills
B-Storage Tank Ares Peak
Beaman Tank Bond Draw
Big Boy Tank Pickett Hill
Big Seep Tank Phantom Banks
Big Tank Antelope Sink
Big Tank Cawley Draw
Black River Storage Tank El Paso Gap
Black River Water Storage El Paso Gap
Black Water Storage Tank Ares Peak
Bogle Tank Henshaw Tank
Boulder Tank Texas Hill
Boy D S Waterhole Azotea Peak
Bradley Tank Pickett Hill
Brantley Lake Seven Rivers
Buck Tank (historical) Cawley Draw
Burro Tank Cawley Draw
Byrnes Tank Kitchen Cove
C C Tank Foster Ranch
CCC Tank Carnero Peak
CCC Tank Sagebrush Valley East
CCC Tank Cawley Draw
CCC Tank Number 1 Bond Draw
CCC Tank Number 2 Bond Draw
Coad Tank Red Bluff
Cocke Tank Kitchen Cove
Cockleberry Tank Phantom Banks
Coffin Tank Antelope Sink
Cottonwood Storage Tank Queen
Cowboy Tank Queen
Dark Canyon Tank Kitchen Cove
Dirt Tank El Paso Gap
Double Tank Bond Draw
Double Wells Tank Basin Well
Dublin Tank Kitchen Cove
Dunnaway Tank Ares Peak
Dutch Tank Sagebrush Valley East
Eagle Tanks Sagebrush Valley East
East Apple Tank Red Bluff
East Tank Paduca Breaks West
East Tank Kitchen Cove
Effendale Tank El Paso Gap
Fanning Tank (historical) Texas Hill
Flat Tank Carnero Peak
Foster Water Storage Tank Ares Peak
Gail Tank Texas Hill
Gordon Tank Pickett Hill
Gravel Tank Serpentine Bends
Greenwood Lake Greenwood Lake
Greenwood Tank Big Sinks
Hackberry Tank Carnero Peak
Hamm Storage Tank Pickett Hill
Hamm Tank Pickett Hill
Heard Storage Tank Ares Peak
Hearn Ares Peak
Helper Tank Pickett Hill
Helton Tank Gunsight Canyon
Henshaw Tank Henshaw Tank
Hill Tank Livingston Ridge
Hilt Tank Antelope Sink
Hoag Tank Parish Ranch
Hoffman Tank Rattlesnake Springs
Hollan Tank El Paso Gap
Holt Tank Holt Tank
Horner Tank Foster Ranch
Howell Tank (historical) Texas Hill
Hurston Tank Big Sinks
Irabarne Tank Pickett Hill
Irabarne Water Storage Tank Pickett Hill
Jackson Tank El Paso Gap
Jo Bar Tank Big Sinks
Johnson Tank Serpentine Bends
Kee Tank Kitchen Cove
Keller Tank Pickett Hill
Kite Windmill Storage Tank Queen
Knee Deep Pickett Hill
Kuykendal Tank El Paso Gap
Lake Avalon Carlsbad West
Lake McMillan (historical) Lake McMillan South
Larrimore Tank Texas Hill
Last Chance Water Storage Tank Pickett Hill
Lawyer Dirt Tank Ares Peak
Line Water Storage Tank Red Bluff Draw
Little AAA Tank Bond Draw
Loafer Tank Cawley Draw
Locklear Tank Pickett Hill
Locklear Water Storage Tank Pickett Hill
Lone Tree Tank Phantom Banks
Lost Tank The Divide
Lowe Tank Carlsbad Caverns
Lower Transill Reservoir Carlsbad East
Mail Box Pickett Hill
McBride Tank Cottonwood Hills
McIver North Tank Carnero Peak
McIver Tank Carnero Peak
Middle Fork Waterhole Azotea Peak
Middleton Storage Tank Pickett Hill
Miller Tank Antelope Sink
Mule Tank Red Bluff
Municipal Lake Otis
New Tank Phantom Banks
New Tank Livingston Ridge
Noye Tank Livingston Ridge
Owens Tank El Paso Gap
Park Tank Phantom Banks
Pickett Tanks Pickett Hill
Poker Tank Big Sinks
Polk Tank Pickett Hill
Polk Water Storage Tank Pickett Hill
Poor House Pickett Hill
Powers Ridge Tank Ares Peak
Prairie Dog Tank Pickett Hill
Prickett Tank Jumping Spring
Priestly Tank Queen
Rawhide Water Storage Tank Ares Peak
Red Tank Antelope Sink
Red Tank Texas Hill
Reed Tank Queen
Ridge Tank Antelope Sink
Road Tank Pickett Hill
Roberts Tanks Ares Peak
Rock Tank Carnero Peak
Rock Tank Antelope Sink
Rock Tank Queen
Rockbottom Tank The Divide
Round Tank Foster Ranch
Rounds Waterhole Azotea Peak
Sandia Ares Peak
Seco Tank Texas Hill
Segrest Waterhole Texas Hill
Shattuck West Tank Pickett Hill
Sheep Draw Tank Carnero Peak
Sixteen Tank Sixteenmile Draw East
Smith Waterhole Carnero Peak
South Tank Kitchen Cove
Stone Tank (historical) Carlsbad Caverns
Stone Water Storage Tank Pickett Hill
Sunshine Tank Texas Hill
Taylor Tank Queen
Thurman Tanks Gunsight Canyon
Tin Tank Texas Hill
Ward Waterhole Cottonwood Hills
Watkins Tank Queen
Weld Tank Martha Creek
West Tank Kitchen Cove
West Water Storage Tank Pickett Hill
Wilburn Tank Strychnine Draw
Wild Cow Tank Carnero Peak
Willow Lake Malaga
Wilson Tank Ares Peak
Windy Tank Big Sinks

This is a list of all the reservoirs in Eddy County, New Mexico. In some cases there are duplicate names so try to select the one you are looking for based on the USGS quad topo map name which is often a recognizable feature or town nearby.