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Topo Map of Streams in Jefferson County, Oregon

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Streams in Jefferson County Oregon

Place USGS Topo Map
Abbot Creek Prairie Farm Spring
Alder Spring Creek Prairie Farm Spring
Amity Creek Axehandle Butte
Antelope Creek Willowdale
Auger Creek Opal Mountain
Awbrey Creek Brewer Reservoir
Barber Creek Dutchman Creek
Bean Creek Metolius Bench
Bear Valley Creek Candle Creek
Beaver Creek Axehandle Butte
Big Log Creek Dutchman Creek
Big Whetstone Creek Axehandle Butte
Brush Creek Candle Creek
Cabot Creek Candle Creek
Cache Creek Shitike Butte
Camp Creek Shitike Butte
Campbell Creek Madras West
Candle Creek Prairie Farm Spring
Canyon Creek Candle Creek
Cartwright Creek Dutchman Creek
Cherry Creek Muddy Ranch
Clover Creek Axehandle Butte
Code Creek Shitike Butte
Coon Creek Brewer Reservoir
Crooked River Round Butte Dam
Cultus Creek Axehandle Butte
Davis Creek Black Butte
Dodds Creek Stephenson Mountain
Drift Creek Metolius Bench
Dry Creek Eagle Butte
Dry Creek Teller Butte
Dry Creek Degner Canyon
Dry Creek Sandrock Mountain
First Creek Black Butte
Fly Creek Fly Creek
Foley Creek Dutchman Creek
Gooseberry Creek Axehandle Butte
Gray Butte Creek Buck Butte
Hawley Creek Horse Heaven Creek
Hay Creek Willowdale
Higgins Creek Foley Butte
Horse Creek Sandrock Mountain
Horse Heaven Creek Horse Heaven Creek
Indian Creek Degner Canyon
Jack Creek Black Butte
Jefferson Creek Prairie Farm Spring
Jim Creek Brewer Reservoir
Juniper Creek Degner Canyon
Juniper Creek Round Butte Dam
Lake Creek Black Butte
Link Creek Three Fingered Jack
Lionshead Creek Lionshead
Little Muddy Creek Arrastra Butte
Little Trout Creek Degner Canyon
Little Whetstone Creek Axehandle Butte
Little Willow Creek Teller Butte
Mariel Creek Prairie Farm Spring
Martin Creek Dutchman Creek
McMeen Creek Buck Butte
Meadow Creek Prairie Farm Spring
Metolius River Round Butte Dam
Middle Fork Lake Creek Black Butte
Middle Fork Street Creek Prairie Farm Spring
Milk Creek Lionshead
Mud Springs Creek Gateway
Newbill Creek Brewer Reservoir
North Fork Bean Creek Prairie Farm Spring
North Fork Boulder Creek Sawmill Butte
North Fork Lake Creek Black Butte
North Fork Spring Creek Prairie Farm Spring
North Fork Street Creek Prairie Farm Spring
Opal Creek Opal Mountain
Parker Creek Lionshead
Pine Creek Sandrock Mountain
Pine Creek Ashwood
Pony Creek Willowdale
Potlid Creek Opal Mountain
Prairie Farm Creek Fly Creek
Racing Creek Shitike Butte
Rainy Creek Shitike Butte
Roaring Creek Candle Creek
Ross Creek Muddy Ranch
Sagebrush Creek Gateway
Seekseequa Creek Madras West
Sheep Creek Prairie Farm Spring
Shitike Creek Eagle Butte
Six Creek Fly Creek
South Amity Creek Horse Heaven Creek
South Fork Bean Creek Prairie Farm Spring
South Fork Boulder Creek Sawmill Butte
South Fork Lake Creek Black Butte
South Fork Seekseequa Creek Seekseequa Junction
South Fork Spring Creek Prairie Farm Spring
South Fork Street Creek Prairie Farm Spring
Spring Creek Fly Creek
Spring Creek Black Butte
Street Creek Fly Creek
Studhorse Creek Dutchman Creek
Teller Creek Teller Butte
Tenino Creek Warm Springs
Thompson Creek Axehandle Butte
Trout Creek Gateway
Turner Creek Hensley Butte
Walker Creek Prairie Farm Spring
Whitewater River Shitike Butte
Whychus Creek Steelhead Falls
Willow Creek Madras West
Wilson Creek Teller Butte
Wyman Creek Sandrock Mountain

This is a list of all the streams in Jefferson County, Oregon. In some cases there are duplicate names so try to select the one you are looking for based on the USGS quad topo map name which is often a recognizable feature or town nearby.