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Topo Map of Locales in Coos County, Oregon

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Locales in Coos County Oregon

Place USGS Topo Map
4H Camp Dora
6th Street Tenmile Lake Boat Ramp Lakeside
8th Street Tenmile Lake Boat Ramp Lakeside
A B Crossing (historical) Coquille
Abernathy Station (historical) Dora
Amifer (historical) Dement Creek
Arago County Park Boat Ramp Myrtle Point
Baisen (historical) Coquille
Baker Creek Boat Ramp Powers
Bandon Gun Club Bill Peak
Bandon Sewage Treatment Plant Bandon
Beaver Creek Boat Ramp Powers
Beaver Hill Riverton
Beaver Hill Junction (historical) Coquille
Beaver Lookout Riverton
Beaverton (historical) Riverton
Big Tree Campground China Flat
Binks (historical) Lakeside
Bluebill Recreation Site Empire
Boundary Campground China Flat
Boys Forest Ranch Charleston
Bradley Lake Park Boat Ramp Bandon
Bryant Boat Ramp Myrtle Point
Buck Creek Campground Eden Valley
Bullards Beach State Park Boat Ramp Bullards
Bullards Beach State Park Sewage Treatment Plant Bullards
Butterfield (historical) Lakeside
Byerle (historical) Powers
C C Carter (historical) Myrtle Point
California Boat Ramp North Bend
Camp Easter Seal Trail Butte
Camp Number 2 Eden Valley
Camp Tawanka McKinley
Carman (historical) Powers
Charleson Marina Boat Launch Charleston
Charleston Fishing Pier Boat Ramp Charleston
Cheney (historical) Myrtle Point
China Flat Campground China Flat
Chrome Coquille
Clear Creek Camp Eden Valley
Cleo (historical) Coos Bay
Coal Creek Camp Eden Valley
Coal Creek Campground China Flat
Colby (historical) Powers
Conde B McCullough State Park Boat Ramp North Bend
Coos Bay – North Bend Water Board Shorewood Water Treatment Plant North Bend
Coos Bay City Dock North Coos Bay
Coos Bay City Dock South Coos Bay
Coos Bay Empire Sewage Treatment Plant Empire
Coos Bay Speedway Coos Bay
Coos Bay Wastewater Treatment Plant North Bend
Coos Country Club Coos Bay
Coos County Area Transit Dispatch Facility Coos Bay
Coos County Fair and Rodeo Myrtle Point
Coos County Fairgrounds Outdoor Stage Myrtle Point
Coos County Youth Camp McKinley
Coos River Fish Hatchery Golden Falls
Coos White Cedar Company (historical) Myrtle Point
Coquille Boat Ramp Coquille
Coquille Myrtle Grove State Park Boat Ramp Powers
Coquille Sewage Treatment Plant Coquille
Coquille Water Treatment Plant Coquille
Cordes North Bend
Daphne Grove Recreation Site Illahe
Davis Slough (historical) Coos Bay
Delfit (historical) Dement Creek
Devils Kitchen Bandon
Doris Place Boat Ramp Allegany
Doyle Ranch Bill Peak
Eastside Boat Ramp Coos Bay
Eastside Boat Ramp Coos Bay
Eden Valley Recreation Site Eden Valley
Eel Creek Recreation Site Lakeside
Elk Creek Falls Recreation Site China Flat
Emmons (historical) Dement Creek
Empire Boat Ramp Empire
Fairview Junction (historical) Coquille
Farrin Camp Tioga
Fensler (historical) Powers
Ferris Ford Work Center Illahe
Foggy Creek Camp Eden Valley
Fort Kitchen (historical) Myrtle Point
G H Chaney Logging Railroad Crossing (historical) Coquille
Gaylord Siding Powers
Greyhound Station Coos Bay
Hauser Substation Lakeside
Hayden (historical) Coos Bay
Haydon (historical) Coos Bay
Helon (historical) Lakeside
Horsfall Beach Recreation Site Empire
Horsfall Recreation Site North Bend
Inlet (historical) Coos Bay
Island Recreation Site Illahe
John Topits Empire Lower Lake Boat Ramp Empire
John Topits Empire Middle Lake Boat Ramp Empire
Johnson (historical) Coquille
Kentuck Country Club North Bend
Lakeside Marina Tenmile Lake Lakeside
Lakeside Sewage Treatment Plant Lakeside
Lakeside Water District / Tugman State Park Water Treatment Lakeside
Lockhart Recreation Site Eden Valley
Loon Lake Lookout Elk Peak
Masters Landing (historical) Coos Bay
Maxwell (historical) Coos Bay
McCormac Coos Bay
Middle Creek Recreation Area Dora
Mill Spur (historical) Coos Bay
Mineola (historical) Myrtle Point
Montgomerys Cabin Coquille
Myrtle Grove Recreation Site China Flat
Myrtle Point Sewage Treatment Plant Myrtle Point
Myrtle Point Water Treatment Plant Bridge
Myrtle Tree Boat Ramp Daniels Creek
Myrtlewood Campground Powers
Neal (historical) Lakeside
North Bend Sewage Treatment Plant Empire
North Eel Campground (historical) Lakeside
North Lake (historical) Lakeside
North Lake Resort and Marina Lakeside
North Spit Boat Dock Empire
Old Tioga Camp Tioga
Orchard Park Boat Launch China Flat
Oregon Department of Transportation Boat Launch Dement Creek
Osprey Point Marina Lakeside
Overland Coquille
Peacock Recreation Site Illahe
Pioneer Recreation Site Eden Valley
Pleasant Hill School McKinley
Port Barnum (historical) Coos Bay
Port of Bandon Boat Launch Bandon
Powers Ranch Barklow Mountain
Powers Sewage Treatment Plant Powers
Powers Water Treatment Plant Powers
Reedsport Water Treatment Plant North Bend
Regal (historical) Powers
Riverton Boat Ramp Riverton
Rock Creek Recreation Site Illahe
Rocky Point Boat Ramp Riverton
Rogers (historical) North Bend
Rooke and Higgins County Park Boat Ramp Allegany
Sandtrack Recreation Site North Bend
Saunders Lake Boat Ramp Lakeside
Sea Lion View Point Cape Arago
Shore Acres (historical) Cape Arago
Shutter Landing Lakeside
Sitka Dock Empire
Skeeter Camp Sitkum
South Harbor (historical) Coos Bay
Southport Coos Bay
Southwestern Oregon Community College Poets Eye Outdoor Theatre Empire
Spinreel Recreation Site Lakeside
Sru Lake Campground Illahe
Stave Mill (historical) North Bend
Stonehouse Bridge Boat Launch Allegany
Sturdivant Park Boat Ramp Coquille
Sunlake Marina North Tenmile Lake Trail Butte
Sunset (historical) Coos Bay
Sunset Bay State Park Boat Ramp Charleston
Sunshine (historical) Powers
Tenmile Lake Park County Boat Ramp Lakeside
Tenmile Marina Hoist Facility Lakeside
Timon (historical) Bill Peak
Tioga (historical) Tioga
Tioga Guard Station Tioga
Twomile Bandon
Warner (historical) Dement Creek
Watsonville (historical) Coos Bay
Wild Mare Horse Camp Empire
William Tugman State Park Boat Ramp Lakeside
Wooden Rock Guard Station Eden Valley
Yoakum (historical) Coquille
York (historical) Myrtle Point

This is a list of all the locales in Coos County, Oregon. In some cases there are duplicate names so try to select the one you are looking for based on the USGS quad topo map name which is often a recognizable feature or town nearby.