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Topo Map of Lakes in Sullivan County, New York

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Lakes in Sullivan County New York

Place USGS Topo Map
Alta Lake Monticello
Amber Lake White Lake
Anawana Lake Monticello
Anawanda Lake Jeffersonville
Baileys Lake Monticello
Balsam Pond Eldred
Barnhardt Pond Lake Huntington
Basket Lake Horton
Beaver Lake Woodridge
Beaver Pond Highland Lake
Beaverdam Pond Grahamsville
Beaverdam Pond Port Jervis North
Beaverman Lake Wurtsboro
Birch Ridge Pond Lake Huntington
Birchwood Pond Highland Lake
Black Lake White Lake
Blind Pond Eldred
Bodine Lake Eldred
Bowers Pond Woodridge
Boyds Pond Highland Lake
Burnt Hope Lake Hartwood
Carlson Pond Roscoe
Chestnut Ridge Pond Lake Huntington
Clarks Pond Narrowsburg
Clear Lake Livingston Manor
Cranberry Pond Willowemoc
Crescent Lake Highland Lake
Crystal Lake Eldred
Crystal Lake Callicoon
Dascher Pond Callicoon
Davis Lake Yankee Lake
Davis Pond Eldred
Dixie Lake Liberty East
Dodge Pond White Lake
East Pond Woodridge
Echo Lake Wurtsboro
Echo Lake Hartwood
Edgewood Lakes Livingston Manor
Evens Lake Liberty East
Fieldston Lake Liberty West
Fiero Pond Wurtsboro
Filippini Pond Lake Huntington
Forest Glen Lake Highland Lake
Forest Lake Livingston Manor
Forestburg Pond Hartwood
Fox Lake Eldred
Freys Pond Eldred
Frick Pond Willowemoc
Gabriel Lake White Lake
Glen Lake Horton
Grassy Swamp Pond Eldred
Grossingers Lake Liberty East
Halfmoon Lake Eldred
Hankins Pond Eldred
Hemlock Lake Hartwood
Highland Lake Highland Lake
Hilldale Pond Liberty East
Hodge Pond Willowemoc
Holp Pond Roscoe
Horseshoe Lake White Lake
Hull Pond Highland Lake
Hunter Lake Lake Huntington
Hunter Pond Willowemoc
Hust Pond Jeffersonville
Indian Field Pond Lake Huntington
Katz Pond Woodridge
Kazens Pond Lake Huntington
Kees Lake Liberty East
Kiamesha Lake Monticello
Kilcoin Pond White Lake
Knickerbocker Pond Livingston Manor
Lake Altamont Wurtsboro
Lake Barnabee Liberty West
Lake Champion Highland Lake
Lake DeVenoge Highland Lake
Lake Florence Roscoe
Lake Huntington Lake Huntington
Lake Jerry Wurtsboro
Lake La Barr Eldred
Lake Metauque Highland Lake
Lake Muskoday Roscoe
Lake Nianque Lake Huntington
Lake Paradise Grahamsville
Lake Superior Lake Huntington
Lake Uncas Livingston Manor
Lees Pond Highland Lake
Lillies Pond Lake Huntington
Lily Pond Willowemoc
Lincoln Farm Lake Livingston Manor
Little Black Lake White Lake
Loch Sheldrake Liberty East
Lochada Lake Pond Eddy
Long Pond Willowemoc
Luxton Lake Narrowsburg
Luzon Lake Liberty East
Lynchs Pond Lake Huntington
Mahls Pond Eldred
Mallory Pond Lake Huntington
Maple Lake Livingston Manor
Mastens Lake Yankee Lake
McAuleys Lake Highland Lake
Melbern Lake Liberty West
Melody Lake Hartwood
Meyers Pond White Lake
Mitchell Pond Damascus
Mohican Lake Highland Lake
Mongaup Pond Willowemoc
Montgomery Lake Eldred
Mud Pond Highland Lake
Mud Pond Roscoe
Mud Pond Livingston Manor
Mud Pond Willowemoc
Mud Pond Lake Huntington
North Pond Willowemoc
Olympus Lake Liberty West
Orchard Lake Livingston Manor
Panther Pond Hartwood
Paradise Lake Livingston Manor
Perry Pond Damascus
Pine Lake Lake Huntington
Quick Lake Livingston Manor
Reichmann Pond Callicoon
Revonah Lake Liberty West
Rock Lake Eldred
Ruddick Pond Hartwood
Sackett Lake Monticello
Sand Pond Highland Lake
Sand Pond Jeffersonville
Schillings Lake Highland Lake
Schumacher Pond Eldred
Shandelee Lake Livingston Manor
Sicans Pond White Lake
Sidwell Lake Highland Lake
Silver Lake Eldred
Silver Lake White Lake
South Wind Lake Grahamsville
Sunset Lake Liberty East
Swamp Pond Eldred
Swan Lake Liberty West
Tennanah Lake Roscoe
The Punchbowl Roscoe
Toasperns Pond Eldred
Toronto Lake Lake Huntington
Treasure Lake Yankee Lake
Trojan Lake Livingston Manor
Trout Lake Hartwood
Trout Pond Hartwood
Trout Pond Eldred
Turnpike Pond Eldred
Tusten Mountain Lake Eldred
Twin Ponds Highland Lake
Washington Lake Eldred
Wells Pond Highland Lake
Welmet Lake Eldred
White Lake White Lake
White Roe Lake Livingston Manor
Wickman Millpond Highland Lake
Wildwood Lake Hartwood
Wohl Lake Woodridge
Wolf Lake Yankee Lake
Wolf Pond Eldred
Woods Pond White Lake
Yankee Lake Yankee Lake
York Lake Eldred

This is a list of all the lakes in Sullivan County, New York. In some cases there are duplicate names so try to select the one you are looking for based on the USGS quad topo map name which is often a recognizable feature or town nearby.