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Topo Map of Summits in Douglas County, Oregon

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Summits in Douglas County Oregon

Place USGS Topo Map
Abbott Butte Abbott Butte
Abes Mountain Taft Mountain
Ace Williams Mountain Glide
Ambrose Hill Yoncalla
Anderson Mountain Union Creek
Army Hill Winchester Bay
Bachelor Butte Steamboat
Bald Mountain Oak Creek Valley
Baldy Mountain Baldy Mountain
Balm Mountain Toketee Falls
Bartrums Rock Illahee Rock
Basket Butte Lemolo Lake
Beals Mountain Days Creek
Bear Hill Drain
Bear Mountain Mount Gurney
Bell Mountain Yellow Butte
Ben More Mountain Scotts Valley
Bennett Rock Camas Valley
Big Baldy Winston
Big Dutchman Butte Chipmunk Ridge
Big Squaw Mountain Taft Mountain
Birds Point Emigrant Butte
Black Butte Taft Mountain
Black Mud Summit Dixonville
Bland Mountain Milo
Blitzen Butte Mace Mountain
Blue Buck Mountain Yellow Butte
Bob Butte Old Fairview
Boomer Hill Nickel Mountain
Brown Mountain Harrington Creek
Brushy Butte Dixonville
Brushy Hill Winchester Bay
Buck Butte White Rock
Buck Mountain Yellow Butte
Buck Mountain Live Oak Mountain
Buck Peak Lane Mountain
Buckhead Mountain Twin Lakes Mountain
Buckhorn Golden
Buckhorn Mountain Quines Creek
Buckneck Mountain Fish Mountain
Bunker Hill Lemolo Lake
Burg Mountain Roseburg East
Burnt Mountain Old Fairview
Burnt Mountain Burnt Mountain
Butler Butte Butler Butte
Buzzard Rock Mount Gurney
Buzzards Butte North Fork
Camas Mountain Camas Valley
Camel Hump Toketee Falls
Canyon Mountain Canyonville
Cavitt Mountain Quartz Mountain
Cedar Springs Mountain Cedar Springs Mountain
Chilcoot Mountain Chilcoot Mountain
Cinnamon Butte Mount Thielsen
Clayton Point Dumont Creek
Cleveland Hill Garden Valley
Clover Butte Quartz Mountain
Coffin Butte Pickett Butte
Copeland Butte Glide
Cougar Butte Abbott Butte
Cowbell Mountain Ragsdale Butte
Coyote Hill Garden Valley
Coyote Point Acker Rock
Cuttock Butte Curtin
Davis Hill Winchester
Deadman Butte Putnam Valley
Deadman Mountain Deadman Mountain
Dear Mountain Elk Peak
Deer Butte Tiller
Deer Head Point Deer Head Point
Devils Knob Ragsdale Butte
DeVore Mountain Yoncalla
Diamond Rock Richter Mountain
Dickerson Rocks Tenmile
Dickinson Mountain Scotts Valley
Dodson Butte Dodson Butte
Doehead Mountain Twin Lakes Mountain
Dog Mountain Steamboat
Drain Hill Drain
Drake Dune Winchester Bay
Dutchman Butte Dutchman Butte
Eagle Point Sutherlin
Eagle Rock Reston
Eagle Rock Illahee Rock
Echo Butte Winchester
Elbow Butte Lemolo Lake
Elephant Mountain Lemolo Lake
Elkhorn Peak Sugarpine Creek
Evans Butte Sutherlin
Falcon Butte Abbott Butte
Fern Top Scottsburg
Fish Mountain Fish Mountain
Flagstone Peak Acker Rock
Foster Butte Taft Mountain
Garwood Butte Garwood Butte
Gobblers Knob Myrtle Creek
Gobblers Knob Hinkle Creek
Gobblers Knob Mace Mountain
Gold Mountain Mount Bolivar
Granddad Butte Reynolds Ridge
Grasshopper Mountain Buckeye Lake
Grayback McCullough Creek
Green Butte Callahan
Green Butte Cedar Springs Mountain
Green Mountain Drain
Green Mountain Starvout Creek
Green Peak Cedar Creek
Gross Mountain Tyee Mountain
Hamaker Butte Hamaker Butte
Hancock Hill Elkton
Hancock Mountain Elkton
Harding Butte Illahee Rock
Harness Mountain Harness Mountain
Hawk Mountain Ragsdale Butte
Heddin Bluff Kellogg
Hemlock Butte Diamond Lake
Henderson Peak North Fork
Hershberger Mountain Fish Mountain
High Point Oak Creek Valley
Highrock Mountain Fish Mountain
Hills Peak Emigrant Butte
Hob Knob Dumont Creek
Hog Mountain Glide
Hoover Hill Winston
Huckleberry Mountain Silica Mountain
Ike Butte Cedar Springs Mountain
Indian Nose Roseburg West
Iron Mountain Live Oak Mountain
Irwin Rocks Tenmile
Jack Mountain Oak Creek Valley
Jack Point Steamboat
Jackass Mountain Fish Mountain
Johnson Butte Chilcoot Mountain
Kelly Butte Kelly Butte
Kelsay Mountain Lemolo Lake
Kelsay Point Tolo Mountain
Ketchin Butte Bone Mountain
Lane Mountain Lane Mountain
Limpy Mountain Quartz Mountain
Live Oak Mountain Live Oak Mountain
Lookingglass Hill Roseburg West
Lookout Mountain Putnam Valley
Lookout Mountain Steamboat
Mace Mountain Mace Mountain
Marvin Hill Tyee Mountain
McGowan Mountain Rigdon Point
Middle Mountain Burnt Mountain
Milltown Hill Scotts Valley
Morgan Hill Reston
Mount Bailey Diamond Lake
Mount Grayback Baldy Mountain
Mount Gurney Mount Gurney
Mount Isaac Nickel Mountain
Mount Nebo Roseburg East
Mount Obette Winston
Mount Rambler Canyonville
Mount Rose Roseburg East
Mount Shep Tenmile
Mount Thielsen Mount Thielsen
Mount Yoncalla Drain
Mud Lake Mountain Fish Creek Desert
Mule Hill Ragsdale Butte
Mule Peak Tolo Mountain
Murry Hill Harness Mountain
Nickel Mountain (historical) Nickel Mountain
Ninemile Mountain Dutchman Butte
O’Neill Butte Tiller
OK Butte Quartz Mountain
Old Blue Old Blue
Old Fairview Old Fairview
Panther Butte McCullough Creek
Patrick Mountain Starvout Creek
Perry Butte Toketee Falls
Pickett Butte Pickett Butte
Pig Iron Mountain Potter Mountain
Pine Point Illahee Rock
Porter Hill Tenmile
Potter Mountain Potter Mountain
Prince Albert Yellow Butte
Quartz Mountain Quartz Mountain
Quartz Point Illahee Rock
Quartzmill Peak King Mountain
Rabbit Ears Fish Mountain
Rabbit Mountain Rabbit Mountain
Ragged Butte Illahee Rock
Rainy Peak Old Blue
Rattlesnake Mountain Fish Mountain
Raven Rock Twin Lakes Mountain
Red Butte Red Butte
Red Cinder Butte Tolo Mountain
Red Hill Garden Valley
Red Hill Scotts Valley
Red Mountain Cedar Springs Mountain
Redford Butte Curtin
Redmans Tooth Steamboat
Reynolds Butte Reynolds Ridge
Rice Hill Yoncalla
Richards Butte Winchester
Richter Mountain Richter Mountain
Rigdon Point Rigdon Point
Riser Butte White Rock
Roberts Mountain Myrtle Creek
Rodley Butte Diamond Lake
Roman Nose Mountain Roman Nose Mountain
Rondeau Butte Tiller
Round Timber Oak Creek Valley
Round Top Oak Creek Valley
Saddle Butte Elkton
Sampson Butte Red Butte
Sawtooth Mountain Cowhorn Mountain
Scott Mountain Glide
Sevenmile Hill Harness Mountain
Sheep Hill Drain
Sheep Hill Myrtle Creek
Sherwood Butte Hamaker Butte
Shivigny Mountain Old Fairview
Silica Mountain Silica Mountain
Silver Butte McCullough Creek
Skull Mountain Yoncalla
Snow Peak Silica Mountain
Snowbird Mountain Quartz Mountain
Spike Buck Butte Curtin
Spring Mountain Illahee Rock
Steamboat Point Steamboat
Swan Hill Roseburg West
Sweet Point Yoncalla
Table Mountain Live Oak Mountain
Taft Mountain Taft Mountain
Tallow Butte Butler Butte
Tater Hill Deadman Mountain
Tellurium Peak Canyonville
Tenas Peak Tolo Mountain
The Buttes Hinkle Creek
The Island Smith River Falls
Thirsty Point Tolo Mountain
Thorn Mountain Toketee Falls
Threehorn Mountain Richter Mountain
Thunder Mountain Mace Mountain
Times Square Rock Acker Rock
Tipsoo Peak Mount Thielsen
Tolo Mountain Tolo Mountain
Tom Folley Mountain Putnam Valley
Trap Mountain Garwood Butte
Turkey Hill Sutherlin
Twin Knobs Pumice Desert West
Twin Lakes Mountain Twin Lakes Mountain
Twin Sisters Trail Butte
Tyee Mountain Tyee Mountain
Wards Butte Curtin
Warm Spring Butte Emigrant Butte
Watson Butte Potter Mountain
Watson Mountain Glide
Weaver Mountain Fish Mountain
Wild Horse Oak Creek Valley
Wild Rose Point Illahee Rock
Winchester Baldy Winchester
Windigo Butte Tolo Mountain
Wits End Mount Thielsen
Wolf Peak Union Creek
Woodruff Mountain Garden Valley
Yellow Butte Hinkle Creek
Yellow Butte Yellow Butte
Yellow Creek Mountain Tyee Mountain
Yellow Point Gunter

This is a list of all the summits in Douglas County, Oregon. In some cases there are duplicate names so try to select the one you are looking for based on the USGS quad topo map name which is often a recognizable feature or town nearby.