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Topo Map of Springs in Jefferson County, Oregon

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Springs in Jefferson County Oregon

Place USGS Topo Map
Abbot Butte Spring Candle Creek
Adams Spring Gray Butte
Alder Spring Prairie Farm Spring
Anderson Spring Ashwood
Anderson Springs Brewer Reservoir
Axehandle Spring Axehandle Butte
Beachkomb Spring Metolius Bench
Bear Spring Little Akawa Butte
Bills Spring Foley Butte
Bishop Spring Buck Butte
Bostick Spring Willowdale
Box Springs Horse Heaven Creek
Broken Shovel Spring Sandrock Mountain
Buttercup Spring Horse Heaven Creek
Canyon Spring Buck Butte
Carter Spring Willowdale
Cherry Spring Sandrock Mountain
Clarke Springs Ashwood
Cold Spring Candle Creek
Cold Springs Black Butte
Cottonwood Spring Degner Canyon
Cottonwood Spring Buck Butte
Cottonwood Springs Teller Butte
Cougar Spring Candle Creek
County Trough Spring Ashwood
Daisy Spring Seekseequa Junction
Dave Ike Spring Round Butte Dam
Degner Spring Degner Canyon
Douthit Spring Three Fingered Jack
East Springer Spring Opal City
Eleven Spring Foley Butte
Hatfield Spring Teller Butte
Head of the Metolius Black Butte
Hunter Spring Teller Butte
Juniper Spring Buck Butte
Keller Cabin Spring Opal Mountain
Kings Gap Spring Gray Butte
Lake Camp Springs Teller Butte
Larson Spring Buck Butte
Lava Spring Marion Lake
Lee Woods Spring Ashwood
Lithgow Spring Gray Butte
Log House Spring Sandrock Mountain
Lower Bennett Spring Buck Butte
Lower Cyrus Spring Gray Butte
Lower Pine Ridge Spring Gray Butte
Lower Skull Hollow Spring Gray Butte
Lower Spring Degner Canyon
Mackatie Spring Teller Butte
McCorkle Spring Ashwood
McMeen Spring Buck Butte
Meralle Spring Opal City
Metolius Spring Black Butte
Monner Spring Madras East
Newell Spring Teller Butte
Nichols Spring Opal City
North Combs Spring Buck Butte
Offatt Spring Ashwood
Oler Spring Sandrock Mountain
Opal Springs Steelhead Falls
Osborne Spring Opal City
Owl Spring Boulder Lake
Parkey Springs Buck Butte
Peters Spring Metolius Bench
Pine Spring Sandrock Mountain
Pipp Spring Seekseequa Junction
Prairie Farm Spring Prairie Farm Spring
Pump Spring Ashwood
Rail Spring Foley Butte
Rainbow Trough Spring Foley Butte
Red Top Spring Gray Butte
Roaring Spring Candle Creek
Rodman Spring Gray Butte
Ryegrass Spring Ashwood
Sampson Spring Ashwood
Sand Spring Horse Heaven Creek
Sandrock Springs Sandrock Mountain
Schmoker Spring Madras East
Seekseequa Spring Shitike Butte
Seymore Springs Potters Ponds
Six Creek Spring Prairie Farm Spring
Squeeksville Spring Metolius Bench
Sugarpine Spring Candle Creek
Summit Spring Little Akawa Butte
Sumner Spring Gray Butte
Symentire Spring Warm Springs
Thorn Spring Little Akawa Butte
Tohet Spring Warm Springs
Tub Springs Degner Canyon
Two Springs Candle Creek
Upper Bennett Spring Buck Butte
Upper Cyrus Spring Gray Butte
Upper Pine Ridge Spring Gray Butte
Whiskey Spring Little Akawa Butte
Whisky Spring Teller Butte
White Rock Spring Sandrock Mountain
Windy Brown Spring Teller Butte
Wizzard Falls Spring Candle Creek
Wright Spring Ashwood

This is a list of all the springs in Jefferson County, Oregon. In some cases there are duplicate names so try to select the one you are looking for based on the USGS quad topo map name which is often a recognizable feature or town nearby.