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Topo Map of Locales in Guadalupe County, New Mexico

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Locales in Guadalupe County New Mexico

Place USGS Topo Map
Agua Negra Ranch Santa Rosa
Alamo Ranch Canada Colorado
Alegre Windmill Thompson Ranch
Amy Windmill Ortega Tank
Anton Chico Abajo Historic District Anton Chico
Arabella Windmill Pastura SE
Armstrong Ranch Salt Lake
Avant Ranch Canada Colorado
Baca Pastura NE
Bar Y Ranch Bar Y Ranch
Bedford Ranch Salt Lake
Benavidez Windmill Ortega Tank
Benton Ranch Mesita Del Gato
Bibbs Ranch San Ignacio
Big Spring Pasture Windmill Sunshine Mesa
Blakey Newkirk
Block Windmill Burro Lake
Boggie Windmill Horse Pasture Tank
Boylan Ranch Newkirk
Bray Ranch Fallon Ranch
Bull Pasture Windmill Laguna De Los Terreros
Burgette Ranch Gacho Hill SW
Burton Windmill Mesa Leon
Byrd Ranch Duoro
Cactus Windmill Pastura
Canyon Tank Sacaton Draw
Carde Ranch Gacho Hill
Chaves Pastura SE
Claunch Ranch Canada Colorado
Clayton Ranch Ima NW
Colinas Pastura NE
Colonias Camp Horse Pasture Tank
Colonias de San Jose Historic District Colonias
Corner Windmill Cuervo
Cowden Ranch Bar Y Ranch
Cuervo Weather Station Cuervo
Dahlia Pumping Station Mesa Palo Amarillo
Del Curto Ranch Gacho Hill NW
Dilia Weather Station Dilia
Duoro Duoro
Duoro Siding Duoro
East Buck Trap Windmill Sunshine Mesa
El Morro Ranch El Morro Ranch
Fallon Ranch Fallon Ranch
Farm Windmill Pastura SE
Ferguson Windmill Cuervo
Fogon Windmill Mesa Leon
Four Corners Pen Horse Pasture Tank
Gallegos Pastura SE
Garcia Ranch Neafus Ranch
Gardner Windmill Laguna De Los Terreros
George Ranch George Ranch
Gerhardt Puerto De Luna
Gibbons Gibbons Ranch
Gonzales Camp Sacaton Draw
Gonzales Ranch Borica
Gonzales Windmill Cuervo
Guadalupe Pastura SE
Hicks Ranch Harben Lake
Hidden Lake Pictographs Historic Site Santa Rosa
High Lonesome Windmill Laguna De Los Terreros
Histon Ranch Pastura SE
Hobo John Windmill Pastura SE
Hornsby Ranch Ima NW
Hunt Ranch Duoro
Johnson Ranch Fallon Ranch
Johnson Ranch Laguna De Los Terreros
Killough Ranch Canada Colorado
Kist Windmill Pastura SE
Knowles Windmill Gate Canyon
La Capilla de Santa Rosa Historic Site Santa Rosa
La Placita de Abajo Historic District Colonias
Lasater Ranch Ima NW
Latigo Ranch Cuervo
Lib Windmill Pastura SE
Little Boney Windmill El Morro Ranch NW
Little Hamilton Windmill Pastura SE
Little Muniz Windmill Laguna De Los Terreros
Little Spring Pasture Windmill Sunshine Mesa
Little Windmill Pastura
Los Ranchitos Anton Chico
Los Tanos Windmill Sunshine Mesa
Manuel Ulibarri Ranch Colonias
Margarito Ulibarri Ranch Colonias
Marquez Ranch Mesa Palo Amarillo
Martinez Pastura NE
Martinez Camp Windmill Pastura SE
Martinez Ranch Potrillo Hill
Martinez Windmill Gate Canyon
Martinez Windmill Pastura
McGee Windmill El Morro Ranch NW
Middle Buck Trap Windmill Sunshine Mesa
Middle Pasture Windmill Pastura NE
Mines Windmill Pastura SE
Miser Windmill Thompson Ranch
Mitchell Ranch Gacho Hill
Mitchell Windmill Ortega Tank
Moise Ranch Pastura NE
Monias Windmill Laguna De Los Terreros
Montoya Ranch Borica
Monzingo Puerto De Luna
Moon Ranch Mesita De Guadalupe
Moorhouse Ranch Sunshine Mesa
Morris Windmills Ortega Tank
Mullen Ranch Borica
Muniz Ranch Laguna De Los Terreros
Neafus Ranch Neafus Ranch
New Monias Windmill Laguna De Los Terreros
New Windmill Pastura
New Windmill Mesa Palo Amarillo
Newkirk Weather Station Newkirk
Nickelson Well Fallon Ranch
North Camp Pedro Miguel Peak
North Windmill Thompson Ranch
North Winkle Windmill Burro Lake
Oil Well Windmill Santa Rosa Lake
Old Boney Windmill El Morro Ranch NW
Old Place Windmill Pastura SE
Orchard Windmill Gate Canyon
Ortega Ranch Laguna De Los Terreros
Ortega Windmills Ortega Tank
P Ulibarri Ranch Colonias
Pastura Weather Station Pastura
Payne Ranch Horse Pasture Tank
Perez Ranch El Morro Ranch NW
Pettigrew Ranch Ima NW
Pino Ranch Mesa Cherisco
Powell Ranch Borica
Puerto de Luna Gaging Station Ojo Negro Creek
Ratcliff Ranch Sacaton Draw
Ratliff Sacaton Draw
Reilly Ranch Santa Rosa Lake
River Ranch Santa Rosa Lake
Roark Ranch George Ranch
Roman Camp Gate Canyon
Romero Ranch Laguna De Los Terreros
Saiaz Puerto Creek
San Pablo Windmill Burro Lake
Sanchez Ranch Potrillo Hill
Santa Rosa Weather Station Santa Rosa
Scott Ranch Salt Lake
Secundino Windmill Mesa Palo Amarillo
Sena Ranch Borica
Shamrock Pumping Station Sacaton Draw
Shaw and Craig Walker Santa Rosa Lake
Sisneros Ranch Potrillo Hill
Slaton Ranch Fallon Ranch
Smith Place Windmill Sunshine Mesa
South Windmill Laguna De Los Terreros
Sowell Ranch Dilia
Sowell Ranch Pedro Miguel Peak
Sparks Windmill Gate Canyon
Spires Ranch Sacaton Draw
Stage Stop Windmill Pedro Miguel Peak
Sulfur Windmill Pastura
Tapia Ranch Tapia Ranch
Tarkington Windmill Ortega Tank
Tejon Windmill Cuervo
Thompson Ranch Thompson Ranch
Top Strip Windmill Sunshine Mesa
Twin Windmill Cuervo
Upper Brehedo Windmill El Morro Ranch NW
Vaughn Weather Station Vaughn
Vicente Ranch Gacho Hill NW
West Buck Trap Windmill Sunshine Mesa
West Pature Windmill Loco Draw
White Ranch Borica
Willis Ranch Puerto De Luna
Winkle Windmill Burro Lake
Woodward Ranch Ima NW
Yates Ranch Mesita Del Gato
York Ranch Pintada

This is a list of all the locales in Guadalupe County, New Mexico. In some cases there are duplicate names so try to select the one you are looking for based on the USGS quad topo map name which is often a recognizable feature or town nearby.