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Summits in Essex County New York

Place USGS Topo Map
Abes Hill Graphite
Ainger Hill Westport
Alec La Mountain Mountain Clintonville
Algonquin Peak North Elba
Allard Hill Schroon Lake
Allen Mountain Mount Marcy
Antwine Hill Pharaoh Mountain
Armstrong Mountain Witherbee
Armstrong Mountain Keene Valley
Arnold Mountain Jay Mountain
Avalanche Mountain North Elba
Bailey Hill Cheney Pond
Bailey Mountain Au Sable Forks
Baker Mountain McKenzie Mountain
Bald Mountain Clintonville
Bald Pate Eagle Lake
Bald Pate Paradox Lake
Bald Peak Port Henry
Bald Peak Witherbee
Bald Peak Jay Mountain
Bald Peak Rocky Peak Ridge
Baldface Mountain Dutton Mountain
Baldface Mountain Clintonville
Baldwin Hill Franklin Falls
Baldwin Mountain Santanoni Peak
Balfour Mountain Dutton Mountain
Barber Mountain Clintonville
Barnett Mountain Lewis
Bart Royce Hill Westport
Barton Mountain Witherbee
Basin Mountain Mount Marcy
Bassett Mountain Keene
Baxter Mountain Keene Valley
Bear Cubby Keene Valley
Bear Den Mountain Dix Mountain
Bear Mountain Ticonderoga
Bear Mountain Pharaoh Mountain
Bear Mountain Underwood
Bear Pond Mountain Graphite
Beaver Meadow Hill Pharaoh Mountain
Beaver Mountain Dutton Mountain
Beck-horn Dix Mountain
Beech Hill Lewis
Beech Hill Eagle Lake
Beech Hill Schroon Lake
Beede Hill Keene Valley
Belfry Mountain Witherbee
Bennett Hill Eagle Lake
Berrymill Hill Paradox Lake
Big Burn Mountain McKenzie Mountain
Big Church Mountain Lewis
Big Clear Pond Mountain Graphite
Big Crow Mountain Jay Mountain
Big Lawler Mountain Jay Mountain
Big Pidgeon Hill Eagle Lake
Big Pisgah Mountain Bad Luck Mountain
Big Slash Mountain Jay Mountain
Big Slide Mountain Keene Valley
Big Spur Mountain Lewis
Bigelow Mountain Port Douglass
Bigsby Hill Minerva
Billy Mountain Lewis
Bissle Hill Jay Mountain
Bitch Mountain Jay Mountain
Black Ash Mountain Jay Mountain
Black Mountain Clintonville
Black Mountain Keene
Blais Hill Lewis
Blake Peak Dix Mountain
Blanchard Mountain Graphite
Bloody Mountain Eagle Lake
Blue Hill Pharaoh Mountain
Blue Hill Eagle Lake
Blue Mountain Franklin Falls
Blue Ridge Mountain Blue Ridge
Blueberry Cobbles Rocky Peak Ridge
Blueberry Mountain Lewis
Blueberry Mountain Keene Valley
Bluff Mountain Jay Mountain
Boreas Mountain North Wilna
Boreas Mountain Mount Marcy
Boundary Peak North Elba
Breeds Hill Crown Point
Brewster Mountain Bloomingdale
Brown Mountain Keene
Buck Hill Newcomb
Buck Mountain Crown Point
Buck Mountain Underwood
Buck Mountain Dutton Mountain
Bull Hill Jay Mountain
Bulwagga Mountain Crown Point
Burbank Mountain Clintonville
Burns Mountain Port Henry
Burnt Hill Pharaoh Mountain
Burnt Mountain Clintonville
Burt Mountain Clintonville
Burtons Peak Keene Valley
Calamity Mountain Mount Adams
Calkins Hill Lewis
Camel Mountain Underwood
Camels Hump Dix Mountain
Campbell Mountain Elizabethtown
Carey Hill Pharaoh Mountain
Carl Mountain Clintonville
Carney Mountain Clintonville
Carson Mountain Lewis
Cascade Mountain Keene Valley
Cassidy Mountain Clintonville
Cat Mountain Eagle Lake
Catamount Mountain Underwood
Cathedral Rocks Keene Valley
Catlin Mountain Santanoni Peak
Cedar Hill Lewis
Cedar Mountain Bad Luck Mountain
Chase Mountain Rocky Peak Ridge
Cheney Cobble Mount Marcy
Cheney Mountain Port Henry
Clark Mountain Clintonville
Clark Mountain Au Sable Forks
Claybed Mountain Underwood
Clear Pond Mountain Blue Ridge
Clements Mountain Jay Mountain
Cliff Mountain Mount Marcy
Coal Dirt Hill Jay Mountain
Cobble Hill Elizabethtown
Cobble Hill Minerva
Cobble Hill Lake Placid
Colby Mountain Clintonville
Colligan Hill Port Henry
Colvin Range Dix Mountain
Cook Mountain Port Henry
Cooks Mountain Ticonderoga
Coon Mountain Westport
Coot Hill Port Henry
Coot Hill Crown Point
Corliss Mountain Keene
Couchsachraga Peak Santanoni Peak
Crusher Hill Dutton Mountain
Curren Mountain Clintonville
Daby Mountain Au Sable Forks
Death Mountain Jay Mountain
Deer Mountain Rocky Peak Ridge
Deerfield Mountain Clintonville
Desolate Hill Pharaoh Mountain
Dial Mountain Dix Mountain
Dirgylot Hill Blue Ridge
Dix Mountain Dix Mountain
Drake Mountain Port Douglass
Dry Mountain Lewis
Dry Mountain Clintonville
Dudley Mountain Eagle Lake
Dunk Hill Bad Luck Mountain
Dutton Mountain Dutton Mountain
Eagle Eyrie Lake Placid
Eagle Mountain Clintonville
East Hill Keene
Ebenezer Mountain Keene
Echo Mountain Mount Adams
Eisenglass Mountain Keene
Ellis Mountain Au Sable Forks
Elm Hill Vanderwhacker Mountain
Esther Mountain Franklin Falls
Feeder Mountain Underwood
Ferguson Mountain Willsboro
Fernette Mountain Graphite
Fishing Brook Mountain Dun Brook Mountain
Flagstaff Mountain Clintonville
Flat Mountain Rocky Peak Ridge
Fleming Mountain Eagle Lake
Fleury Mountain Lewis
Fordway Mountain Clintonville
Forge Mountain Clintonville
Forks Mountain Dutton Mountain
Franks Hill Pharaoh Mountain
Frenyea Mountain Jay Mountain
Furnace Mountain Eagle Lake
Garvey Hill Lewis
Giant Mountain Rocky Peak Ridge
Goodnow Mountain Newcomb
Goose Pond Hill Pharaoh Mountain
Gooseberry Hill Paradox Lake
Gooseberry Mountain Santanoni Peak
Gooseberry Mountain Keene Valley
Gothics Keene Valley
Grace Peak Dix Mountain
Gray Peak Mount Marcy
Green Hill Elizabethtown
Green Mountain Minerva
Green Mountain Rocky Peak Ridge
Greenough Mountain Underwood
Greenwood Mountain Clintonville
Grizzle Ocean Mountain Graphite
Guideboard Hill Mount Adams
Hail Mountain Eagle Lake
Hale Hill Lewis
Hall Hill Lewis
Hamlin Mountain Au Sable Forks
Hamlin Mountain Wilmington
Hardhack Hill Schroon Lake
Hardwood Hill Jay Mountain
Harper Mountain Westport
Harris Hill Witherbee
Harrison Hill Jay Mountain
Hatton Hill Franklin Falls
Hayes Mountain Minerva
Haystack Mountain Au Sable Forks
Haystack Mountain McKenzie Mountain
Heaven Hill Street Mountain
Hebron Hill Eagle Lake
Hedgehog Hill Schroon Lake
Hedgehog Hill Vanderwhacker Mountain
Hedgehog Mountain Keene Valley
Henderson Mountain Mount Adams
Hennessy Mountain McKenzie Mountain
Hewitt Pond Mountain Cheney Pond
Hiccock Mountain Keene
Hickory Mountain Lewis
Hill Number 8 Eagle Lake
Hoffman Mountain Blue Ridge
Hog Back Mountain Jay Mountain
Hogan Hill Eagle Lake
Hogback Mountain Clintonville
Hoisington Mountain Westport
Holcomb Mountain Rocky Peak Ridge
Hood Mountain Lewis
Hopkins Mountain Rocky Peak Ridge
Hornet Cobbles Blue Ridge
Hough Peak Dix Mountain
Howard Hill Vanderwhacker Mountain
Howard Mountain Underwood
Howard Mountain North Elba
Hurricane Mountain Rocky Peak Ridge
Indian Head Dix Mountain
Iron Mountain Rocky Peak Ridge
Iroquois Peak North Elba
Jackson Hill Rocky Peak Ridge
Jay Mountain Jay Mountain
Jay Mountains Jay Mountain
Jones Hill Blue Ridge
Joseph Mountain Newcomb
Jug Mountain Underwood
Jug Mountain Jay Mountain
Kays Hill Vanderwhacker Mountain
Keeney Mountain Crown Point
Keeton Mountain Clintonville
Kellogg Mountain Dutton Mountain
Kettle Mountain Dutton Mountain
Kilburn Mountain Lake Placid
Kiln Mountain Lewis
Kiln Mountain Clintonville
Knapp Hill Franklin Falls
Knob Lock Mountain Rocky Peak Ridge
Knob Mountain Eagle Lake
Kronks Hill Westport
Laramore Mountain Keene Valley
Lead Hill Ticonderoga
LeClair Hill Blue Ridge
Ledge Hill Schroon Lake
Leland Hill Schroon Lake
Lesperance Mountain Lewis
Lightning Hill Dix Mountain
Limekiln Mountain Jay Mountain
Lincoln Mountain Jay Mountain
Little Beaver Mountain Vanderwhacker Mountain
Little Bluff Mountain Jay Mountain
Little Burn Mountain McKenzie Mountain
Little Canada Paradox Lake
Little Church Mountain Lewis
Little Clear Pond Mountain Graphite
Little Crow Mountain Jay Mountain
Little Deerfield Mountain Clintonville
Little Far Mountain Underwood
Little Fay Mountain Lewis
Little Fordway Mountain Clintonville
Little Haystack Mount Marcy
Little John Mountain McKenzie Mountain
Little Knob Mountain Eagle Lake
Little Lawler Mountain Jay Mountain
Little Marcy Mount Marcy
Little McKenzie Mountain McKenzie Mountain
Little Mount Discovery Lewis
Little Mountain Clintonville
Little Nippletop Mount Marcy
Little Pidgeon Hill Eagle Lake
Little Pisgah Mountain Bad Luck Mountain
Little Porter Mountain Keene Valley
Little Raven Hill Elizabethtown
Little Santanoni Mountain Santanoni Peak
Little Slash Mountain Jay Mountain
Little Spur Mountain Lewis
Little Whiteface Mountain Lake Placid
Lock Mountain Witherbee
Long Sue Paradox Lake
Long Tom Mountain Clintonville
Lookout Mountain Franklin Falls
Lost Pond Mountain Dutton Mountain
Lower Wolfjaw Mountain Keene Valley
Lynch Mountain Port Douglass
MacDonough Mountain Jay Mountain
MacIntyre Mountains Street Mountain
MacNaughton Mountain Street Mountain
Macomb Mountain Dix Mountain
Makomis Mountain Underwood
Marble Mountain Wilmington
Marsh Pond Mountain Blue Ridge
Marshall Mountain Lewis
McCray Mountain Clintonville
McDonnel Mountain Mount Marcy
McGuire Mountain Clintonville
McKenzie Mountain McKenzie Mountain
Meadow Hill Pharaoh Mountain
Merrills Hill Schroon Lake
Mile Square Mountain Underwood
Miller Mountain Crown Point
Mine Hill Crown Point
Moore Mountain Westport
Moose Mountain Eagle Lake
Moose Mountain Mount Marcy
Moose Mountain Santanoni Peak
Moose Mountain McKenzie Mountain
Morgan Mountain Wilmington
Moriah Pond Mountain Witherbee
Morris Hill Franklin Falls
Mount Adams Mount Adams
Mount Alton Lake Placid
Mount Andrew Mount Adams
Mount Colburn McKenzie Mountain
Mount Colden North Elba
Mount Colvin Dix Mountain
Mount Defiance Ticonderoga
Mount Discovery Lewis
Mount Fay Lewis
Mount Gilligan Elizabethtown
Mount Haystack Mount Marcy
Mount Jo North Elba
Mount Lewis Eagle Lake
Mount Marcy Mount Marcy
Mount Marshall Street Mountain
Mount Pisgah Saranac Lake
Mount Redfield Mount Marcy
Mount Skylight Mount Marcy
Mount Tamarac McKenzie Mountain
Mount Tom Witherbee
Mount Van Hoevenberg North Elba
Mount Whitney Lake Placid
Moxham Mountain Minerva
Nances Hill Graphite
Narrows Mountain Paradox Lake
Negro Hill Elizabethtown
Niagara Mountain Dix Mountain
Nippletop Dix Mountain
Nippletop Mountain Blue Ridge
Noble Mountain Rocky Peak Ridge
Noonmark Mountain Keene Valley
North Boquet Mountain Willsboro
North River Mountains Mount Adams
Notch Mountain Clintonville
Nubble Rocky Peak Ridge
Number Eight Hill Pharaoh Mountain
Number Seven Hill Pharaoh Mountain
Number Six Hill Pharaoh Mountain
Nye Mountain Street Mountain
Oak Hill Lewis
Oak Hill Au Sable Forks
Oak Hill Lewis
Oak Hill Lewis
Oak Hill Keene Valley
Oak Hill Rocky Peak Ridge
Old Far Mountain Underwood
Old Fort Mountain Graphite
Old Rang Mountain Clintonville
Oliver Hill Minerva
Orange Hill Pharaoh Mountain
Ore Bed Mountain Clintonville
Otis Mountain Elizabethtown
Owl Pate Paradox Lake
Owl Pate Pond Paradox Lake
Owls Head Pharaoh Mountain
Owls Head Keene Valley
Owls Head Franklin Falls
Owls Head Lookout Rocky Peak Ridge
Owls Head Mountain Keene
Panther Peak Santanoni Peak
Payne Hill Westport
Payne Mountain Willsboro
Peach Blow Hill Westport
Peacock Mountain Street Mountain
Peaked Hill Paradox Lake
Peaked Hill Graphite
Peaked Hills Blue Ridge
Peaked Mountain Jay Mountain
Perkett Mountain Clintonville
Perkett Mountain Lewis
Pharaoh Mountain Pharaoh Mountain
Phelps Mountain North Elba
Phelps Rocks Crown Point
Phinney Hill Westport
Pidgeon Hill Paradox Lake
Pigback Mountain Clintonville
Pigeon Roost Franklin Falls
Pine Hill Lewis
Pine Hill Jay Mountain
Pine Hill Pharaoh Mountain
Pine Hill Pharaoh Mountain
Pine Hill Vanderwhacker Mountain
Pine Hill Schroon Lake
Pine Mountain Keene
Pine Mountain Dutton Mountain
Pinnacle Dix Mountain
Pitchoff Mountain Rocky Peak Ridge
Pitchoff Mountain North Elba
Plank Bridge Hill Pharaoh Mountain
Pokamoonshine Mountain Clintonville
Polaris Mountain Newcomb
Pond Mountain Clintonville
Poplar Hill Schroon Lake
Popple Hill Mount Adams
Porter Mountain Keene Valley
Potash Mountain Jay Mountain
Potter Hill Underwood
Potter Mountain Graphite
Prospect Mountain Port Douglass
Quackenbush Hill Schroon Lake
Quaker Mountain Wilmington
Quinn Mountain Port Henry
Ragged Mountain Au Sable Forks
Ragged Mountain Pharaoh Mountain
Ragged Mountain Blue Ridge
Railroad Hill Eagle Lake
Rankin Pond Mountain Dutton Mountain
Rattlesnake Knob Keene
Rattlesnake Mountain Lewis
Rattlesnake Mountain Port Douglass
Raven Hill Elizabethtown
Red Rock Keene
Rist Mountain Mount Marcy
Robertson Hill Franklin Falls
Rock Pond Mountain Graphite
Rocky Mountain Clintonville
Rocky Peak Rocky Peak Ridge
Roosevelt Hill Vanderwhacker Mountain
Rooster Comb Keene Valley
Round Hill Jay Mountain
Round Mountain Keene Valley
Round Top Keene Valley
Saddle Hill Lewis
Saddleback Mountain Jay Mountain
Saddleback Mountain North Elba
Saints Rest Bad Luck Mountain
Sand Pond Mountain Cheney Pond
Sanford Hill Mount Adams
Santanoni Mountains Santanoni Peak
Santanoni Peak Santanoni Peak
Saunders Mountain Underwood
Saywood Hill Blue Ridge
Scarface Mountain McKenzie Mountain
Schofield Cobble Mount Marcy
Schofield Hill Paradox Lake
Schoolhouse Mountain Lewis
Scotts Cobble North Elba
Sentinel Mountain Keene
Seths Hill Lewis
Seventy Mountain Lewis
Severance Hill Schroon Lake
Seymour Mountain McKenzie Mountain
Shed Hill Franklin Falls
Sheep Mountain Clintonville
Shop Hill Eagle Lake
Sixth Lake Mountain Newcomb
Skiff Mountain Eagle Lake
Slant Rock Mount Marcy
Slash Hill Lewis
Slide Mountain Bloomingdale
Slide Mountain Lake Placid
Smith and Leland Hill Pharaoh Mountain
Smith Hill Westport
Smith Hill Lewis
Smith Hill Blue Ridge
Snow Mountain Keene Valley
Snyder Hill Minerva
South Boquet Mountain Willsboro
South Dix Dix Mountain
Spar Bed Hill Eagle Lake
Spear Mountain Lewis
Spectacle Pond Hill Pharaoh Mountain
Split Rock Mountain Vergennes West
Split Rock Mountain Underwood
Spotted Mountain Underwood
Spread Eagle Mountain Keene Valley
Sprig Mountain Willsboro
Spruce Hill Vanderwhacker Mountain
Spruce Hill Jay Mountain
Spruce Mountain Blue Ridge
Squaw Mountain Blue Ridge
Stanton Hill Westport
Steep Bay Hill Pharaoh Mountain
Stewart Mountain Keene
Stiles Hill Witherbee
Stockwell Mountain Westport
Street Mountain Street Mountain
Sucker Hole Hill Pharaoh Mountain
Sugar Hill Pharaoh Mountain
Sugar Hill Crown Point
Sugar Hill Lewis
Sugarloaf Mountain Port Douglass
Sugarloaf Mountain North Elba
Sullivan Hill Port Henry
Sunrise Mountain Dix Mountain
Sunset Hill Lewis
Sweet Fern Hill Paradox Lake
T R Mountain North Elba
Table Top Mountain North Elba
Taylor Mountain Lewis
The Brothers Keene Valley
The Cobble Mountain Keene
The Dam Hill Pharaoh Mountain
The Pinnacle Westport
Three Brothers Ticonderoga
Three Brothers Mountain Blue Ridge
Three Peaks Street Mountain
Thunderbolt Mountain Graphite
Toll Gate Hill Westport
Toms Hill Jay Mountain
Trainor Hill Westport
Treadway Mountain Graphite
Trembleau Mountain Keeseville
Tripod Mountain Rocky Peak Ridge
Trout Pond Hill Witherbee
Twin Hill Westport
Two Top Mountain Port Henry
U S Mountain Jay Mountain
Upper Wolfjaw Mountain Keene Valley
Vanderwhacker Mountain Vanderwhacker Mountain
Venison Mountain Dutton Mountain
Wainwright Mountain Keene
Wallface Mountain Street Mountain
Walnut Hill Eagle Lake
Walton Mountain Port Henry
Wells Hill Graphite
Weston Mountain Clintonville
Weston Mountain Jay Mountain
Whales Tail Mountain North Elba
Whippie Mountain Willsboro
Whiteface Mountain Lake Placid
Wilson Hill Pharaoh Mountain
Winch Mountain Keene
Winch Mountain Wilmington
Winding Hill Eagle Lake
Wolf Pond Mountain Santanoni Peak
Wolf Pond Mountain Cheney Pond
Woodchuck Hill Paradox Lake
Woods Hill Elizabethtown
Wright Peak North Elba
Wyman Hill Blue Ridge
Wyman Mountain Underwood
Yard Hill Jay Mountain
Yard Mountain North Elba
York Hill Clintonville

This is a list of all the summits in Essex County, New York. In some cases there are duplicate names so try to select the one you are looking for based on the USGS quad topo map name which is often a recognizable feature or town nearby.