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Topo Map of Streams in Clearfield County, Pennsylvania

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Streams in Clearfield County Pennsylvania

Place USGS Topo Map
Abbot Run Penfield
Abes Run Lecontes Mills
Albert Run Wallaceton
Alder Run Frenchville
Alex Branch Huntley
Alexander Run Ramey
Ames Run Karthaus
Anderson Creek Curwensville
Arnold Run Devils Elbow
Ashcraft Run Hastings
Bald Hill Run Lecontes Mills
Banian Run Ramey
Bark Camp Run Penfield
Barrett Run Westover
Basin Run Frenchville
Bear Run Lecontes Mills
Bear Run Elliott Park
Beaver Run Burnside
Beaver Run Du Bois
Beaver Run Du Bois
Beaver Run Houtzdale
Beech Run Du Bois
Bell Run Mahaffey
Big Run Frenchville
Big Run Houtzdale
Big Sandy Run Devils Elbow
Bilger Run Curwensville
Birch Run Penfield
Blain Run Coalport
Blanchard Run Elliott Park
Bloody Run Lecontes Mills
Blue Run Ramey
Browns Run Frenchville
Browns Run Black Moshannon
Buck Run Frenchville
Buck Run Ramey
Buck Run Du Bois
Burns Run Elliott Park
Camp Hope Run Glen Richey
Campbell Run Curwensville
Carson Run Curwensville
Cherry Run Glen Richey
Chest Creek Mahaffey
Chestnut Run Luthersburg
Clear Run Falls Creek
Clearfield Creek Clearfield
Coal Run Sabula
Coal Run Houtzdale
Cofinan Run Ramey
Coldstream Run Clearfield
Cole Run Devils Elbow
Comfort Run Irvona
Coupler Run Elliott Park
Crawford Run Karthaus
Crooked Run Clearfield
Curry Run Mahaffey
Daily Run Mahaffey
Dale Run Lecontes Mills
Davidson Run Irvona
Deer Creek Frenchville
Deer Run Burnside
Deserter Run The Knobs
Devils Run Clearfield
DeWitt Run Irvona
Dixon Run Huntley
Dressler Run Luthersburg
Dunlap Run Glen Richey
East Branch Little Muddy Run Ramey
East Branch Wilson Run Penfield
Elk Lick Run Burnside
Emigh Run Philipsburg
Fenton Run Curwensville
Flat Run Philipsburg
Flegals Run Clearfield
Forcey Run Wallaceton
Fork Run Clearfield
Fox Run Penfield
Fryor Run Mahaffey
Gazzam Run Curwensville
Gifford Run Devils Elbow
Gifford Run Devils Elbow
Goss Run Houtzdale
Grapevine Run Penfield
Grassflat Run Black Moshannon
Gravel Lick Run Luthersburg
Green Run Irvona
Grimes Run Devils Elbow
Hartshorn Run Glen Richey
Haslett Run Mahaffey
Hawk Run Philipsburg
Heath Run Penfield
Heichel Run Devils Elbow
Hiles Run Curwensville
Hockenberry Run Irvona
Hogback Run Glen Richey
Holes Run Irvona
Horn Shanty Branch Elliott Park
Horning Run Penfield
Hoyt Branch Sabula
Hubler Run Frenchville
Hughey Run Curwensville
Hunter Run Irvona
Irish Run Mahaffey
Irvin Branch Elliott Park
Jack Dent Branch Huntley
Jake Run Wallaceton
Japling Run Ramey
Jerry Run Clearfield
Juniata Run Du Bois
Kettle Spring Run Frenchville
Kings Run Westover
Knox Run Black Moshannon
Kratzer Run Curwensville
Laborde Branch Luthersburg
Laurel Branch Run Mahaffey
Laurel Run Glen Richey
Laurel Run Mahaffey
Laurel Run Philipsburg
Laurel Swamp Run Pottersdale
Left Branch Moose Creek Elliott Park
Lick Run Clearfield
Limestone Run Du Bois
Little Anderson Creek Luthersburg
Little Beaver Run Houtzdale
Little Clearfield Creek Glen Richey
Little Deer Creek Lecontes Mills
Little Laurel Run Philipsburg
Little Laurel Run Penfield
Little Medix Run Huntley
Little Moyer Run Pottersdale
Little Muddy Run Ramey
Little Potts Run Glen Richey
Little Sandy Run The Knobs
Little Saunders Run Huntley
Little Surveyor Run Lecontes Mills
Little Trout Run Lecontes Mills
Long Run Glen Richey
Lost Run Ramey
Lost Run Devils Elbow
Lower Three Runs Pottersdale
Lucas Run Pottersdale
Luthersburg Branch Luthersburg
Lytle Run Glen Richey
Maplepole Run Ramey
Marks Run Pottersdale
Martin Run Burnside
Matley Run Penfield
McCloskey Run Pottersdale
McCracken Run Mahaffey
McCracken Run Sabula
McDonald Run Irvona
McMasters Run Westover
McNeel Run Irvona
McNerney Run The Knobs
Meeker Run Devils Elbow
Middle Branch Wilson Run Penfield
Miller Run Mahaffey
Millstone Run Lecontes Mills
Mons Run Frenchville
Montgomery Creek Clearfield
Montgomery Run Elliott Park
Moose Creek Clearfield
Moose Run Penfield
Moravian Run Lecontes Mills
Morgan Run Glen Richey
Mountain Lick Creek Sabula
Mountain Run Penfield
Mowry Run Frenchville
Mud Run Penfield
Muddy Run Ramey
Muddy Run Sabula
Narrows Creek Sabula
North Branch Montgomery Creek Elliott Park
North Branch Upper Morgan Run Ramey
North Camp Run Westover
North Run Burnside
North Witmer Run Irvona
Panther Run Devils Elbow
Panther Run Luthersburg
Passmore Run Curwensville
Patchin Run Burnside
Pentz Run Du Bois
Pine Run Clearfield
Pine Run Ramey
Pine Run Westover
Pine Run Irvona
Poplar Run Mahaffey
Porter Run Curwensville
Porter Run Ramey
Potter Run Frenchville
Potts Run Glen Richey
Pray Run Penfield
Raccoon Run Glen Richey
Raccoon Run Irvona
Rattling Run Westover
Reisinger Run Du Bois
Right Branch Moose Creek Elliott Park
Roaring Run Clearfield
Roberts Run Huntley
Rock Run Burnside
Rock Run Luthersburg
Rogues Harbor Run Hastings
Rolling Stone Run Frenchville
Rupley Run Karthaus
Saltlick Run Pottersdale
Sanborn Run Glen Richey
Sandy Creek Frenchville
Saunders Run Huntley
Sawmill Run Burnside
Shaggers Inn Run Huntley
Simeling Run Wallaceton
Slab Run Falls Creek
Snyder Run Westover
Snyder Run Westover
South Branch Bennett Branch Penfield
South Witmer Run Irvona
Spring Run Westover
Stone Run Clearfield
Stony Run Irvona
Stony Run Luthersburg
Stony Run Penfield
Strong Run Irvona
Stump Lick Run Lecontes Mills
Sucker Run Irvona
Sugarcamp Run Luthersburg
Sulphur Run Lecontes Mills
Sulphur Run Philipsburg
Surveyor Run Lecontes Mills
Susman Run Devils Elbow
Tinker Run Elliott Park
Trout Run Lecontes Mills
Tuckers Run Westover
Turner Run Coalport
Twelvemile Run Devils Elbow
Upper Morgan Run Glen Richey
Upper Three Runs Pottersdale
Valley Fork Run Wallaceton
Wallace Run Glen Richey
Watts Creek Curwensville
Weber Run Karthaus
West Branch Montgomery Creek Elliott Park
Whisky Run McGees Mills
Whiteside Run Houtzdale
Whitney Run Penfield
Willholm Run Frenchville
Wilson Run Penfield
Wilson Run Westover
Wise Run Penfield
Wolf Run Clearfield
Wolf Run Ramey
Wolf Run Falls Creek
Woods Run Clearfield
Woods Run Westover

This is a list of all the streams in Clearfield County, Pennsylvania. In some cases there are duplicate names so try to select the one you are looking for based on the USGS quad topo map name which is often a recognizable feature or town nearby.