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Locales in Lea County New Mexico

Place USGS Topo Map
Abbie Windmill Gladiola
Acrey Ranch Dallas Store
Adobe Well Lovington SE
Airport Windmill Tatum North
Allen Windmill Prairieview
Allred Ranch Laguna Gatuna
Alston Ranch Alston Ranch
Anderson Ranch Maljamar NE
Antelope Windmill Walking Cane Ranch
Antelope Windmill Lane Salt Lake
Anthony Ranch Javelina Basin
Badger Windmill Simanola Valley
Baker Windmill Lane Salt Lake
Balsh Windmill Prairieview
Barren Windmill Gladiola
Battle-axe Ranch Paduca Breaks West
Battle-axe West Windmill Paduca Breaks West
Beckham Ranch Javelina Basin
Bel Aire Shopping Center Hobbs West
Bell Lake Windmill Bell Lake
Berry Ranch Lea
Berry Windmill Bronco
Berryhill Windmill Tatum North
Big Windmill Javelina Basin
Bingham Ranch Laguna Gatuna
Bond Ranch Maljamar NE
Bordeaux Windmill Prairieview
Brackenridge Windmill Prairieview
Brimminstool Ranch Tip Top Wells
Broadmoor Shopping Center Hobbs West
Broadmoor Shopping Center and Mall Hobbs West
Bronco Bronco
Bryant Windmill Buckeye
Buck Windmill Tatum South
Buckeye Ranch Buckeye
Bull Pasture Windmill Bronco
Bull Windmill Ranger Lake
Bull Windmill Lane Salt Lake
Bulltrap Windmill Buckeye NW
Camps Windmill Tatum South
Cannon Windmill Tatum North
Caprock Ranch Caprock
Chambers Sheep Camp Buckeye NE
Chapman Windmill Bronco
Church Pasture Windmill Caprock
Clayton Ranch Buckeye NE
Coats Windmill Custer Mountain
Cogburn Windmill Dog Lake
Cooper Ranch Button Mesa South
Cooper-Good Ranch Cooper-Good Ranch
Crossroads Television Relay Mast Ranger Lake
Crossroads Weather Station Crossroads
Culp Ranch Lovington SE
D Bar Ranch Tatum North
Dal Paso Center Hobbs West
Dallas Store Dallas Store
Davis Windmill Bronco NE
Dean Ranch Dean Ranch
Dean Windmill Hillburn City
Dempster Windmill Tatum North
Diamond and a Half Ranch Andrews Place
Dickinson Ranch Prairieview
Dinwiddie Ranch Custer Mountain
Dog Lake Well Dog Lake
Doom Jal NW
Double Windmill Johnson Ranch
Double X Ranch Bell Lake
Downtown Mini Mall Hobbs West
Draw Windmill Tatum South
Drill Hole Sand Windmill Johnson Ranch
Dripper Windmill Simanola Valley
Duncan Windmill Buckeye
East Farm Windmill Prairieview SE
East Horse Windmill Simanola Valley
East Mytle Windmill Buckeye
East Sand Windmill Gladiola
East Windmill Woodley Flat
East Windmill Prairieview SE
East Windmill Gladiola
East Windmill Tatum North
East Windmill Ranger Lake
East Windmill Buckeye NE
East Windmill Simanola Valley
East Windmill Buckeye NW
Eaves Windmill Alston Ranch
Edson Ranch Lovington NW
Edson Ranch Buckeye NW
Electric Windmill Bronco NE
Eller Well Lovington SE
Emsay Windmill Dog Lake
Etcheverry Ranch Fort Ranch
Eubanks Windmill Gladiola
Fairly Windmill Alston Ranch
Fairview Windmill Woodley Flat
Fence Line Windmill Dallas Store
Field Windmill Caprock
Fisher Windmill Button Mesa South
Fort Ranch Prairieview
Fort Ranch Soldier Hill
Four Bac Windmill Maljamar NE
Four Lakes Ranch Dallas Store
Friar Camp Ironhouse Well
Fritz Oil Well Windmill Prairieview NW
Fritz Windmill Prairieview NW
Garden Windmill Tatum North
Garrett Windmill Buckeye NE
Giles Lee Ranch Lovington SW
Goat Windmill Bronco NE
Goat Windmill Alston Ranch
Goat Windmill Dallas Store
Good Ranch Dean Ranch
Graham Ranch Lovington
Green Windmill Dog Lake
Grice Windmill Bronco NE
Hackberry Windmill Paduca Breaks West
Hackberry Windmill Buckeye
Hardrock Windmill Tatum South
Henry Windmill Woodley Flat
Heritage Square Hobbs West
High Lonesome Windmill Button Mesa South
Hight Windmill Prairieview NW
Hilburn Ranch Buckeye NE
Hill Pasture Bottom Windmill Simanola Valley
Hill Pasture Middle Windmill Simanola Valley
Hill Pasture Top Windmill Simanola Valley
Hobbs Country Club Hobbs West
Hobbs Weather Station Hobbs West
Hollman Windmill Prairieview NW
Home Windmill Tatum North
Humphreys Windmill Custer Mountain
Hutchin Windmill Javelina Basin
Jal Weather Station Jal
Jenkins Windmill Buckeye
Jog Windmill Johnson Ranch
John Williams Ranch Buckeye
Johnson Rattlesnake Canyon
Johnson Ranch Johnson Ranch
Jones Ranch Simanola Valley
Keenum Windmill Tatum South
Kimborough Ranch Lovington SE
Kornegay (historical) Hobbs SW
Kornegay Ranch Hobbs SE
Lake Windmill Dog Lake
Lambert Windmill Walking Cane Ranch
Lane Ranch Lane Salt Lake
Liman Windmill Maljamar NE
Linam Ranch Monument North
Little Windmill Dog Lake
Louis Walking Cane Ranch
Lovegrass Windmill Gladiola
Lovington Country Club Lovington
Lovington Weather Station Lovington
Lucky Windmill Johnson Ranch
Maddox Power Campany Monument North
Magnus Windmill Prairieview NW
Maljamar Weather Station Maljamar
Markham Windmill Gladiola
Martin Ranch Buckeye NW
Maypens Rattlesnake Canyon
McBride Windmill Lane Salt Lake
McGuffin Ranch Lane Salt Lake
Meadow Windmill Dallas Store
Medlin Ranch Dallas Store
Middle Pasture Windmill Simanola Valley
Middle Well Buckeye NE
Middle Windmill Bronco
Middle Windmill Bronco NE
Middle Windmill Tatum North
Mill on the Fence Flying M Ranch
Mixon Windmill Ranger Lake
Montieth Ranch Lovington
Mormon Windmill Prairieview SE
New Windmill Javelina Basin
New Windmill Custer Mountain
New Windmill Walking Cane Ranch
New Windmill Ranger Lake
Ninemile Windmill Simanola Valley
North Baker Windmill Lane Salt Lake
North Goat Windmill Bronco NE
North K Windmill Custer Mountain
North Mizell Windmill Prairieview NW
North Pasture Windmill Ranger Lake
North Pasture Windmill Simanola Valley
North Presley Windmill Gladiola
North Schelling Windmill Tatum North
North Windmill Prairieview NW
North Windmill Walking Cane Ranch
North Windmill Buckeye
North Windmill Ranger Lake
North Windmill Simanola Valley
North Windmill Johnson Ranch
North Windmill Lane Salt Lake
Northeast Windmill Prairieview SE
Northwest Windmill Walking Cane Ranch
Northwest Windmill Simanola Valley
Number One Windmill Johnson Ranch
Number Three Windmill Johnson Ranch
Number Two Windmill Johnson Ranch
Ochoa Weather Station Woodley Flat
Oho Windmill Bronco
Oil Well Windmill Tatum North
Old Dipping Vat Windmill Alston Ranch
Old Graham Windmill Gladiola
Old Man Windmill Alston Ranch
Old Ranch Windmill Maljamar NE
Ollie Windmill Alston Ranch
Oscar Windmill Caprock
Paschall Ranch Buckeye NW
Pen Place Windmill Dog Lake
Perteli Windmill Gladiola
Pipeline Windmill Javelina Basin
Pipeline Windmill Bell Lake
Pipeline Windmill Caprock
Pit Windmill Bronco
Pitchfork Ranch Woodley Flat
Pope Ranch Prairieview
Prairie Chicken Windmill Bronco NE
Prairieview Weather Station Prairieview
Price Ranch Cooper-Good Ranch
R D Lee Ranch Lovington SW
Ranger Lake Windmill Ranger Lake
Rattlesnake Draw Historic Site Buckeye
Record Ranch Monument South
Rob Windmill Simanola Valley
Rumph Windmill Bronco
S and W Cattle Company Hobbs SW
Salt Lake Ranch Laguna Gatuna
San Simon Ranch San Simon Ranch
Sand Windmill Bronco NE
Sartin Windmill Alston Ranch
Scrivner Windmill Alston Ranch
Section Windmill Tatum North
Section Windmill Caprock
Selman Windmill Gladiola
Shipper Pen Windmill Simanola Valley
Sims Ranch Monument SW
Slick Windmills Bell Lake
Smith Ranch Laguna Gatuna NW
Smith Windmill Prairieview NW
South Berry Windmill Bronco
South House Windmill Bronco NE
South Mizell Windmill Prairieview NW
South Ninemile Windmill Simanola Valley
South Pasture Windmill Bronco NE
South Pasture Windmill Simanola Valley
South Schelling Windmill Tatum North
South Windmill Prairieview
South Windmill Gladiola
South Windmill Johnson Ranch
Southwest Windmill Walking Cane Ranch
Southwestern Public Services Cunningham Station Monument North
Speed Windmill Soldier Hill
Standefer Ranch Bronco NE
Steel Windmill Dog Lake
Stohman Windmill Prairieview
Suddruth Windmill Prairieview NW
Tank Windmill Javelina Basin
Tatum Weather Station Tatum North
Taylor Peak Site Maljamar
Taylor Ranch Dog Lake
Taylor- Holeman Ranch Dog Lake
Teague Rattlesnake Canyon
Teague Rattlesnake Canyon
Three Well Windmill Dog Lake
Three Wells Windmill Laguna Gatuna
Three Windmill Ironhouse Well
Tops Windmill Tatum North
Town and Country Shopping Center Lovington
Turner Ranch Ironhouse Draw
Turner Ranch Lovington SE
Two Section Presley Windmill Gladiola
Two Section Windmill Tatum North
U Bar Ranch Button Mesa South
Wagner Windmill Gladiola
Waits Ranch Humble City NE
Walking Cane Ranch Walking Cane Ranch
Waller Windmill Prairieview
Walls Windmill Tatum North
Washington Windmill Gladiola
Webb Windmill Gladiola
Well Eightmile Windmill Simanola Valley
West Base Windmill Tatum North
West Berryhill Windmill Tatum North
West Corral Windmill Lane Salt Lake
West Dublin Windmill Custer Mountain
West Girl Windmill Simanola Valley
West Goat Windmill Bronco NE
West Jim Windmill Hillburn City SW
West Mytle Windmill Buckeye
West Pasture Windmill Tatum South
West Pasture Windmill Dallas Store
West Presley Windmill Gladiola
West Sand Windmill Gladiola
West Townsand Windmill Prairieview NW
West Windmill Buckeye NW
West Windmill Ranger Lake
West Windmill Tatum North
West Windmill Walking Cane Ranch
West Windmill Bronco NE
West Windmill Tatum South
West Windmill Gladiola
West Windmill Bronco
West Windmill Lea
West Windmill Custer Mountain
West Windmill Javelina Basin
Whitley Windmill Gladiola
Whitten Ranch Custer Mountain
Wilkes Windmill Bronco
Williams Ranch Buckeye NW
Wilson Camp San Simon Ranch
Woodley Windmills Woodley Flat
X Four Windmill Johnson Ranch
Yates Windmill Woodley Flat
York Ranch Buckeye NE

This is a list of all the locales in Lea County, New Mexico. In some cases there are duplicate names so try to select the one you are looking for based on the USGS quad topo map name which is often a recognizable feature or town nearby.