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Topo Map of Lakes in Herkimer County, New York

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Lakes in Herkimer County New York

Place USGS Topo Map
Atwood Lake Ohio
Baby Lake Morehouseville
Bald Mountain Pond Old Forge
Bear Lake McKeever
Bear Pond Stillwater
Bear Pond Stillwater
Beaver Pond Thendara
Beaverdam Pond Limekiln Lake
Beaverdam Pond Beaver River
Big Burnt Lake Beaver River
Big Chief Pond Eagle Bay
Big Diamond Pond Big Moose
Big Five Five Ponds
Big Moose Lake Eagle Bay
Big Otter Lake Thendara
Big Shallow Five Ponds
Bisby Lakes Bisby Lakes
Black Creek Lake Black Creek Lake
Blackfoot Pond Thendara
Bloodsucker Pond Thendara
Bloodsucker Pond McKeever
Blue Pond Stillwater Mountain
Boyer Lake Morehouse Lake
Brewer Lake McKeever
Brindle Pond Stillwater
Bubb Lake Eagle Bay
Buck Pond McKeever
Buck Pond Stillwater
Buck Pond Nehasane Lake
Buck Pond Big Moose
Bullhead Pond Black Creek Lake
Burp Lake Black Creek Lake
Butler Lake Panther Lake
Cage Lake Oswegatchie SE
Canachagala Lake Bisby Lakes
Cary Lake Big Moose
Cedar Lake West Winfield
Cedar Pond Thendara
Chamber Lake Bisby Lakes
Chub Pond McKeever
Clear Lake Beaver River
Clear Pond Big Moose
Cliff Pond Limekiln Lake
Combs Lake Bisby Lakes
Cotton Lake Black Creek Lake
Covey Pond Beaver River
Cracker Pond Five Ponds
Cranberry Lake Jerseyfield Lake
Cranberry Pond Big Moose
Crooked Lake Beaver River
Cropsey Pond Stillwater
Cross Pond Limekiln Lake
Curtis Lake Ohio
Dart Lake Eagle Bay
Deep Lake North Wilmurt
Deer Pond Wolf Mountain
Deer Pond Stillwater
Desert Pond Oswegatchie SW
Diana Pond Stillwater
Dismal Pond Beaver River
Doe Pond Limekiln Lake
Doe Pond Big Moose
Duck Pond Stillwater
Dwight Pond Old Forge
East Pond Old Forge
East Pond Thendara
East Pond Eagle Bay
Elbow Pond Beaver River
Elbow Pond Beaver River
Emerald Lake Oswegatchie SE
Evergreen Lake Stillwater
Falls Lake Beaver River
Fifth Creek Pond Stillwater Mountain
Figert Lake Ohio
First Lake Old Forge
First Lake Bisby Lakes
Five Ponds Five Ponds
Fly Pond Old Forge
Fourth Lake Limekiln Lake
Fourth Lake Bisby Lakes
Fox Pond Limekiln Lake
Fulton Chain Lakes Eagle Bay
Gal Pond Five Ponds
Gibbs Lake Thendara
Ginger Pond Stillwater
Goose Pond Big Moose
Gooseneck Lake Honnedaga Lake
Granny Marsh McKeever
Grass Pond Stillwater Mountain
Grass Pond Thendara
Grassy Pond Oswegatchie SE
Grassy Pond Five Ponds
Gray Lake Old Forge
Green Lake Old Forge
Green Pond Stillwater Mountain
Green Pond Stillwater
Gregg Lake Stillwater
Gull Lake Thendara
Gull Lake McKeever
Gull Lake Five Ponds
Half Moon Pond Thendara
Hall Pond Limekiln Lake
Hardscrabble Lake Bisby Lakes
Harry Ponds Limekiln Lake
Hawk Pond Beaver River
Hidden Lake Beaver River
Higby Twin Ponds Beaver River
Hitchcock Lake Stillwater Mountain
Hitchcock Pond Stillwater Mountain
Hitchcock Pond Stillwater Mountain
Hitchins Pond Five Ponds
Hog Pond Stillwater
Honnedaga Lake Honnedaga Lake
Horn Lake Honnedaga Lake
Horseshoe Pond Old Forge
Huckleberry Pond Beaver River
Hyde Pond Five Ponds
Independence Lake Big Moose
Jackson Pond Stillwater
Jakes Pond Soft Maple Reservoir
Jenkins Pond Wolf Mountain
Jock Pond Eagle Bay
Johns Pond Limekiln Lake
Kelley Pond Oswegatchie SE
Kettle Pond Limekiln Lake
Kibby Pond West Winfield
Lake Charlotte Hinckley
Lake Easka Thendara
Lake Gay Hinckley
Lake Kan-ac-to Big Moose
Lake Margarite Hinckley
Lake Rondaxe Big Moose
Lake Tamarack Ohio
Lake Te-jec-na Big Moose
Lake Tekeni Thendara
Lennon Ponds Stillwater Mountain
Lily Lake Bisby Lakes
Lilypad Ponds Eagle Bay
Little Birch Pond Big Moose
Little Chief Pond Eagle Bay
Little Crooked Lake Five Ponds
Little Deer Lake Ohio
Little Deer Lake Honnedaga Lake
Little Diamond Pond Big Moose
Little Duck Pond Five Ponds
Little Five Five Ponds
Little Independence Pond Big Moose
Little Metcalf Lake Morehouse Lake
Little Moose Lake Old Forge
Little Mudhole Oswegatchie SW
Little Rock Pond Beaver River
Little Rock Pond Big Moose
Little Safford Lake Big Moose
Little Salmon Lake Morehouseville
Little Shallow Five Ponds
Little Simon Pond Thendara
Little Woodhull Lake Bisby Lakes
Lone Duck Pond Five Ponds
Loon Hollows Pond Stillwater
Loon Lake Beaver River
Lost Island Pond Beaver River
Lost Pond Oswegatchie SW
Lost Pond Big Moose
Lower Beech Ridge Pond Beaver River
Lower South Pond Stillwater
Lyon Lake Stillwater
Lyons Marsh Big Moose
Mad Tom Lake Black Creek Lake
Maple Lake North Wilmurt
Massawepie Pond Oswegatchie SE
Merriam Lake Eagle Bay
Middle Branch Lake Thendara
Middle Settlement Lake Thendara
Middle South Pond Stillwater
Mill Creek Lake Black Creek Lake
Mink Lake North Wilmurt
Monument Lake Honnedaga Lake
Moose Pond Stillwater Mountain
Moshier Ponds Stillwater
Moss Lake Eagle Bay
Mountain Lake Honnedaga Lake
Mountain Pond Big Moose
Mountain Pond Old Forge
Mounts Creek Lake Jerseyfield Lake
Mud Lake Jordanville
Mud Lake Beaver River
Mud Lake Jerseyfield Lake
Mud Pond Limekiln Lake
Mud Pond Beaver River
Mud Pond Morehouse Lake
Mud Pond Bisby Lakes
Muir Pond Five Ponds
Muskrat Pond Stillwater
Negro Lake Nehasane Lake
Nelson Lake Thendara
Nicks Lake Old Forge
Nicks Pond Wolf Mountain
Norridgewock Lake Beaver River
North Branch Jerseyfield Lake
North Branch Lake Black Creek Lake
North Lake Bisby Lakes
North Pond Thendara
Okara Lakes Thendara
Oswego Pond Big Moose
Oven Lake Five Ponds
Panther Lake Old Forge
Partlow Milldam Wolf Mountain
Peaked Mountain Lake Stillwater
Pepperbox Pond Stillwater
Pico Lake Limekiln Lake
Pocket Ponds Big Moose
Quiver Pond Limekiln Lake
Raven Lake Stillwater
Razorback Pond Big Moose
Reeds Pond North Wilmurt
Riley Ponds Five Ponds
Rock Lake Nehasane Lake
Rock Lake Oswegatchie SE
Rock Pond Old Forge
Rock Pond Thendara
Round Pond Old Forge
Round Pond Limekiln Lake
Safford Pond Big Moose
Salmon Lake Beaver River
Sand Lake Oswegatchie SE
Sand Lake Bisby Lakes
Second Lake Old Forge
Second Lake Bisby Lakes
Shallow Pond Stillwater
Silver Dollar Pond Big Moose
Silver Lake Big Moose
Sis Lake Eagle Bay
Sitz Pond Beaver River
Slim Pond Stillwater
Snake Pond Big Moose
Snyder Lake Honnedaga Lake
Soda Pond Stillwater
South Pond Big Moose
Spectacle Lake Ohio
Spring Pond Soft Maple Reservoir
Squash Pond Big Moose
Squirrel Ponds McKeever
Stearns Mudhole Honnedaga Lake
Stink Lake Limekiln Lake
Stone Dam Lake North Wilmurt
Streeter Fishpond Five Ponds
Sucker Pond Morehouseville
Summit Pond Beaver River
Sunday Lake Stillwater Mountain
Sunshine Pond Stillwater
Surprise Pond Eagle Bay
Swan Lake Black Creek Lake
Sylvan Ponds Bisby Lakes
Tamarack Lake Thendara
Tamarack Lake Thendara
Taylor Pond Limekiln Lake
Third Lake Old Forge
Third Lake Bisby Lakes
Thirsty Pond Big Moose
Threemile Vly Morehouseville
Tied Lake Stillwater
Toad Pond Five Ponds
Tom Kettle Lake Ohio
Townsend Pond Eagle Bay
Trout Pond Beaver River
Twin Lakes Black Creek Lake
Twin Lakes Honnedaga Lake
Twin Pond Old Forge
Twin Ponds Stillwater
Twitchell Lake Big Moose
Unadilla Lake Millers Mills
Upper Beech Ridge Pond Beaver River
Upper South Pond Stillwater
Walker Lake Beaver River
Washbowl Five Ponds
Weaver Lake Richfield Springs
West Lake Big Moose
West Pond Thendara
West Pond Five Ponds
West Pond Big Moose
Wheeler Pond Old Forge
Wheeler Pond Thendara
Wheelock Pond Millers Mills
Wheelock Pond West Winfield
White Lead Lake Black Creek Lake
White Pond Limekiln Lake
Why Pond Limekiln Lake
Wilder Pond Nehasane Lake
Willys Lake Beaver River
Windfall Pond Eagle Bay
Witchhopple Lake Beaver River
Wolf Pond Oswegatchie SE
Wolf Pond Five Ponds
Woodhull Lake Bisby Lakes
Woods Lake Big Moose
Young Lake Richfield Springs

This is a list of all the lakes in Herkimer County, New York. In some cases there are duplicate names so try to select the one you are looking for based on the USGS quad topo map name which is often a recognizable feature or town nearby.