Topo Map of Cities in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania

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Cities in Westmoreland County Pennsylvania

Place USGS Topo Map
Acme Mammoth
Adamsburg Irwin
Alcoa Center New Kensington East
Alice Mount Pleasant
Alice Mammoth
Allens Crossroads Donora
Alliance Furnace Dawson
Alverton Mount Pleasant
Ardara Irwin
Armbrust Mount Pleasant
Arnold New Kensington West
Arona Irwin
Atlantic Derry
Avonmore Avonmore
Bagdad Freeport
Baggaley Derry
Bairdstown Blairsville
Baldwin Furnace Rachelwood
Barners Hill Irwin
Basforth Acres Greensburg
Beatty Latrobe
Beech Hills Greensburg
Bell Point Vandergrift
Bells Derry
Bessemer Mount Pleasant
Blackburn Murrysville
Blackburn (historical) Donora
Blackstone Freeport
Bolivar Bolivar
Boquet Slickville
Bovard Greensburg
Bradenville Derry
Braeburn New Kensington East
Brenizer Blairsville
Bridgeport Mount Pleasant
Brinkerton Mount Pleasant
Browntown Irwin
Buckeye Connellsville
Burds Crossing Derry
Burrell Blairsville
Buttermilk Falls Derry
Byerly McKeesport
California Furnace Ligonier
Calumet Mammoth
Camp Jo-Ann New Kensington East
Carbon Greensburg
Carney Latrobe
Carpentertown Mount Pleasant
Cavettsville Braddock
Centerville Smithton
Centerville Smithton
Central Mount Pleasant
Cereal Irwin
Chaintown Dawson
Circleville Irwin
Claridge Greensburg
Cokeville (historical) Blairsville
Collinsburg Donora
Congruity Slickville
Cooperstown Derry
Cowansburg McKeesport
Crabtree Latrobe
Cummingswood Park Donegal
Darlington Derry
Darragh Irwin
Delmont Slickville
Denison Latrobe
Derry Derry
Dick Irwin
Donegal Donegal
Donnelly Mount Pleasant
Donohoe Latrobe
Dorothy Latrobe
Dunningtown Slickville
East Charleroi Monongahela
East Vandergrift Vandergrift
Eastwood Greensburg
Edgecliff New Kensington East
Edgewater Terrace Derry
Edna Number One Irwin
Edna Number Two Irwin
Eureka Smithton
Evanstown Irwin
Export Murrysville
Fairbanks Saltsburg
Fairmount Irwin
Fellsburg Donora
Fitz Henry Donora
Five Points Slickville
Forbes Road Greensburg
Fort Allen Greensburg
Foxtown Mount Pleasant
Franklin Murrysville
Fulton Irwin
Garvers Ferry Freeport
Georges Station Latrobe
Gibsonton Monongahela
Gosser Hill Vandergrift
Grapeville Greensburg
Gratztown Donora
Grays Bolivar
Greensburg Greensburg
Greenwald Latrobe
Guffey McKeesport
Hahntown Irwin
Hannastown Latrobe
Harbison Freeport
Harrison City Irwin
Hawkeye Connellsville
Herminie Irwin
Herminie Number 2 Irwin
Highland Greensburg
Hillside Derry
Hillsview Wilpen
Hooverville New Florence
Hopewell Seven Springs
Hostetter Latrobe
Humphreys Mammoth
Hunker Mount Pleasant
Hutchinson Smithton
Hyde Park Leechburg
Idlepark Derry
India New Florence
Iron Bridge Connellsville
Irwin Irwin
Jacktown Irwin
Jacobs Creek Smithton
Jeannette Greensburg
Jones Mills Seven Springs
Kecksburg Mammoth
Keystone Irwin
Kingston Derry
Kinlock New Kensington East
Kiskiminetas Junction Freeport
Kregar Seven Springs
Lake Denise Smithton
Larimer Irwin
Latrobe Latrobe
Lauffer Mount Pleasant
Laughlintown Ligonier
Laurel Mountain Park Ligonier
Laurelville Mammoth
Lawson Heights Latrobe
Level Green Murrysville
Ligonier Ligonier
Lincoln Heights Greensburg
Livermore Blairsville
Lloydsville Latrobe
Lockport New Florence
Longbridge Derry
Lowber Donora
Lower Burrell New Kensington West
Lower Whyel Smithton
Loyalhanna Derry
Loyalhanna Woodlands Number 1 Saltsburg
Loyalhanna Woodlands Number 2 Saltsburg
Luxor Latrobe
Lycippus Mammoth
Madison Smithton
Mammoth Mammoth
Mamont Slickville
Manito Latrobe
Manitto Haven Saltsburg
Manor Irwin
Mansville Stahlstown
Maplewood Terrace Greensburg
Marguerite Latrobe
Markle New Kensington East
Mayfield Mount Pleasant
McCance Derry
McChesneytown Derry
McChesneytown Derry
McClarran Latrobe
McCullough Irwin
Mellingertown Mount Pleasant
Mendon Smithton
Metcalf New Kensington East
Middletown Greensburg
Midway Greensburg
Miedel Hill Connellsville
Milbell Smithton
Mill Grove Smithton
Millbank Derry
Millersdale Irwin
Milligantown New Kensington East
Millwood Derry
Monessen Monongahela
Morewood Mount Pleasant
Mount Joy Mount Pleasant
Mount Nebo Connellsville
Mount Pleasant Mount Pleasant
Mount Vernon New Kensington West
Moween Saltsburg
Murrysville Murrysville
Mutual Mammoth
Myersbrook Seven Springs
New Alexandria Saltsburg
New Derry Derry
New Florence New Florence
New Kensington New Kensington West
New Stanton Mount Pleasant
Newlonsburg Murrysville
Nihil Saltsburg
North Belle Vernon Donora
North Irwin Irwin
North Scottdale Connellsville
North Washington Vandergrift
Norvelt Mammoth
Oak Grove Wilpen
Oakville Irwin
Oklahoma Vandergrift
Old Crabtree Latrobe
Old Stanton Mount Pleasant
Orchard Hill Mount Pleasant
Osburn Derry
Paintersville Mount Pleasant
Paintertown Irwin
Palmers Latrobe
Pandora Derry
Parnassus New Kensington West
Paulton Vandergrift
Peanut Derry
Penn Irwin
Penn Glyn Irwin
Perryville Vandergrift
Pinetree Connellsville
Pleasant Grove Stahlstown
Pleasant Unity Mammoth
Pleasant Valley Murrysville
Poke Run Slickville
Port Royal Donora
Pricedale Donora
Rachelwood Rachelwood
Radebaugh Greensburg
Ramsay Terrace Mount Pleasant
Rankins Corners Donora
Reagantown Smithton
Rector Ligonier
Reduction Donora
Ridge View Mount Pleasant
Rillton Irwin
Ringertown Slickville
Robb New Florence
Robbins McKeesport
Rocktown Mount Pleasant
Rodney Mammoth
Ruffs Dale Mount Pleasant
Saint Clair Greensburg
Saint Vincent Shaft Latrobe
Salina Avonmore
Sardis Murrysville
Scab Hill Irwin
Scott Haven McKeesport
Scottdale Connellsville
Seger Derry
Seward New Florence
Shafton Irwin
Shaner McKeesport
Shawtown Irwin
Shearersburg New Kensington East
Shieldsburg Saltsburg
Shirley Ligonier
Slickville Slickville
Smithton Smithton
Snydertown Derry
Snydertown Mount Pleasant
South Greensburg Greensburg
Southwest Mount Pleasant
Southwest Greensburg Greensburg
Sowash Latrobe
Stahlstown Stahlstown
Standard Mount Pleasant
Standard Shaft Mount Pleasant
Stanton Heights Mount Pleasant
Stewartsville McKeesport
Stonevilla Greensburg
Sunset Valley Irwin
Superior Derry
Sutersville Donora
Swede Hill Greensburg
Sweeneys Crossroads Donora
Tarrs Mount Pleasant
Thomas Crossroads Ligonier
Thornwood Connellsville
Torrance Bolivar
Trafford Braddock
Trauger Mammoth
Trees Mills Slickville
Truxall Vandergrift
Turkeytown Smithton
United Mammoth
Upper Whyel Smithton
Valley Camp New Kensington West
Van Meter Smithton
Vandergrift Vandergrift
Vandergrift Heights Vandergrift
Vista McKeesport
Wakena Saltsburg
Waltz Mill Smithton
Waterford Wilpen
Weavers Old Stand Mount Pleasant
Webster Donora
Weinel Crossroads Vandergrift
Weltytown Mammoth
Wendel Irwin
West Bethany Mount Pleasant
West Bolivar Bolivar
West Derry Derry
West Export Murrysville
West Fairfield Wilpen
West Latrobe Latrobe
West Leechburg Vandergrift
West Newton Donora
West Overton Connellsville
West Vandergrift Vandergrift
Westmoreland City Irwin
White Valley Slickville
Whites Hill Mount Pleasant
Whitney Latrobe
Wiester Slickville
Wilko Hill Donora
Wilpen Wilpen
Wyano Smithton
Yohoghany McKeesport
Youngstown Derry
Youngwood Mount Pleasant
Yukon Smithton

This is a list of all the cities in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. In some cases there are duplicate names so try to select the one you are looking for based on the USGS quad topo map name which is often a recognizable feature or town nearby.