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Topo Map of Valleys in Wallowa County, Oregon

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Valleys in Wallowa County Oregon

Place USGS Topo Map
Adams Canyon Imnaha
Alford Gulch Roberts Butte
Alkali Canyon Fox Point
Allen Canyon Evans
Applegate Canyon Flora
Arkansas Hollow Elk Mountain
Bailey Canyon Imnaha
Baker Canyon Fox Point
Baker Canyon Elk Mountain
Baker Gulch Table Mountain
Bear Gulch Clear Lake Ridge
Big Camp Canyon Imnaha
Big Canyon Cactus Mountain
Big Canyon Minam
Big Canyon Billy Meadows
Big Hole Canyon Elbow Creek
Bird Canyon Clear Lake Ridge
Boner Gulch Roberts Butte
Box Canyon Three Lakes Country
Brooks Draw Flora
Brown Canyon Imnaha
Brushy Gulch Paradise
Buckaroo Gulch Fingerboard Saddle
Buckpasture Gulch Grave Point
Burcher Canyon Imnaha
Burnt Canyon Eden Ridge
Cache Canyon Lord Flat
Chaffer Canyon Jim Creek Butte
China Gulch Cactus Mountain
Cold Canyon Sheep Creek Divide
Cold Canyon Clear Lake Ridge
Cold Spring Gulch Teepee Butte
Coon Hollow Jim Creek Butte
Cougar Canyon Wenaha Forks
Coyote Gulch Cactus Mountain
Crooked Canyon Haas Hollow
Cross Canyon Eden Ridge
Cumming Gulch Harl Butte
Deadman Canyon Deadman Point
Deadman Gulch Greenwood Butte
Devils Gulch Clear Lake Ridge
Division Gulch Mount Moriah
Dixie Jett Gulch Harl Butte
Doe Gulch Roberts Butte
Downey Gulch Jim Creek Butte
Downey Gulch Clear Lake Ridge
Dry Gulch Temperance Creek
Dry Gulch Troy
Dry Gulch Lord Flat
Echo Canyon Lick Creek
Elkhorn Gulch Teepee Butte
Ellis Canyon Billy Meadows
Fence Gulch Cactus Mountain
Fingerboard Gulch Fingerboard Saddle
Fir Tree Canyon Jim Creek Butte
French Gulch Billy Meadows
Gailord Gulch Jim Creek Butte
Garden Gulch Wallowa
Goebel Canyon Wallowa
Gould Gulch Roberts Butte
Grand Canyon of the Snake River Grave Point
Granite Gulch Steamboat Lake
Haas Hollow Haas Hollow
Hays Canyon Wallowa
Hays Gulch Sleepy Ridge
Hilliker Gulch Deadhorse Ridge
Hilton Gulch Poison Point
Horse Gulch Clear Lake Ridge
Imbler Gulch Imnaha
Jenny Corral Gulch Jim Creek Butte
Johnson Canyon Roberts Butte
Joseph Canyon Black Butte
Keener Gulch Puderbaugh Ridge
Knapper Gulch Haas Hollow
Kuhn Canyon Wood Butte
Leggett Gulch Jaynes Ridge
Lent Canyon Teepee Butte
Little Courtney Canyon Troy
Lower Trail Canyon Troy
McCarty Gulch Greenwood Butte
Minor Gulch Sherod Meadows
Moody Basin Deadman Point
Needham Gulch Harl Butte
Neil Canyon Jaynes Ridge
Nells Canyon Roberts Butte
OK Gulch Joseph NW
Pileup Canyon Haas Hollow
Pine Tree Gulch Joseph NW
Pole Patch Canyon Table Mountain
Rail Canyon Kinney Lake
Reagan Gulch Akers Butte
Rheumatiz Gulch Sleepy Ridge
Road Canyon Jaynes Ridge
Road Gulch Jim Creek Butte
Robinson Gulch Cactus Mountain
Rocky Hollow Joseph NW
Romaine Gulch Greenwood Butte
Rowley Gulch Fingerboard Saddle
Roy Canyon Fingerboard Saddle
Saddle Gulch Sleepy Ridge
Saddle Gulch Jaynes Ridge
Schleur Gulch Fingerboard Saddle
Shadow Canyon Jaynes Ridge
Shuman Canyon Troy
Simmons Draw Sherod Meadows
Slack Canyon Elk Mountain
Slaughter Gulch Temperance Creek
Smooth Gulch Jim Creek Butte
Smooth Gulch Fingerboard Saddle
Smooth Hollow Old Timer Mountain
Sprague Gulch Imnaha
Squaw Canyon Troy
Sterling Gulch Greenwood Butte
Stickney Gulch Imnaha
Tamarack Canyon Akers Butte
Tamarack Gulch Zumwalt
Telephone Gulch Billy Meadows
Thorn Hollow Table Mountain
TNT Gulch Poison Point
Toomey Gulch Deadhorse Ridge
Trail Canyon Wood Butte
Trail Gulch Cactus Mountain
Trap Canyon Table Mountain
Trough Gulch Deadhorse Ridge
Vance Draw Deadhorse Ridge
Vance Draw Zumwalt
Vawter Canyon Table Mountain
Veats Draw Zumwalt
Wade Gulch Lostine
Ward Canyon Eden Ridge
Warnock Gulch Greenwood Butte
Water Canyon Wallowa
Weaver Canyon Imnaha
Whitmore Canyon Troy
Wild Canyon Poison Point
Windy Hell Canyon Sleepy Ridge
Winters Gulch Fingerboard Saddle
Wolf Canyon Three Lakes Country

This is a list of all the valleys in Wallowa County, Oregon. In some cases there are duplicate names so try to select the one you are looking for based on the USGS quad topo map name which is often a recognizable feature or town nearby.