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Topo Map of Valleys in Scioto County, Ohio

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Valleys in Scioto County Ohio

Place USGS Topo Map
Angel Hollow Wheelersburg
Barker Hollow Lucasville
Bean Hollow Wakefield
Bearwallow Hollow Minford
Bellamy Hollow Friendship
Benner Hollow New Boston
Big Doney Hollow Greenup
Birch Hollow New Boston
Blake Hollow Minford
Bland Hollow Friendship
Blue Clay Hollow Pond Run
Boggs Hollow Pedro
Bond Hollow Pond Run
Bowman Hollow Greenup
Bradford Hollow Friendship
Brewery Hollow Portsmouth
Broad Hollow Pond Run
Brown Hollow Pond Run
Burns Hollow New Boston
Butler Hollow New Boston
Buttermilk Hollow Otway
Cave Lick Hollow West Portsmouth
Charred Hollow Pedro
Claylick Hollow Jaybird
Coal Bank Hollow Greenup
Conklin Hollow Pond Run
Cook Hollow Lucasville
Coon Hollow New Boston
Coon Hollow Lucasville
Cotton Eye Hollow Pond Run
Coyle Hollow Wheelersburg
Crane Hollow Friendship
Crowe Hollow West Portsmouth
Cutlipp Hollow Pond Run
Dace Hollow Lucasville
Dan White Hollow Minford
Dark Lick Hollow Greenup
Dead Man Hollow Pond Run
Delaney Hollow Pedro
Dodds Hollow Pond Run
Duncan Hollow West Portsmouth
Dunlop Hollow New Boston
Eli Hollow Minford
Emmett Hollow Minford
Evans Hollow Pond Run
Fen Hollow Rarden
Fort Hollow New Boston
Franklin Hollow Wheelersburg
Gas Hollow Buena Vista
Gates Hollow Greenup
German Hollow Greenup
Germany Hollow Pedro
Germany Hollow Wheelersburg
Ghost Hollow West Portsmouth
Greenbrier Hollow New Boston
Groundhog Hollow Pond Run
Happy Hollow Wheelersburg
Happy Hollow Minford
Harrison Hollow South Webster
Heuter Hollow New Boston
Hiles Hollow Wakefield
Hinkley Hollow New Boston
Hobey Hollow Pond Run
Hockenberry Hollow Lucasville
Hog Hollow Lucasville
Hog Thief Hollow Pond Run
Hogpen Hollow Pond Run
Honey Hollow Otway
Hoosier Hollow Pond Run
Hope Hollow South Webster
Horner Hollow New Boston
Houston Hollow New Boston
Howards Hollow Lucasville
Inskeep Hollow West Portsmouth
Irish Hollow Wheelersburg
Johnson Hollow New Boston
Linetree Hollow Friendship
Lintz Hollow New Boston
Little Cave Lick Hollow West Portsmouth
Little Doney Hollow Greenup
Little Gum Hollow Buena Vista
Long Hollow Pond Run
Long Hollow Friendship
Long Hollow Pond Run
Long Hollow Pond Run
Lower Shaw Hollow Pond Run
Luckett Hollow Lucasville
Mabert Hollow Portsmouth
Mansfield Hollow Minford
Massey Hollow Pond Run
Middle Hollow Pond Run
Mill Hollow Stockdale
Milldale Hollow New Boston
Mudlick Hollow Pond Run
Nail Hollow Lucasville
New Globe Hollow South Webster
Noel Hollow West Portsmouth
Old Globe Hollow South Webster
Opossum Hollow Friendship
Peachorchard Hollow New Boston
Pheasant Hollow Pond Run
Pleasant Valley New Boston
Pond Hollow New Boston
Poplar Hollow Pond Run
Poplar Tree Hollow Pond Run
Possum Hollow Wheelersburg
Pyle Hollow Lucasville
Quitoff Hollow Pond Run
Railpike Hollow Wheelersburg
Railroad Hollow Minford
Rayburn Hollow South Webster
Rhoden Hollow South Webster
Riepenhoff Hollow Wheelersburg
Rock Lick Hollow Pond Run
Rocky Hollow Pond Run
Rosemont Hollow New Boston
Russ Hollow New Boston
Sager Hollow Wheelersburg
Sawmill Hollow Pond Run
Scherer Hollow New Boston
Schuler Hollow New Boston
Shady Hollow Pond Run
Sheep House Hollow Pond Run
Sheep Lot Hollow Pond Run
Sheep Ranch Hollow West Portsmouth
Sheets Hollow New Boston
Shoumberg Hollow Minford
Shumway Hollow Minford
Slate Hollow Pond Run
Smithline Hollow Wheelersburg
Springer Hollow Friendship
Stewart Hollow Wheelersburg
Stout Hollow Minford
Sugar Camp Hollow Minford
Sugar Camp Hollow South Webster
Swanigen Hollow Pond Run
Tarkiln Hollow Pond Run
Terrapin Hollow Wheelersburg
Tick Hollow Wheelersburg
Toms Hollow Rarden
Turkey Hollow New Boston
Upper Shaw Hollow Pond Run
Vinegar Hollow Wheelersburg
Walker Hollow Friendship
Water Hollow New Boston
Webb Hollow Pond Run
Whippoorwill Hollow New Boston
Wildcat Hollow Greenup
Wildcat Hollow Jaybird
Wildcat Hollow Wakefield
Williamson Hollow Pond Run
Zeufle Hollow West Portsmouth
Zorns Hollow Friendship

This is a list of all the valleys in Scioto County, Ohio. In some cases there are duplicate names so try to select the one you are looking for based on the USGS quad topo map name which is often a recognizable feature or town nearby.