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Topo Map of Reservoirs in Crook County, Oregon

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Reservoirs in Crook County Oregon

Place USGS Topo Map
Allen Creek Reservoir Mount Pisgah
Amber Reservoir Keys Creek
Ammons Reservoir Logan Butte
Antelope Flat Reservoir Mule Deer Ridge
Antelope Reservoir Six Corners
Aspen Reservoir Wolf Mountain
Barnes Butte Reservoir Prineville
Battle Ridge Reservoir Wolf Mountain
Bear Butte Reservoir Powell Mountain
Beaverdam Reservoir Wolf Mountain
Bee Reservoir Little Summit Prairie
Bellworm Reservoir Powell Mountain
Bench Reservoir Logan Butte
Bentonite Reservoir Keys Creek
Biddle Reservoir Rabbit Valley
Blue Jay Reservoir Wolf Mountain
Bone Reservoir Rabbit Valley
Boundary Reservoir Powell Mountain
Boundary Reservoir Committee Creek
Boundary Reservoir Committee Creek
Brennan Reservoir Angell Butte
Bruner Spring Reservoir Williams Prairie
Buck Reservoir Wolf Mountain
Camp Reservoir Little Summit Prairie
Cary Reservoir Keys Creek
Charity Reservoir Keys Creek
Cinch Reservoir Keys Creek
Clayton Reservoir Six Corners
Clover Creek Reservoir Rabbit Valley
Connell Reservoir Keys Creek
Corner Reservoir Sand Hollow
Corral Reservoir Little Summit Prairie
Cox Reservoir Whistler Point
Cram Reservoir Ochoco Butte
Crawford Reservoir Prineville
Cross Reservoir Keys Creek
Crossroads Reservoir Keys Creek
Crow Reservoir Wolf Mountain
Dead End Reservoir Wolf Mountain
Dick Reservoir Prairie Hill
Divide Waterhole Sand Hollow
Division Waterhole Sand Hollow
Doe Reservoir Keys Creek
Dry Creek Number Two Reservoir Stearns Butte
Dry Creek Reservoirs Stearns Butte
Dry Reservoir Keys Creek
Duck Puddle Reservoir Powell Mountain
Dutch Reservoir Wolf Mountain
Eagle Reservoir Wolf Mountain
Eowyn Reservoir Hardin Ranch
Faith Reservoir Keys Creek
Fawn Reservoir Keys Creek
Flat Reservoir Keys Creek
Fly Reservoir Committee Creek
Foster Reservoir Rabbit Valley
Fox Reservoir Williams Prairie
Frank Reservoir Drake Butte
Freezeout Reservoir Mackey Butte
Frog Reservoir Six Corners
Furnace Waterhole Sand Hollow
Gate One Reservoir Committee Creek
Geodetic Reservoir Paulina
Gill Reservoir Williams Prairie
Gollum Reservoir Angell Butte
Grindstone Reservoir Delintment Lake
Halfway Waterhole Angell Butte
Hawk Reservoir Powell Mountain
Heisler Reservoir Number One Powell Mountain
Heisler Reservoir Number Two Powell Mountain
Hickey Reservoir Williams Prairie
Hole-in-the-Ground Reservoir Committee Creek
Hook Reservoir Little Summit Prairie
Hope Reservoir Williams Prairie
Hornet Reservoir Six Corners
Horse Heaven Reservoir Post
Horseshoe Reservoir Keys Creek
Houston Reservoir Number One Rodman Rim
Houston Reservoir Number Three Brothers SW
Houston Reservoir Number Two Brothers SW
Ibex Waterhole Ibex Butte
Indian Creek Reservoir Keys Creek
Indian Spring Reservoir Keys Creek
Jade Reservoir Keys Creek
Joe Fisher Reservoir Grizzly Mountain
Johnson Creek Reservoir Prineville
Jumbuck Reservoir Rabbit Valley
Juniper Canyon Reservoir Committee Creek
Klootchman Creek Reservoir Pringle Flat
Koch Reservoir Whistler Point
Layton Reservoir Number 2 Angell Butte
Lillard Lake Sand Hollow
Lillard Reservoir Twelvemile Reservoir
Little Basin Reservoir Rabbit Valley
Little Juniper Reservoir Committee Creek
Little Lake Waterhole Hardin Ranch
Logan Butte Reservoir Logan Butte
Long Hollow Reservoir Hardin Ranch
Long Prairie Reservoir Williams Prairie
Looney Reservoir Peterson Point
Lost Spring Reservoir Lookout Mountain
Lower Coyote Reservoir Angell Butte
Lucky Reservoir Williams Prairie
Lutsey Reservoir Committee Creek
Mainline Reservoir Number 1 Arrowwood Point
Mainline Reservoir Number 2 Arrowwood Point
Mainline Reservoir Number 3 Arrowwood Point
Marble Reservoir Keys Creek
Marks Lake Whistler Point
Marshy Reservoir Mud Spring
Meadow Reservoir Little Summit Prairie
Merwin Reservoir Number 1 Liggett Table
Merwin Reservoir Number 2 Rabbit Valley
Merwin Reservoir Number Three Rabbit Valley
Miles Reservoir Six Corners
Mills Reservoir Paulina
Mills Waterhole Ibex Butte
Morgan Reservoir Little Summit Prairie
Mud Reservoir Wolf Mountain
Mudhole Reservoir Committee Creek
Newsome Creek Reservoir Number 1 Mule Deer Ridge
North Fork Reservoir Williams Prairie
O’Henry Reservoir Suplee
Ochoco Reservoir Ochoco Reservoir
Old Faithful Reservoir Committee Creek
Old Lakebed Waterhole Hardin Ranch
Owl Reservoir Rabbit Valley
Packsaddle Reservoir Peterson Point
Palmer Reservoir Mud Spring
Partnership Reservoir Committee Creek
Paulina Reservoir Keys Creek
Peterson Creek Reservoir Williams Prairie
Peterson Reservoir Drake Butte
Pine Creek Reservoir Mule Deer Ridge
Pine Reservoir Keys Creek
Pine Tree Reservoir Powell Mountain
Poley Reservoir Rabbit Valley
Porcupine Reservoir Six Corners
Prineville Reservoir Eagle Rock
Pringle Flat Reservoir Pringle Flat
Reams Reservoir Drake Butte
Reservoir Number Six Sand Hollow
Reservoir Twenty-eight Rabbit Valley
Rickmans Camp Creek Reservoir Number Two Pringle Flat
Rimrock Reservoir Committee Creek
Ritch-Fayne Reservoir Paulina
Roadside Reservoir Keys Creek
Roadside Reservoir Mackey Butte
Robin Reservoir Wolf Mountain
Rock Spring Reservoir Powell Mountain
Ross Reservoir Mount Pisgah
Rough Canyon Reservoir Williams Prairie
Round Prairie Reservoir Williams Prairie
Roundtree Lake Paulina
Ruby Reservoir Little Summit Prairie
Ryegrass Reservoir Hardin Ranch
Santry Waterhole Ibex Butte
Sartain Reservoir Number Two Ibex Butte
Scab Reservoir Six Corners
Section Eight Reservoir Whistler Point
Shale Reservoir Keys Creek
Sheep Reservoir Rabbit Valley
Sheep Rock Reservoir Prairie Hill
Sheepcamp Reservoir Rabbit Valley
Shoun Reservoir Post
Shovel Reservoir Williams Prairie
Shumway Lake Powell Butte
South Dagus Reservoir Sand Hollow
South Fox Reservoir Williams Prairie
Stump Waterhole Angell Butte
Sugar Creek Reservoir Six Corners
Summit Reservoir Maupin Butte
Tamarack Butte Reservoir Wolf Mountain
Tansy Reservoir Keys Creek
Thompson Reservoir Powell Mountain
Thumbtack Reservoir Hardin Ranch
Tohatin Reservoir Committee Creek
Township Reservoir Prairie Hill
Trails End Reservoir Mackey Butte
Twelve Mile Reservoir Twelvemile Reservoir
Twelvemile Reservoir Hardin Ranch
Twelvemile Reservoir Number Four Ibex Butte
Twelvemile Reservoir Number One Ibex Butte
Twelvemile Reservoir Number Three Ibex Butte
Twelvemile Reservoir Number Two Ibex Butte
Twin Springs Reservoir Keys Creek
Upper Coyote Reservoir Angell Butte
Walton Lake Ochoco Butte
Wasp Reservoir Little Summit Prairie
Watson Reservoir Rabbit Valley
Westlake Waterhole Hardin Ranch
Whitney Reservoir Whistler Point
Yancey Reservoir Ochoco Reservoir
Yellowjacket Reservoir Mount Pisgah

This is a list of all the reservoirs in Crook County, Oregon. In some cases there are duplicate names so try to select the one you are looking for based on the USGS quad topo map name which is often a recognizable feature or town nearby.