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Topo Map of Locales in Hidalgo County, New Mexico

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Locales in Hidalgo County New Mexico

Place USGS Topo Map
Adobe Windmill Ninemile Hill
Alamo Hueco Historic Site Sentinel Butte
Alf Windmill Cotton City
Animas Weather Station Animas
Antelope Corral Portal NE
Arimex Goat Camp Spring
Backer Ranch Rock Tank Draw
Badger Windmill Hatchet Ranch
Ballard Windmill Culberson Ranch
Barney Stage Station Lordsburg
Bennett Ranch Gillespie Mountain
Benton Ranch Big Hatchet Peak
Bert Windmill Cotton City
Bertoglio-Merrill Ranch Coyote Peak
Boone Ranch Big Hatchet Peak
Box Canyon Historic Site Animas
Box M Ranch Ninemile Hill
Bradberry Windmill Gold Hill
Braidfoot Ranch Doubtful Canyon
Brown Windmill Lordsburg
Brushy Creek Historic Site Animas
Burketts Ranch Horse Mountain
Burtch Windmill Rock Tank Draw
C Eckles Ranch San Luis Pass
Canador Peak Windmill Canador Peak
Chaineys Ranch Big Hatchet Peak
Cienega Ranch San Simon Cienega
Clanton Draw Site-LA 4979 Animas
Cline Ranch Gold Hill
Cloverdale Park Historic Site Black Point
Coe Ranch Indian Peak
Conrad Gary
Corbett Ranch Hachita Peak
Cottonwood Windmill Rock Tank Draw
Cowboy Springs (historical) Center Peak
Culberson Historic Site Whitewater Mountains
Culberson Ranch Culberson Ranch
Culberson Ranch Weather Station Culberson Ranch
Davis Windmill Culberson Ranch
Deatons Ranch Horse Mountain
Deep Windmill Animas Peak NE
Diamond A Ranch Coyote Peak
Dog Spring Ranch Dog Mountains
Double Adobe Creek Historic Site Animas Peak NE
Eicks Ranch Black Point
Field Ranch Clanton Draw
Fitzpatricks Fitzpatricks
Fox Windmill Gary
Fuller Ranch Caprock Mountain
George Winkler Ranch Hachita Peak
Geronimo Campgrounds Clanton Draw
Gibson Place (historical) Indian Peak
Godfrey Ranch Gillespie Mountain
Gowan Ranch Clanton Draw
Granddad Windmill Cotton City
Gray Ranch Animas Peak
Great Lakes Land and Cattle Company Horse Mountain
Green King Windmill Lordsburg
Guess Ranch Doubtful Canyon
Hachita Cattle Company Playas Lake South
Hackberry Windmill Summit
Hall Ranch Hachita Peak
Hatchet Ranch Hatchet Ranch
Henderson Ranch Antelope Pass
Henderson Ranch (historical) Antelope Pass
Henrys Cabin Center Peak
High Lonesome Windmill Summit
Hill Well Swallow Fork Peak
Hog Ranch Guadalupe Canyon
Horse Camp Wells Animas Peak
Horse Camp Windmill Steeple Rock
Howe Ranch Animas Peak
Hughes Windmill Lordsburg
Jacks Defeat Walnut Wells NE
Jim Robinson Ranch (historical) Indian Peak
Keiths Ranch U Bar Ridge
Kennedy Windmill Lordsburg
Kerr Ranch Gary
Kerr Ranch Swallow Fork Peak
LA 54021 Animas Peak NE
LA 54036 Black Point
LA 54042 Animas
LA54049 Historic Site Animas
LA54050 Historic Site Animas
LA593 Historic Site Animas
Lambert Ranch Big Hatchet Peak
Lanes Ranch Walnut Wells NE
Lards Ranch Hilo Peak
Lawhorns Ranch Center Peak
Little Historic Site Animas
Lone Hill Windmill Coyote Peak
Lookout Well Hilo Peak
Lordsburg Golf Club Culberson Ranch
Lordsburg Pumping State Lisbon
Lordsburg Weather Station Lordsburg
Lower Ranch Steeple Rock
Lunch Box Historic Site Animas
Lynch Ranch San Luis Pass
Maddox Ranch Historic Site Animas
Maloney Indian Peak
Maloney Ranch Indian Peak
Maloney Ranch Indian Peak
Malpais Windmill Ninemile Hill
Martin Windmill Cotton City
McCants Ranch Steins
McCarty Ranch Cotton City
McDauw’s Well Hilo Peak
Mengus Camp Cabin Wells
Meno Adams Ranch Pierce Peak
Mesquite Windmill Lisbon
Metate Historic Site Animas
Mills Goat Ranch Mount Baldy
Mono Adams Ranch Pierce Peak
Mosse Ranch U Bar Ridge
Mouser Place Indian Peak
Mud Springs Ranch Walker Canyon
Muir Ranch Muir Ranch
Myers Windmill Culberson Ranch
Nation Well Swallow Fork Peak
Nations Hut Whitewater Creek
New Windmill Gary
North Lisbon Windmill Lisbon
O K Bar Ranch Center Peak
Oil Siding Lordsburg
Old Hatchet Ranch Big Hatchet Peak
Pablos Windmill Steeple Rock
Pages Store Tank Mountain
Pages Store Indian Peak
Parkers Ranch Big Hatchet Peak
Pendleton Historic Site Black Point
Pendleton Ranch Black Point
Pendleton Ranch Black Point
Petersons Ranch Big Hatchet Peak
Pierce Ranch Pierce Peak
Pigpen Creek Historic Site Animas
Pot Hook (historical) Playas Lake North
Pratt Antelope Pass
Quarter Circle W Ranch Table Top Mountain
R I Bass Ranch Whitewater Creek
Ragsdale Windmill Gary
Raymond Fuller Ranch Rock Tank Draw
Red Windmill Pyramid Peak
Reynolds Ranch Culberson Ranch
Richardson Windmill Cotton City
Richens Ranch Hatchet Ranch
Road Forks Steins
Road Well Swallow Fork Peak
Robertson Ranch Black Point
Robertson Ranch Black Point
Robertsons Ranch U Bar Ridge
Robinson Ranch Antelope Pass
Robinson Ranch (historical) Antelope Pass
Robinson Windmill Mondel
Robson Windmill Lordsburg
Rodeo Weather Station Rodeo
Round Mountain Ranch Gold Hill
Saddle Bronc Historic Site Animas
Salt Well Mondel
Schlesinger Ranch (historical) Swallow Fork Peak
Seven Twelve Ranch (historical) Swallow Fork Peak
Sheridan Wells Sheridan Canyon
Shorty Miller Mount Baldy
Shorty Millers Lower Ranch Mount Baldy
Smith Ranch Steins
South Lisbon Windmill Lisbon
South Well Swallow Fork Peak
Spencer Ranch Antelope Pass
Steins Peak Station Doubtful Canyon
Steve Dunagan Animas Peak NE
Stewart Ranch Site Black Point
Stone Cabin Pierce Peak
Summit Summit
Sycamore Well Historic Site Animas
Sylvanite Hachita Peak
T Pendleton Ranch Whitewater Creek
Tase Golman Tank Mountain
Tase Golman (historical) Indian Peak
Timberlake Historic Site Animas
Tullous Ranch Horse Mountain
Tullous Upper Ranch Center Peak
Unks Windmill Mondel
Upper Ranch Steeple Rock
Upshaw Ranch Big Hatchet Peak
Upshaw Ranch Clanton Draw
Van Meter Ranch Willow Draw
Virden Weather Station Duncan
W E Bass Ranch Whitewater Creek
W T Sims Ranch San Luis Pass
Walker Windmill Steins
Walnut Wells (historical) Horse Mountain
Walter Dunagan Animas Peak NE
Walter Dunagan Animas Peak NE
Wamel Ranch Table Top Mountain
Washburn Ranch Cotton City
Weatherby Ranch Cotton City
Whitmire Ranch Playas Lake South
Winkler Ranch Gillespie Mountain
Woods Ranch Lordsburg
Worthington Ranch Big Hatchet Peak
Wright Windmill Gary
X T Ranch Animas Peak NE
Youngs Ranch Walnut Wells NE
Z Bar L Windmill Caprock Mountain

This is a list of all the locales in Hidalgo County, New Mexico. In some cases there are duplicate names so try to select the one you are looking for based on the USGS quad topo map name which is often a recognizable feature or town nearby.