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Topo Map of Valleys in Eddy County, New Mexico

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Valleys in Eddy County New Mexico

Place USGS Topo Map
Adobe Draw Carlsbad West
Anderson Canyon Red Bluff Draw
Angel Draw Angel Draw
Apple Draw Cottonwood Hills
Baker Pen Draw Red Bluff Draw
Baldridge Canyon Carlsbad Caverns
Bat Cave Draw Carlsbad Caverns
Bear Canyon Serpentine Bends
Bear Grass Draw Red Lake SE
Beardon Canyon Carnero Peak
Ben Slaughter Draw Jumping Spring
Black Canyon Gunsight Canyon
Bond Draw Bond Draw
Bone Tank Draw Foster Ranch
Box Canyon Foster Ranch
Boyds Canyon Azotea Peak
Brushy Draw Ross Ranch
Bullis Canyon Holt Tank
Buzzard Canyon Box Canyon Ranch
Calabaza Draw Carlsbad West
Calamity Cove Gunsight Canyon
Cass Draw Loving
Cat Claw Draw Parish Ranch
Catclaw Draw Azotea Peak
Catclaw Draw Hope SE
Catclaw Draw Antelope Sink
Catclaw Draw Sixteenmile Draw East
Cave Canyon Gunsight Canyon
Cawley Draw Cawley Draw
Cedar Canyon Pierce Canyon
Cedar Lake Draw Loco Hills
Chalk Bluff Draw Lake McMillan North
Charley White Draw Sixteenmile Draw East
China Canyon Bandanna Point
China Draw Malaga
Chinaberry Draw Black River Village
Chosa Draw Carlsbad Caverns
Collier Tank Draw Holt Tank
Cottonwood Canyon Queen
Cottonwood Draw Cottonwood Hills
Crooked Canyon Holt Tank
Dagger Draw Lake McMillan South
Dagger Draw Foster Ranch
Dark Canyon Kitchen Cove
Dark Canyon Draw Carlsbad East
Deadman Draw Azotea Peak
Deer Canyon Box Canyon Ranch
Devils Den Canyon El Paso Gap
Dog Canyon Draw Spring Lake
Dog Town Draw Pierce Canyon
Double Canyon Gunsight Canyon
Double Canyon Draw Rattlesnake Springs
Dunnaway Canyon Red Bluff Draw
Dunnaway Draw Martha Creek
Elbow Canyon Kitchen Cove
Elbow Draw Kitchen Cove
Esperanza Draw Carlsbad East
Fanning Draw Cawley Draw
Fawn Valley Serpentine Bends
Fence Canyon Black River Village
Fenton Draw Carlsbad East
Fir Canyon El Paso Gap
Fourmile Draw Lake McMillan North
Franks Canyon Gunsight Canyon
Gardner Draw Parish Ranch
Gatuna Canyon Tower Hill North
George Long Draw Hope NW
Gilson Canyon Red Bluff Draw
Goat Canyon Strychnine Draw
Goat Canyon Gunsight Canyon
Goat Corral Canyon Black River Village
Goaty Canyon Hope NW
Goaty Canyon Sagebrush Valley East
Grapevine Draw Rattlesnake Springs
Gunsight Canyon Gunsight Canyon
Hackberry Canyon Carlsbad Caverns
Hackberry Draw Cottonwood Hills
Hackberry Draw Carlsbad West
Hackberry Draw Sagebrush Valley East
Hamm Draw Pickett Hill
Hart Canyon Spring Lake
Hay Hollow Cottonwood Hills
Hog Spring Canyon El Paso Gap
Holt Tank Draw Holt Tank
Hooper Canyon El Paso Gap
Horse Canyon Queen
Huapache Canyon Queen
J Staple Canyon Azotea Peak
Johnson Canyon Bandanna Point
Johnson Draw Hope NW
Jones Canyon Martha Creek
JRC Canyon El Paso Gap
Juniper Canyon Kitchen Cove
Jurnigan Draw Black River Village
Kirkland Canyon Queen
Kuydendall Draw Carnero Peak
Kuykendall Draw Carnero Peak
Last Chance Canyon Carnero Peak
Lechuguilla Canyon Carlsbad Caverns
Lechuguilla Canyon Carlsbad Caverns
Lefthook Canyon Gunsight Canyon
Little Box Canyon Box Canyon Ranch
Little McKittrick Draw Kitchen Cove
Little Walt Canyon Azotea Peak
Loafer Draw Martha Creek
Locklear Canyon Pickett Hill
Logan Draw Spring Lake
Lone Tree Draw Carlsbad East
Long Draw Foster Ranch
Long Draw Hope NW
Lookout Draw Carnero Peak
Maverick Canyon Kitchen Cove
McKittrick Canyon Draw Grapevine Draw
Middle Fork Big Canyon Gunsight Canyon
Middle Fork Little McKittrick Draw Azotea Peak
Middle Slaughter Canyon Serpentine Bends
Midnight Canyon Grapevine Draw
Mosley Canyon Kitchen Cove
Nash Draw Tower Hill South
New Tank Draw Holt Tank
North Fork Big Canyon Gunsight Canyon
North Fork Hay Hollow Jumping Spring
North Fork Little McKittrick Draw Carlsbad West
North Hackberry Draw Bond Draw
North Kuykendall Draw Carnero Peak
North Mosley Canyon Carlsbad Caverns
North Prong Long Draw Foster Ranch
North Rattlesnake Canyon Serpentine Bends
North Rocky Canyon Ares Peak
North Slaughter Canyon Grapevine Draw
North Texas Hill Canyon Texas Hill
Nuevo Canyon Rattlesnake Springs
Old Indian Draw Indian Flats
Old Ranch Canyon Martha Creek
Open Hollow Gulch Gunsight Canyon
Opuntia Draw Carnero Peak
Owl Draw Red Bluff
Palmilla Draw Illinois Camp
Paris Dainwood Draw Hope NW
Payne Canyon Queen
Pickett Draw Pierce Canyon
Pierce Canyon Pierce Canyon
Pierce Canyon Ares Peak
Pine Canyon Pickett Hill
Putman Canyon Serpentine Bends
Rain Spring Draw Azotea Peak
Rattlesnake Canyon Rattlesnake Springs
Rawhide Canyon Ares Peak
Red Bluff Canyon Serpentine Bends
Red Bluff Draw Red Bluff
Red Bluff Draw Red Bluff Draw
Red Tank Draw Parish Ranch
Righthand Canyon Azotea Peak
Roberts Canyon Red Bluff Draw
Robinia Draw Carnero Peak
Robinson Draw Queen
Rock Waterhole Canyon Azotea Peak
Sacahuiste Draw Martha Creek
Salt Draw Malaga
Sandrock Canyon Pickett Hill
Scanlon Draw Angel Draw
Schoolhouse Canyon Azotea Peak
Scoggin Draw Lake McMillan North
Seco Canyon Texas Hill
Segrest Draw Parish Ranch
Shafer Canyon Azotea Peak
Shattuck Valley El Paso Gap
Sheep Draw Kitchen Cove
Siegrest Draw Parish Ranch
Sitting Bull Canyon Red Bluff Draw
Sixteenmile Draw Hope
Slaughter Canyon Draw Rattlesnake Springs
Soapberry Draw Lake McMillan South
South Fork Hay Hollow Jumping Spring
South Hackberry Draw Bond Draw
South Kuykendall Draw Carnero Peak
South Mosley Canyon Carlsbad Caverns
South Prong Long Draw Foster Ranch
South Rattlesnake Canyon Serpentine Bends
South Spencer Draw Azotea Peak
South Texas Hill Canyon Ares Peak
Spencer Draw Lake McMillan South
Spring Canyon Gunsight Canyon
Stinking Draw Foster Ranch
Stone Canyon Serpentine Bends
Stone Canyon El Paso Gap
Stone Canyon Gunsight Canyon
Strychnine Draw Box Canyon Ranch
Taylor Draw Maljamar
Threemile Draw Bond Draw
Thurman Draw Grapevine Draw
Toms Canyon Azotea Peak
Trail Canyon Serpentine Bends
Trimble Canyon Red Bluff Draw
Tucker Draw Ross Ranch
Tumbleweed Draw Spring Lake
Turkey Canyon Queen
Wadcutter Draw Foster Ranch
Wagontire Draw Bandanna Point
Walker Draw Bandanna Point
Walnut Canyon Black River Village
Walnut Draw Antelope Sink
Walt Canyon Azotea Peak
Waterhole Draw Azotea Peak
Weldy Canyon Bandanna Point
Well Canyon Hope NW
West Fork Little McKittrick Draw Carlsbad West
West Slaughter Canyon Grapevine Draw
White Oaks Canyon Red Bluff Draw
Wildcat Draw Pickett Hill
Willow Draw Seven Rivers
Wilson Canyon Red Bluff Draw
Wood Canyon Black River Village
Wood Draw Pierce Canyon
XT Draw Grapevine Draw
Yucca Canyon Grapevine Draw
Yucca Draw Grapevine Draw

This is a list of all the valleys in Eddy County, New Mexico. In some cases there are duplicate names so try to select the one you are looking for based on the USGS quad topo map name which is often a recognizable feature or town nearby.