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Topo Map of Streams in Franklin County, New York

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Streams in Franklin County New York

Place USGS Topo Map
Alburg Brook Brushton
Alder Brook Burke
Alder Brook Alder Brook
Alder Brook Santa Clara
Alder Brook Meacham Lake
Allen Brook Burke
Ampersand Brook Stony Creek Mountain
Bailey Brook Chateaugay
Barnes Brook Owls Head
Beaver Brook Meno
Beaver Brook Grampus Lake
Beaver Meadow Brook Alder Brook
Beaver Pond Brook Constable
Bell Brook Owls Head
Bell Brook Ragged Lake
Big Cold Brook Lake Titus
Black Brook Augerhole Falls
Black Brook Mount Matumbla
Boardman Brook Chateaugay
Branch Brook Malone
Brandy Brook Alder Brook
Brandy Brook Upper Saranac Lake
Brickyard Brook Owls Head
Briggs Creek Fort Covington
Cady Brook Santa Clara
Chateaugay River Brainardsville
Childs Brook Lake Titus
Clear Brook Meacham Lake
Clear Brook Ragged Lake
Cold Brook Bloomingdale
Cold Brook Ragged Lake
Cold Brook Saranac Lake
Cold Spring Brook Fort Covington
Collins Brook Chasm Falls
Conger Brook Santa Clara
Cove Brook Lake Titus
Cox Brook Meno
Crandall Brook Lake Titus
Dan Brook Meacham Lake
Debar Brook Owls Head
Deer Creek Fort Covington
Develin Brook Bangor
Dexter Lake Outlet Saint Regis Falls
Duane Stream Owls Head
Dugway Brook Meacham Lake
Dutton Brook Saranac Lake
East Branch Cold Brook Ampersand Lake
East Branch Deer Creek Fort Covington
East Branch Little Salmon River Bangor
East Branch Saint Regis River Santa Clara
East Branch Trout River Chasm Falls
East Brook Alder Brook
Elbow Brook Augerhole Falls
Elbow Brook Loon Lake
Farrington Brook Bombay
Fay Brook Saranac Lake
Fender Brook Ragged Lake
Fish Creek Saranac Lake
Fishpole Outlet Chasm Falls
Flag Brook Saranac Lake
Flynn Brook Burke
Foster Brook Chasm Falls
Frenchs Brook Franklin Falls
Ghost Brook Bay Pond
Goodnow Brook Meno
Halfway Brook Saranac Lake
Hatch Brook Owls Head
Hays Brook Saint Regis Mountain
Hough Brook Franklin Falls
Humbug Brook Lake Titus
Ingraham Stream Owls Head
Jenkins Brook Meacham Lake
Jenkins Brook Piercefield
Joy Brook Brushton
Lake Clear Outlet Upper Saranac Lake
Leach Pine Brook Lake Ozonia
Limekiln Brook Malone
Lincoln Brook Franklin Falls
Little Cold Brook Santa Clara
Little Salmon River Bombay
Little Trout River Constable
Lyon Brook Bloomingdale
McDonald Inlet Augerhole Falls
McDonald Outlet Augerhole Falls
McKenna Brook Saranac Lake
Middle Branch Trout River Chasm Falls
Mile Brook Santa Clara
Moose Creek Kempshall Mountain
Moose Creek Ampersand Lake
Mountain Brook Mount Matumbla
Mountain Brook Meacham Lake
Mountain Pond Stream Lyon Mountain
Nay Brook Brainardsville
Negro Brook Gabriels
Oregon Brook Loon Lake
Osgood River Meacham Lake
Palmer Brook Stony Creek Mountain
Pike Creek Bombay
Pleasant Brook Santa Clara
Plum Brook Fort Covington
Plumadore Brook Debar Mountain
Plumadore Outlet Ragged Lake
Ragged Lake Outlet Ragged Lake
Rice Brook Meacham Lake
Rickerson Brook Bloomingdale
Roaring Brook Meacham Lake
Rocky Brook Lyon Mountain
Rocky Brook Lyon Mountain
Saint Lawrence River Unknown
Saint Regis River Hogansburg
Salmon River Bombay
Snake Brook Lake Titus
Stony Brook Brushton
Stony Creek Stony Creek Mountain
Tait Brook Ragged Lake
Tamarack Brook Lake Titus
Townline Brook Owls Head
Trout Brook Meno
Twin Brook Meno
Ward Brook Ampersand Lake
Washbourn Brook Loon Lake
Wemette Brook Alder Brook
Wentworth Brook Chasm Falls
West Branch Deer Creek Fort Covington
West Branch Trout River Chasm Falls
West Brook Alder Brook
Windfall Brook Augerhole Falls
Winnebago Brook Meacham Lake
Winslow Brook Chasm Falls

This is a list of all the streams in Franklin County, New York. In some cases there are duplicate names so try to select the one you are looking for based on the USGS quad topo map name which is often a recognizable feature or town nearby.