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Locales in Wasco County Oregon

Place USGS Topo Map
Annalore (historical) Dufur West
Axford (historical) Kaskela
Badger Corral Hehe Butte
Barlow Creek Recreation Site Wapinitia Pass
Barlow Crossing Recreation Site Post Point
Bear Paw Forest Camp Wapinitia Pass
Bear Springs Ranger Station (historical) Beaver Butte
Bear Springs Recreation Site Beaver Butte
Big Eddy (historical) Petersburg
Big Eddy Substation Petersburg
Bonney Crossing Flag Point
Bonney Crossing Recreation Site Flag Point
Boulder Corral Potters Ponds
Boundary Log Scaling Station Foreman Point
Brookhouse Emerson
C and F Orchards The Dalles South
Cambrai Maupin
Camp Baldwin Fivemile Butte
Camp Cody Rock Creek Reservoir
Camp Friend Flag Point
Camp Morrow Wamic
Cascade Hyland Resort Friend
Cedar Burn Camp Wapinitia Pass
Celilo Converter Station Petersburg
Charley Corral Mutton Mountain
Chatfield (historical) Lyle
Chenoweth Substation The Dalles North
Clear Creek Crossing Recreation Site Post Point
Clear Lake Campground Boat Launch Wapinitia Pass
Clear Lake Recreation Site Wapinitia Pass
Cold Camp Antelope
Columbia Hall Emerson
Cove Camp Kaskela
Cove Creek (historical) Kaskela
Cow Canyon Safety Rest Area Willowdale
Crane Creek Forest Camp Post Point
Crates The Dalles North
Crates Point Light The Dalles North
Cross Hollows Shaniko Summit
Dahl Pine Foreman Point
Des Chutes (historical) Wishram
Dike Erskine
Dillon (historical) Wishram
Dixon Dant
Douglas Hollow School Emerson
Dufur Sewage Treatment Plant Dufur East
Dune Stacker Butte
Eagle Springs Corral Mutton Mountain
Eightmile Crossing Recreation Site Fivemile Butte
Faith Spring Forest Camp Post Point
Fifteen Mile Recreation Site Flag Point
Fivemile Lock Light Stacker Butte
Flanagan Dead Dog Canyon
Foley Orchard The Dalles South
Forest Creek Recreation Site Post Point
Fort Dalles Rodeo Grounds The Dalles South
Four Corners Simnasho
Freebridge Emerson
Frog Lake Recreation Site Wapinitia Pass
Grindstone Recreation Site Wapinitia Pass
Hardy Kaskela
Hardy Ranch Kaskela
Harpham Flat Boat Launch Maupin
Hazel Dell Orchards The Dalles South
Hehe Mill Rodeo Grounds Hehe Butte
Heritage Landing Wishram
Hickeyville Wapinitia Pass
High Bridge The Dalles North
Hinton-Ward Ranch Shaniko
Ince Camp (historical) Arrastra Butte
Irvine (historical) Gateway
Island Windmill Hehe Butte
Jersey (historical) Gateway
Kah-Nee-Ta Resort Eagle Butte
Kaskela Kaskela
Keen Camp Post Point
Keeps Mill (historical) Post Point
Keeps Mill Recreation Site Post Point
Kelsey (historical) Macken Canyon
Ketchum Ranch Ketchum Reservoir
Kishwalks Simnasho
Kloan (historical) Emerson
Knebal Spring Recreation Site Fivemile Butte
Lace Camp Arrastra Butte
Lewis and Clark Memorial The Dalles South
Little Badger Recreation Site Friend
Lockit Erskine
Lower Eightmile Crossing Recreation Site Fivemile Butte
Lower Twin Campground Wapinitia Pass
Maupin City Park Boat Launch Maupin
Maupin Station (historical) Maupin
Maupin Wastewater Treatment Plant Maupin
Mayer State Park Boat Ramp Lyle
McCubbins Gulch Recreation Site Foreman Point
McKinley Corral Eagle Butte
McLennon (historical) Dant
Memaloose Safety Rest Area Lyle
Mess House (historical) Stacker Butte
Middle Camp Hastings Peak
Moody Wishram
Mosier Wastewater Treatment Plant White Salmon
Muddy Ranch Muddy Ranch
Mutton Mountain Corral Mutton Mountain
Nansene Community Hall Dufur East
Neabeck (historical) Emerson
Nena Dant
North Junction Kaskela
Oak Springs Maupin
Oak Springs (historical) Maupin
Oakbrook Sinamox
Old Mill Camp Sawmill Butte
Orchid Camp The Dalles South
Oregon Agricultural Experiment Station Petersburg
Oregon Trunk Junction Wishram
Pebble Ford Recreation Site Fivemile Butte
Pine Hollow Reservoir Boat Ramp South Wamic
Pine Hollow Reservoir Lakeside Resort Boat Ramp Wamic
Port of the Dalles The Dalles South
Port of The Dalles Marina Boat Ramp The Dalles South
Post Camp Recreation Site Post Point
Potters Camp Mount Wilson
Ramsey Hall Dufur West
Rice (historical) Petersburg
Robinson Picnic Area Beaver Butte
Rock Creek Campground Boat Ramp Rock Creek Reservoir
Rock Creek Recreation Site Foreman Point
Rock Creek Reservoir Campground Rock Creek Reservoir
Rock Creek Reservoir Work Center Rock Creek Reservoir
Rooper Ranch Shaniko Summit
Ryan Corner The Dalles South
Saddle Camp Ketchum Reservoir
Sandy Beach Boat Launch Maupin
Seufert (historical) Petersburg
Shaniko Junction Shaniko Junction
Sherar Sherars Bridge
Sherars Bridge Sherars Bridge
Sidwalter Corral Potters Ponds
Sinamox Sinamox
Sorefoot Ranch Hastings Peak
South Junction Gateway
Steeds Crossing Flag Point
Suppah Windmill Simnasho
Taylorville (historical) Wolf Run
The Dalles Columbia Gorge Water System The Dalles North
The Dalles Country Club The Dalles North
The Dalles Substation The Dalles South
The Dalles Transportation Network The Dalles South
The Dalles Wastewater Treatment Plant The Dalles South
The Dalles Wicks Water Treatment Plant Brown Creek
Three Springs (historical) Dufur West
Tumwater (historical) Wishram
Tuskan Maupin
Two Springs (historical) Dant
Two Springs Ranch Dant
Tygh Valley Fairgrounds Postage Stamp Butte
Underhill Recreation Site Fivemile Butte
Wamic Water and Sewer Authority Wamic
Warm Springs Cabin Pinhead Buttes
Warm Springs Junction Post Point
Wasco County Fairgrounds Postage Stamp Butte
Wasco Guard Station Brown Creek
Wasco Lookout Brown Creek
Whiskey Dick Kaskela
Whiskey Dick Ranch Kaskela
White River Crossing Camp (historical) Post Point
White River Station Recreation Site Post Point
Wire Corral Mutton Mountain
Wolf Run Wolf Run
Wrentham (historical) Emerson

This is a list of all the locales in Wasco County, Oregon. In some cases there are duplicate names so try to select the one you are looking for based on the USGS quad topo map name which is often a recognizable feature or town nearby.