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Topo Map of Locales in Luna County, New Mexico

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Locales in Luna County New Mexico

Place USGS Topo Map
Airington Windmill Gage
Alkali Windmill Cambray
Antelope Windmill Antelope Hill
Asarco Mill Deming West
Atchinson Topeka and Santa Fe RR/SP RR Freight Depot Deming West
Baker Windmill Gage NW
Bald Hill Windmill Gage SW
Bar O Ranch Antelope Hill
Benedict Ranch Grandmother Mountain East
Big Windmill Gage SE
Big Windmill Gage NW
Bisbee Windmill Bisbee Hills
Board Ranch Windmill Sibley Hole
Bowlin Ranch Bowlin Ranch
Britan Windmill Florida
Brownfield Ranch Good Sight Peak
Butterfield Windmill Good Sight Peak
Butterfield Windmill Antelope Hill
Butterfield Windmill Goat Ridge
Cambray Weather Station Cambray
Cambray Windmill Cambray
Camp Furlong Historic Site Columbus
Capitol Dome Ranch Capitol Dome
Carne Windmill Carne
Cedar Grove Windmill Gage SW
Chicken Windmill Antelope Hill
Childress Windmill Cow Springs Mountain
Columbus Weather Station Columbus
Cookes Spring Station (historical) Massacre Peak
Cooks Peak OK Canyon
Cow Springs Ranch Cow Springs Mountain
Cow Springs Windmill Cow Springs Mountain
Cox Ranch Hermanas NW
Coyote Windmill Columbus NE
Crawford Ranch South Peak
Criswell Windmill Antelope Hill
Crowville Windmill Hermanas
Davis Ranch Grandmother Mountain East
Deming Weather Station Deming West
Dobies Windmill Florida
Dog Town Windmill Lazy E Ranch
Dogtown Ranch Malpais Hill
Donahue Windmill Midway Butte
Dunn Windmill Grandmother Mountain East
Eagle Nest Windmill P O L Ranch
Eagle Windmill Carne
Earp Ranch Gage
East Windmill North Peak
East Windmill Spalding
Eaulkner Ranch Hat Top Mountain
Edwards Ranch Malpais Hill
Elenwood Bisbee Hills
Faywood Station Faywood Station
Faywood Weather Station Taylor Mountain
Florida Pumping Station Akela
Florida Weather Station Florida
Flying W Ranch Flying W Mountain
Gage Weather Station Gage
Gage Windmill Grandmother Mountain East
Geronimo Ranch Cambray
Gerrell Windmill Spalding
Graham Ranch Greg Hills
Grandmother Windmill Grandmother Mountain West
Halfway Windmill Gage SE
Hatcher Windmill Gage SW
Hermanas Weather Station Hermanas
High Lonesome Windmill Sibley Hole
High Windmill North Peak
Home Ranch Gage SW
Homestead Windmill Antelope Hill
Honeymoon Windmill Gage SW
Hood Windmill Lazy E Ranch
Hyatt Ranch Massacre Peak
Inmon Ranch North Peak
Jog Windmill West Lime Hills
Jones Ranch Hockett
Jones Spring Ranch Antelope Hill
Kelly Windmill Carne
Kil Ranch Florida Gap
Klondike Windmill Gage SE
L McKinney Ranch OK Canyon
Lake Windmill West Lime Hills
Little Windmill Columbus SE
Little Windmill Gage SE
Little Windmill Hat Top Mountain
Lower Corral Hermanas
Manning Deming East
Matamoros Windmill Akela
Matamoros Windmill Lazy E Ranch
McBee Windmill South Peak
Middle Place Windmills Good Sight Peak
Middle Well Williams Ranch
Midway Windmill Hermanas
Midway Windmill Hermanas NW
Millard Windmill Massacre Peak
Miller Ranch Bisbee Hills
Miller Windmill Hermanas NW
Miller Windmill Florida
Mines Windmill Gage
Mongola Windmill Gage
Mountain Well Goat Ridge
Mountain Well Hat Top Mountain
Mountain Windmill Lazy E Ranch
Munson Windmill Antelope Hill
New Windmill Grandmother Mountain East
North Windmill Williams Ranch
North Windmill Grandmother Mountain East
North Windmill Grandmother Mountain West
Northeast Windmill Victorio Ranch SE
Nunn Ranch Good Sight Peak
Nunn Ranch Florida Gap
O’Bryan Windmill Columbus SE
Oil Well Windmill Massacre Peak
P O L Ranch P O L Ranch
Parker Ranch Gage NW
Peach Orchard Windmill Carne
Perrin Spalding
Perry Windmill Goat Ridge
Peru Mining Company Deming West
Pole M Ranch Good Sight Peak NE
Porcher Windmill Bisbee Hills
Pump Windmill Gage SE
Rainbow Windmill Midway Butte
Ramon Windmill Mesquite Lake
Rascon Windmill Columbus
Rimrock Windmill Grandmother Mountain East
Rio Mimbres Country Club Deming East
Round Top Windmill Cow Springs Mountain
Ruckman Windmill Hermanas NW
Rush Windmill Good Sight Peak
Sacaton Windmill Hermanas NW
Sagebrush Windmill Deming East
San Juan Ranch North Peak
San Luis Windmill Cambray
San Pedro Windmill X-7 Ranch
Sand Well Myndus
Schoolhouse Windmill Hermanas
Scott Windmill Hermanas
Separ Windmill Gage
Seven E Windmill Good Sight Peak
Sibley Windmill Grandmother Mountain West
Sidey Windmill Massacre Peak
Silver Avenue Historic District Deming West
Simpson Ranch Myndus
South Windmill Williams Ranch
Southerland Well Hockett
Southern Pacific Railroad Union Depot Deming West
Southwest Windmill Victorio Ranch
Southwestern New Mexico State Fairgrounds Deming East
Spanish Stirrup Ranch Capitol Dome
Spider Windmill Deming East
Steam Pump Well Myndus
Stevens Windmill Grandmother Mountain East
Stringer Ranch Bisbee Hills
Sturley Windmill North Peak
Suman Windmill Lazy E Ranch
Sunshine Capitol Dome
Swope Windmill West Lime Hills
Terry Windmill Hermanas NW
Tidwich Windmill Gage
Tigner Ranch Taylor Mountain
Triangle Windmill Mesquite Lake
Trinity Ranch Cow Springs Mountain
Trouble Windmill Cow Springs Mountain
Tucke Windmill Columbus NE
Turner Windmill Grandmother Mountain West
Upper Windmill Deming East
Upton Site Dwyer
Victorio Ranch Victorio Ranch
West Windmill Gage NW
White House Ranch Sibley Hole
White House Ranch West Lime Hills
Wiese Deming West
Williams Ranch Williams Ranch
Wilson Ranch Massacre Peak
Winden Ranch Nutt
Winder Stock Pens Nutt
Windmill Number 1 Goat Ridge
Windmill Number 2 Spalding
Windmill Number 4 Spalding
Windmill Number 5 Spalding
Windmill Number 6 Spalding
Wolf Windmill Carne
Wright Windmill Good Sight Peak NE
Yates Windmill Antelope Hill

This is a list of all the locales in Luna County, New Mexico. In some cases there are duplicate names so try to select the one you are looking for based on the USGS quad topo map name which is often a recognizable feature or town nearby.