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Topo Map of Reservoirs in Hidalgo County, New Mexico

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Reservoirs in Hidalgo County New Mexico

Place USGS Topo Map
Aikers Tank Culberson Ranch
Allen Tank Skull Canyon
Anderson Tank Gillespie Mountain
Animas Tank Animas Peak
Apache Tank Gold Hill
Asten Tank San Luis Pass
Austin Tank San Luis Pass
Badger Tank Hatchet Ranch
Barnet Tank Lang Canyon
Bass Tank Whitewater Creek
Batter Tank Hatchet Ranch
Been Tank Whitewater Creek
Bens Tank Pyramid Peak
Big Geronimo Tank San Luis Pass
Big Tank Culberson Ranch
Big Tank U Bar Ridge
Big Tank Eagle Mountain
Bigote Tank South Pyramid Peak
Bills Tank Black Point
Birtrong Tank Indian Peak
Black CCC Tank Black Point
Black Mountain Tank Black Point
Black tank Animas Peak NE
Blackjack Tank Lang Canyon
Blackwater Hole Guadalupe Spring
Boogs Defeat Tank Whitewater Mountains
Border Tank Double Wells
Boulder Tank Center Peak
Bow Tank Clanton Draw
Bower Tank Skull Canyon
Boyd Maddox Tank Animas Peak NE
Boyles Tank Whitewater Creek
Bradberry Tank Gold Hill
Braidfoot Tank Mondel
Brister Tank Mondel
Buck Tank Animas Peak NE
Buckhorn Tank Black Point
Buckhorn Tank Sheridan Canyon
Butterfield Tank Mondel
C C C Tank Swallow Fork Peak
Caldwell Tank Black Point
Cement Dam Tank Pyramid Peak
Chapo Tank Doyle Peak
Chavez Tank Whitewater Creek
China Pond South Pyramid Peak
Chuck Tank Black Point
Clanton Canyon Tank Skeleton Canyon
Clanton Tank Clanton Draw
Clanton Tank Clanton Draw
Clark Tank Guadalupe Pass
Cordy Cowan Tank Black Point
Cornelius Tank Fitzpatricks
Corral Tank Guadalupe Pass
Cottonwood Tank Pierce Peak
Cottonwood Tank Clanton Draw
Cowan Tank Clanton Draw
Cowan Tank Black Point
Crescent Tank Black Point
Day Tank Animas Peak
Deer Creek Tank Skeleton Canyon
Dick Bass Tank Whitewater Creek
Dishpan Tank Hatchet Ranch
Divide Tank Animas Peak
Divide Tank San Luis Pass
Dogs Head Tank Pyramid Peak
Double Tank Sheridan Canyon
Double Tanks South Pyramid Peak
Doubtful Tank Mondel
Dunagan Tank Animas Peak NE
Dutchman Tank Clanton Draw
East Center Tank Coyote Peak
Echels Tank Animas Peak
Edwards Tank Whitewater Creek
Eicks Tank San Luis Pass
Elkins Tank Hatchet Ranch
Flat Tank Ninemile Hill
Foothill Tank Table Top Mountain
Frankie Tank Center Peak
Freestone Tank Steeple Rock
Garcia Tank Guadalupe Pass
Garland Tank Culberson Ranch
Georges Tank Pyramid Peak
Geronimo Tank Skeleton Canyon
Gibson Tank Center Peak
Gilbert Tank Sheridan Canyon
Gillespie Tank Gillespie Mountain
Goat Camp Tank Swallow Fork Peak
Government Tank Animas Peak
Granite Tank Guadalupe Spring
Graveyard Tank Pyramid Peak
Hale Tank Sheridan Canyon
Harper Tank Willow Draw
Hell to Finish Tank Sheridan Canyon
Hell to Get to Tank Sheridan Canyon
High Lonesome Tank Summit
Highway Tank Whitewater Mountains
Horse Canyon Tanks Pierce Peak
Horse Pasture Tank Black Point
Horse Trap Tank Mondel
Horseshoe Tank Ninemile Hill
House Pasture Tank Ninemile Hill
Hunt Tank Black Point
Ira Tank South Pyramid Peak
Irishman Tank Clanton Draw
Joes Tank Table Top Mountain
Johnson Tank Table Top Mountain
Jones Tank Ninemile Hill
Juniper Basin Tank Mount Baldy
Juniper Tank Fitzpatricks
Kings Tank Animas Peak
Kitchens Tank Fitzpatricks
Lake Tank Mondel
Lake Tank Mondel
Larson Tank Lang Canyon
Lawhorn Tank Center Peak
LB Tank Muir Ranch
Lion Tank Pierce Peak
Little Brushy Tank Hilo Peak
Little Chapo Tank Doyle Peak
Little East Tank Coyote Peak
Little Geronimo Tank San Luis Pass
Little Hat Top Tank Pierce Peak
Little Highway Tank Ninemile Hill
Little Tank U Bar Ridge
Lower Bull Tank Pierce Peak
Lower Camp Tank Coyote Peak
Lower Walnut Tank Center Peak
Lynch Tank San Luis Pass
Maddox Tank Clanton Draw
Mailbox Tank Fitzpatricks
Malpais Tank San Luis Pass
Manzanita Tank Whitewater Creek
McFarlands Tank Pierce Peak
McKinney Tank Whitewater Creek
Mengus Tank Cabin Wells
Mesquite Tank Clanton Draw
Mesquite Tank Black Point
Middle Mountain Tank Eagle Mountain
Middle Tank South Pyramid Peak
Middle Well Tank Animas Peak NE
Miller Tank Mount Baldy
Mine Canyon Tank Sheridan Canyon
Miner Tank Fitzpatricks
Monarch Tank Gold Hill
Muir Tank Pyramid Peak
Nations Tank Whitewater Creek
Nelson Tank Pyramid Peak
New Tank Mondel
New Tank Skeleton Canyon
New Tank Clanton Draw
North Dirt Tank Muir Ranch
North Linn Tank Pyramid Peak
North Tank Culberson Ranch
North Tank San Luis Pass
North Tank Gold Hill
Odell Tank Ninemile Hill
Orchard Tank Clanton Draw
Owl Creek Tank Skull Canyon
Park Tank Center Peak
Pasco Tank San Luis Pass
Patterson Tank Clanton Draw
Pendleton Tank San Luis Pass
Pierce Tank Pierce Peak
Pigpen Tank Gillespie Mountain
Pine Canyon Tank Skeleton Canyon
Pit Tank Sheridan Canyon
Pit Tank San Luis Pass
Prospector Tank Whitewater Creek
Rattlesnake Tank Fitzpatricks
Red Hill Cement Tank Fitzpatricks
Red Hill Dirt Tank Fitzpatricks
Red Lake Tank Sheridan Canyon
Red Tank Ninemile Hill
Road Tank Summit
Robertson Tank San Luis Pass
Rock Guard Tank Center Peak
Rock Tank Rock Tank Draw
Rock Tank Ninemile Hill
Rough Creek Tank San Luis Pass
Saddle Tank Whitewater Creek
San Luis Pass Tank Fitzpatricks
Sanford Tank Black Point
Schoolhouse Tank Fitzpatricks
Section Fifteen Tank Table Top Mountain
Section Two Tank Table Top Mountain
Sheridan Tank Sheridan Canyon
Slough Tank Gary
Slover Tank Mount Baldy
Smith Tank San Luis Pass
Smuggler Tank San Luis Pass
South Pigpen Tank Gillespie Mountain
South Tank Coyote Peak
South Tank Clanton Draw
South Uhl Tank Pyramid Peak
Southeast Tank Pyramid Peak
Sten Tank Animas Peak NE
Still Tank Culberson Ranch
Sumac Tank Black Point
Summit Tank Summit
Summit Tank Fitzpatricks
Tahoe Tank Center Peak
Tank Number 1 Canador Peak
Tank Number Two Nichols Canyon
Tank Thirteen Culberson Ranch
Taylor Tank Animas Peak
Thompson Tank Hatchet Ranch
Three Mills Tank Summit
Trap Tank Whitewater Creek
Tullous Tank Center Peak
Tumblinson Tank Fitzpatricks
Twin Tank San Luis Pass
Uhl Tank Pyramid Peak
Upper Bull Tank Pierce Peak
Upper Red Lake Tank Sheridan Canyon
Upper Sheridan Tank Sheridan Canyon
Upshaw Tank Animas Peak
Walnut Gate Tank Black Point
Walnut Tank Center Peak
Wamel Tank Mount Baldy
West Center Tank South Pyramid Peak
Wheelbarrow Tank Swallow Fork Peak
Whitetail Tank Whitewater Creek
Whitewater Tank Whitewater Creek
Williams Tank Pyramid Peak
Willow Tank Culberson Ranch
Windy Miller Tank Black Point
Windy Point Tank Black Point
X T Tank Tank Mountain

This is a list of all the reservoirs in Hidalgo County, New Mexico. In some cases there are duplicate names so try to select the one you are looking for based on the USGS quad topo map name which is often a recognizable feature or town nearby.