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Topo Map of Lakes in Franklin County, New York

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Lakes in Franklin County New York

Place USGS Topo Map
Ampersand Lake Ampersand Lake
Baker Pond Saint Regis Falls
Baker Pond Meacham Lake
Barnum Pond Saint Regis Mountain
Bartlett Pond Upper Saranac Lake
Bass Lake Loon Lake
Bay Pond Bay Pond
Bear Pond Bay Pond
Bear Pond Saint Regis Mountain
Beaver Pond Ampersand Lake
Bens Pond Lake Ozonia
Benz Pond Meno
Bessie Pond Bay Pond
Big Duck Pond Lake Titus
Black Pond Santa Clara
Black Pond Upper Saranac Lake
Black Pond Bay Pond
Black Pond Derrick
Black Pond Saint Regis Mountain
Blue Pond Derrick
Blueberry Pond Ampersand Lake
Bog Pond Saint Regis Mountain
Bone Pond Upper Saranac Lake
Brandy Pond Upper Saranac Lake
Brueyer Pond Stony Creek Mountain
Buck Pond Meacham Lake
Buck Pond Loon Lake
Carp Pond Lake Titus
Carpenter Pond Loon Lake
Cat Pond Bay Pond
Catamount Pond Loon Lake
Chain Lake Saint Regis Mountain
Charlie Pond Ragged Lake
Childs Ponds Owls Head
Church Pond Gabriels
Clamshell Pond Saint Regis Mountain
Clear Lake Saint Regis Mountain
Clear Pond Santa Clara
Clear Pond Meacham Lake
Clear Pond Gabriels
Club Pond Loon Lake
Cooler Pond Gabriels
Copperas Pond Derrick
Cranberry Pond Bay Pond
Daigneau Pond Loon Lake
Dawson Pond Stony Creek Mountain
Debar Pond Debar Mountain
Deer Pond Santa Clara
Deer Pond Derrick
Deer Pond Derrick
Deerfly Pond Ragged Lake
Dexter Lake Lake Ozonia
Diamond Pond Lake Titus
Drain Pond Ragged Lake
Drew Pond Loon Lake
Dry Channel Pond Derrick
Duck Hole Street Mountain
Duck Lake Grampus Lake
Duck Pond Meno
Duck Pond Ragged Lake
Duck Pond Debar Mountain
Duck Ponds Ragged Lake
Eagle Pond Lake Titus
East Pine Pond Derrick
East Pond Lake Ozonia
East Pond Bay Pond
Echo Pond Upper Saranac Lake
Elbow Pond Augerhole Falls
Elbow Ponds Loon Lake
Elm Pond Loon Lake
Figure Eight Pond Brainardsville
First Pond Saranac Lake
Fish Creek Ponds Upper Saranac Lake
Fish Pond Saint Regis Mountain
Fishhole Pond Loon Lake
Fishpole Pond Owls Head
Floodwood Pond Derrick
Follensby Clear Pond Upper Saranac Lake
Follensby Junior Pond Saint Regis Mountain
Follensby Pond Tupper Lake
Forestmere Lakes Saint Regis Mountain
Gourdshell Ponds Lake Titus
Grandmas Pond Gabriels
Grass Pond Santa Clara
Grass Pond Ragged Lake
Grass Pond Upper Saranac Lake
Grass Pond Saint Regis Mountain
Grass Pond Meno
Grass Pond Saint Regis Mountain
Grass Pond Loon Lake
Grassy Pond Meno
Green Pond Upper Saranac Lake
Green Pond Saint Regis Mountain
Gull Pond Piercefield
Haymeadow Pond Mount Matumbla
Heavens Lake Tupper Lake
Heavens Pond Derrick
Hidden Pond Meacham Lake
Hoel Pond Upper Saranac Lake
Hope Pond Debar Mountain
Horseshoe Pond Lake Titus
Horseshoe Pond Upper Saranac Lake
Indian Lake Owls Head
Ingraham Pond Brainardsville
Inlet Gabriels
Jones Pond Gabriels
Kiwassa Lake Saranac Lake
Lake Clear Upper Saranac Lake
Lake Colby Saranac Lake
Lake Duane Lake Titus
Lake Florence Meacham Lake
Lake Flower Saranac Lake
Lake Frances Lake Titus
Lake Kushaqua Loon Lake
Lake Madeleine Tupper Lake
Lake Margaret Meacham Lake
Lake Titus Lake Titus
Lamica Lake Malone
Lead Pond Derrick
Ledge Pond Derrick
Lily Pad Pond Saranac Lake
Lily Pod Pond Ragged Lake
Lilypad Pond Brainardsville
Line Pond Tupper Lake
Line Pond Loon Lake
Little Ampersand Pond Saranac Lake
Little Clear Pond Santa Clara
Little Clear Pond Upper Saranac Lake
Little Colby Pond Saranac Lake
Little Duck Pond Lake Titus
Little Fish Pond Bay Pond
Little Green Pond Upper Saranac Lake
Little Hope Pond Debar Mountain
Little Long Pond Bay Pond
Little Long Pond Saint Regis Mountain
Little Pine Pond Saranac Lake
Little Polliwog Pond Upper Saranac Lake
Little Rainbow Pond Upper Saranac Lake
Little Rock Pond Augerhole Falls
Little Simon Pond Tupper Lake
Little Square Pond Derrick
Little Weller Pond Upper Saranac Lake
Little Wolf Pond Derrick
Long Pond Santa Clara
Long Pond Bay Pond
Long Pond Derrick
Long Pond Saint Regis Mountain
Loon Lake Gabriels
Loon Lake Loon Lake
Lost Pond Ragged Lake
Lost Pond Derrick
Lower Goose Pond Meno
Lower Saranac Lake Saranac Lake
Lydia Pond Bay Pond
Madawaska Pond Meno
Marsh Pond Loon Lake
Marvin Pond Saint Regis Mountain
Maxey Pond Augerhole Falls
McBride Pond Tupper Lake
McCauley Pond Saranac Lake
McCavanaugh Pond Lake Ozonia
McColloms Pond Meacham Lake
McDonald Pond Augerhole Falls
Meacham Lake Meacham Lake
Meadow Pond Saint Regis Mountain
Middle Pond Derrick
Middle Saranac Lake Upper Saranac Lake
Mountain Pond Loon Lake
Mountain Pond Saint Regis Mountain
Mountain Pond Derrick
Mountain Pond Derrick
Mountain Pond Debar Mountain
Mountain Pond Ragged Lake
Mountain Pond Ampersand Lake
Mountain Ponds Meacham Lake
Mountain View Lake Owls Head
Mud Pond Saint Regis Falls
Mud Pond Bay Pond
Mud Pond Meacham Lake
Mud Pond Lake Ozonia
Mud Pond Derrick
Mud Pond Saint Regis Mountain
Mud Pond Loon Lake
Mud Pond Ragged Lake
Nellie Pond Bay Pond
Ochre Pond Saint Regis Mountain
Oregon Pond Bloomingdale
Oseetah Lake Saranac Lake
Osgood Pond Gabriels
Otter Pond Derrick
Otter Ponds Bay Pond
Owl Pond Saranac Lake
Owls Head Pond Owls Head
Panther Pond Stony Creek Mountain
Papoose Lake Owls Head
Pickerel Pond Stony Creek Mountain
Pine Pond Saranac Lake
Pink Pond Derrick
Pitcher Pond Lake Titus
Pitchfork Pond Mount Matumbla
Plumadore Pond Ragged Lake
Polliwog Pond Upper Saranac Lake
Porkbarrel Pond Loon Lake
Potter Pond Augerhole Falls
Quebec Pond Saint Regis Mountain
Ragged Lake Ragged Lake
Rainbow Lake Gabriels
Rat Pond Upper Saranac Lake
Rice Lake Meacham Lake
River Pond Derrick
Rock Pond Mount Matumbla
Rock Pond Derrick
Rock Pond Stony Creek Mountain
Roiley Pond Saint Regis Mountain
Rollins Pond Derrick
Saint Germain Pond Saint Regis Mountain
Saint Hubert Pond Grampus Lake
Saint Regis Pond Saint Regis Mountain
Second Pond Saranac Lake
Seward Pond Stony Creek Mountain
Simon Pond Tupper Lake
Slang Pond Derrick
Slush Pond Saint Regis Mountain
Spectacle Ponds Derrick
Spectacle Ponds Saint Regis Mountain
Spitfire Lake Saint Regis Mountain
Spring Lake Saint Regis Mountain
Spring Pond Lake Titus
Spring Pond Lake Titus
Spring Pond Lake Titus
Spring Pond Mount Matumbla
Square Pond Upper Saranac Lake
Square Pond Gabriels
Star Mountain Pond Meacham Lake
Star Mountain Pond Meacham Lake
Stony Creek Ponds Stony Creek Mountain
Summit Pond Upper Saranac Lake
Sunset Pond Mount Matumbla
Swamp Pond Lake Ozonia
Tamarack Pond Upper Saranac Lake
The Flow Gabriels
The Springs Ragged Lake
Train Pond Lake Ozonia
Tupper Lake Piercefield
Turtle Pond Upper Saranac Lake
Twin Ponds Lake Titus
Twin Ponds Lyon Mountain
Upper Goose Pond Lake Ozonia
Upper Saint Regis Lake Saint Regis Mountain
Upper Saranac Lake Upper Saranac Lake
Ward Pond Meacham Lake
Weller Pond Upper Saranac Lake
West Pine Pond Derrick
Whackers Pond Meno
Whey Pond Derrick
White Lily Pond Ampersand Lake
Whitney Pond Bay Pond
Willis Pond Derrick
Windfall Pond Derrick
Winnebago Pond Debar Mountain
Wolf Pond Ragged Lake
Wolf Pond Augerhole Falls
Wolf Pond Derrick
Wolf Pond Meacham Lake
Woodbury Pond Derrick

This is a list of all the lakes in Franklin County, New York. In some cases there are duplicate names so try to select the one you are looking for based on the USGS quad topo map name which is often a recognizable feature or town nearby.