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Topo Map of Locales in Quay County, New Mexico

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Locales in Quay County New Mexico

Place USGS Topo Map
Adams Bard
Adberg Lesbia
Adberg (historical) Lesbia
Alires Windmill Montoya
Baker Quay
Ballew Ranch Hassell
Bar B Ranch Jordan
Barnes Well Logan NE
Barnett Hudson
Bass House
Beevers Forrest
Bell Well Nara Visa
Berrendo Windmill Riley Camp
Best Grady SW
Bethe Windmill Martin Draw
Big Cottonwood Windmill Rock Camp
Blackburn Hassell
Boatman Bard
Bomar Hassell
Bond Logan South
Bond Trinchera Creek
Bowe Ranch Rock Camp
Bradley Doyle Hill
Briscoe Ranch Briscoe Ranch
Brochard Apache Canyon
Brown Tuscocoillo Canyon
Brown Windmill Rock Camp
Buckf Windmill Montesito Creek
Bucks Jordan
Buffalo Windmill Martin Draw
Bugg Liberty Mesa
Bullock Obar
Burks Ranch Cherokee Valley
Burns Nara Visa
Burns Nara Visa
Burns Doyle Hill
Butler Bard
Cameron Weather Station Wheatland
Cammack Cherokee Valley
Caracita Windmill Montoya
Cast Quay
Chalk Well Logan NE
Champion Windmill Bedford Hill
Chandler Windmills Rock Camp
Charley White Windmill Riley Camp
Church Windmill Muniz Canyon
Claer Well Logan NE
Clay Windmill Logan NE
Coggins Camp Sanchez Springs
Collins Ranch Blue Hole
Congdon Well Logan NE
Connel Well Nara Visa
Cooper-Trew Ranch Blue Hole
Cox Ranch Tuscocoillo Canyon
Creek Well Nara Visa
Creek Windmill Riley Camp
Curtis Bascom Camp
Davidson Ranch Riley Camp
Davidson Ranch Circle S Mesa
Dean Ranch Sanchez Springs
Dennis Ranch Bulldog Mesa
Donne Windmills Muniz Canyon
Dourgherty Blue Hole
Dowell Hudson
Duke Apache Canyon
Duke Apache Canyon
Dunn Field
Durham Windmill Riley Camp
Ealen Windmill Tuscocoillo Canyon
East Hackerott Well Nara Visa
East Well Logan NE
Egerton Ranch Kerlin Hill
Eggert Tucumcari
Endee Weather Station Glenrio
Evans Tucumcari
Farmer Ranch Bulldog Mesa
Farrow Ranch Tucumcari SE
Favor Hudson
Ferguson House SE
Fife Tucumcari SE
Fife Ranch Tucumcari SE
Fife Ranch Bulldog Mesa
Fife Windmill Riley Camp
Fifie Bulldog Mesa
Fish Quay
Fish Pond Windmill Montoya
Fish Ranch Circle S Mesa
Flint Bard
Ford Windmill Rock Camp
Fort Kerlin Hill
Garrett San Jon
Garrett Mesa Redonda
Garrison Well Logan NE
Gibson Porter
Gragg Well Nara Visa
Granny Windmill Blue Hole
Gravy Lesbia
Green Tucumcari
Greenhouse Well Nara Visa
Griffith Well Nara Visa
Hackerott Nara Visa
Hadden Ranch Logan NE
Hall Field
Ham Windmill Circle S Mesa
Hardesty Well Nara Visa
Hassell Weather Station Hassell
Hatfield Grady SW
Haufman Cherokee Valley
Haystack Windmill Riley Camp
Headquarters Windmill Montoya
Henry Lesbia
Hill Windmill Riley Camp
Hodges Norton
Horse Pasture Windmill Montoya
Horton Quay
Houghton Well Nara Visa
House Weather Station House
House Windmill Montoya
Howdy Ranch Martin Draw
Hughes Well Logan NE
Hughs Obar
Ima Ima
Ima Community House Ima SE
Ivory Windmill Blue Hole
Jays Well Nara Visa
Jennings Cunavea Basin
Johnson Cherokee Valley
Johnson Ranch Cherokee Valley
Johnson Windmill Blue Hole
Jones Well Logan NE
Jones Well Nara Visa
Jose Briscoe Ranch
Joy Well Nara Visa
Kaufman Ranch Cherokee Valley
Kidder Lockney
Kieth Lockney
Kilgore Briscoe Ranch
King Well Nara Visa
Kinkeed Montoya
Kitchens Forrest
Knapp Well Logan NE
Krilling Ima SE
Kuper Kerlin Hill
Kuper Cherokee Valley
Lackey Windmill Blue Hole
Lawrence Ranch Ima SE
Lawson Jordan
Leak Well Nara Visa
Lears Well Logan North
Leslie Windmill Liberty Mesa
Lewis Hassell
Lindsey Forrest
Little Church Windmill Muniz Canyon
Little Cottonwood Windmill Rock Camp
Lockney Lockney
Logan Weather Station Logan South
Long Place Windmill Blue Hole
Love Windmill Rock Camp
Lyons Cunavea Basin
Maes Lesbia
Mano Windmill Riley Camp
Mater Logan South
McAlister Nara Visa
McAlister Nara Visa
McAlister Well Nara Visa
McCoy Tucumcari
Meeks Logan NE
Meeks Ranch Logan NE
Merrill Ranch Ima
Mesa Windmill Bedford Hill
Middle Windmill Blue Hole
Middle Windmill Bard
Mitchell Forrest
Molyneaux Ranch Tuscocoillo Canyon
Moon Well Nara Visa
Morgan Riley Camp
Morris Well Logan NE
Mowle Hudson
Nelson Obar
New Windmill Blue Hole
New Windmill Sanchez Springs
Newby Lesbia
North Bunk Clay Well Logan NE
North Privo Windmill Cow Canyon
North Windmill Bard
North Woods Windmill Logan NE
Northcutt Ima SE
Northwest Windmill Blue Hole
Obar Weather Station Obar
Oil Well Windmill Muniz Canyon
Ok Windmill Riley Camp
Orbeson Windmill Quay
Osteen Quay
Owen Grady SW
Owens Ranch Bulldog Mesa
Parker Ranch Bulldog Mesa
Parmer Ranch Hassell
Peacock Ima SE
Peacock Ranch Ima SE
Peters Windmill Rock Camp
Pharis Blue Hole
Pickett Windmill Rock Camp
Pinnell Glenrio
Porter Porter
Porter Wheatland
Porter Weather Station Porter
Purcell Rock Camp
Purcell Ranch Rock Camp
Pyatt Tucumcari SE
Pyle Logan NE
Pyle Ranch Logan NE
Quay Weather Station Quay
Ragland Weather Station Ragland
Randal Montoya
Rats Windmill Martin Draw
Red Windmill Cherokee Valley
Reeves Windmill Rock Camp
Registered Windmill Montoya
Revuelto Creek Well Logan South
Riley Camp Riley Camp
River Windmill Martin Draw
Rock Ranch Kerlin Hill
Rodewald Logan NE
Rodewald Ranch Logan NE
Rodewald Well Logan NE
Rush Ragland
Rush (historical) Ragland
Rusk Day Canyon
Salt Well Tuscocoillo Canyon
Salt Well Windmill Montoya
Salt Windmill Rock Camp
Salty Windmill Bard
San Jon Weather Station San Jon
Sand Hill Windmill Cherokee Valley
Sand Windmill Blue Hole
Schneider Ranch Logan NE
Second Trap Windmill Blue Hole
Shaffer Windmill Blue Hole
Ship Windmill Martin Draw
Shiply Hassell
Shoemaker Cunavea Basin
Shoppe Well Logan South
Simms Ranch Hudson
Sissy Windmill Martin Draw
Smith San Jon NW
Smith House SE
Smith Well Tuscocoillo Canyon
Smith Windmill Muniz Canyon
Smithers Windmill Martin Draw
Snake Windmill Martin Draw
South Bunk Clay Well Logan NE
South Privo Windmill Cow Canyon
South Shoppe Well Logan South
South Well Logan NE
South Well Nara Visa
South Windmill Logan NE
South Woods Windmill Tuscocoillo Canyon
Southwest Windmill Blue Hole
Sparks Ranch Ima SE
Stallard Ranch Bulldog Mesa
Stansbury Well Logan South
Stewart Ragland
Stringer Well Logan NE
Stroud Doyle Hill
Sullinger Windmill Logan South
Track Well Nara Visa
Tree Windmill Bard
Troutman Ranch San Jon NW
Twin Windmills Bard
Upton House
Upton Hassell
Urton Ranch Hassell
Ute Dam Weather Station Logan South
Wagley Forrest
Wallace Bedford Hill
Wallace Ranch Bedford Hill
Wallin Porter
Wallin Well Tuscocoillo Canyon
Wallus Quay
Waltman Day Canyon
Ward Well Nara Visa
Wave Wheatland
Weaning Pasture Windmill Montoya
West Circle S Mesa
West Well Tuscocoillo Canyon
Whatley Tucumcari SE
Wheat Windmill Riley Camp
White Logan South
White Ranch Logan South
Williams Ranch Ima SE
Willson Windmill Rock Camp
Woodard Norton
Wooten Ranch Bedford Hill

This is a list of all the locales in Quay County, New Mexico. In some cases there are duplicate names so try to select the one you are looking for based on the USGS quad topo map name which is often a recognizable feature or town nearby.