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Topo Map of Reservoirs in Lexington County, South Carolina

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Reservoirs in Lexington County South Carolina

Place USGS Topo Map
Abells Millpond Steedman
Ansel Smith Pond Gilbert
Armour Pond Lexington
Arrants Pond Lexington
Bachman Ponds Pelion West
Ballington Pond Pelion West
Ballingtons Pond Pelion West
Barr Lake Barr Lake
Batesburg Reservoir Batesburg
Bauknight Pond Steedman
Beaverdam Pond Pelion West
Bickleys Pond Lake Murray East
Bouknight Pond Steedman
Brodie Millpond Steedman
Brooker Millpond Swansea
Brookers Mill Pond Swansea
Carroll Pond Lexington
Clamps Pond Barr Lake
Clarks Millpond Pelion West
Clarks Millpond Pelion West
Collum Pond Steedman
Collum Pond Monetta
Cones Pond Steedman
Corley Millpond Irmo
Crout Pond Barr Lake
Crout Pond Barr Lake
Crout Pond Pelion West
Crouts Pond Barr Lake
Crystal Lake Lexington
Crystal Springs Lake Pelion East
Davis Pond Batesburg
Dixon Pond Gaston
Dunbar Pond Pelion West
Durham Pond Lexington
Durham Pond Lexington
Eden Pond Lexington
Feagles Pond Pelion East
Feigles Pond Pelion East
Fisher Pond Lexington
Fort Pond Pelion East
Fowles Pond Pelion West
Friendship Lake Pelion West
Gantts Pond Wagener
Geiger Pond Southwest Columbia
Gibsons Pond Lexington
Goodwin Pond Pelion East
Goodwin Pond Pelion East
Graves Pond Southwest Columbia
Guignard Pond Pelion East
Gunter Pond Swansea
Gunters Pond Wagener
Hall Pond Steedman
Hallman Millpond Steedman
Harmon Pond Lexington
Harmon Pond Barr Lake
Harmons Pond Pelion West
Hayes Pond Gilbert
Highland Pond Gilbert
Hobson Pond Pelion East
Huckabaas Millpond Gaston
Huffman Burnt Millpond Pelion West
Huffstetler Pond Southwest Columbia
Huffstetler Pond Southwest Columbia
Hunt Pond Lexington
Hunt Pond Lexington
Hutto Pond Gaston
Jacksons Pond Pond Branch
Johnson Pond Steedman
Jumpers Ponds Gilbert
Keisler Pond Gilbert
Kibler Pond (historical) Southwest Columbia
Kings Pond Pond Branch
Kirklands Pond Steedman
Kneece Pond Steedman
Koons Pond Barr Lake
Koons Pond Barr Lake
Kyser Pond Pelion West
Lake Durham Lexington
Lake Murray Lake Murray West
Lake Quail Valley Irmo
Lake Shealy Ann Barr Lake
Lawn Pond Lexington
Leffcoots Millpond Pond Branch
Lemon Pond Southwest Columbia
Lexington Acres Pond Gaston
Lexington Mill Pond Lexington
Long Pond Gilbert
Longs Pond Barr Lake
Lucas Millpond Pelion West
Martin Pond Lexington
McIver Pond Pelion West
Miller Ponds Barr Lake
Millers Pond Barr Lake
Moragne Pond Pelion East
Old Rowe Pond Steedman
Old Rowe School Steedman
Oswald Pond Barr Lake
Oswalds Pond Gilbert
Paxton Millpond Pelion West
Pennsylvania Glass Sand Settling Pond Lexington
Pitts Lake Lexington
Pooles Millpond Pond Branch
Pooles Millpond Pond Branch
Pooles Upper Millpond Pond Branch
Pooles Upper Millpond Pond Branch
Price Ponds Lexington
Quail Hollow Lake Columbia North
Quail Hollow Lake Number One Columbia North
Railroad Pond Swansea
Rast Pond Pelion East
Red Bank Mill Pond Lexington
Redmond Pond Pelion East
Redmonds Pond Lexington
Richard Pond Gilbert
Ridgells Pond Steedman
Rikards Pond Barr Lake
Roof Pond Lexington
Ruff Ponds Lexington
Saluda Terrace Gardens Pond Columbia North
Saxe-Gotha Millpond Lexington
Sharpes Pond Swansea
Shealy Pond Gilbert
Shealys Pond Lexington
Sherman Pond Lexington
Shulls Pond Wagener
Shumpert Pond Pond Branch
Silver Lake Southwest Columbia
Smith Pond Steedman
Smith Pond Barr Lake
Smith Pond Gilbert
Smiths Millpond Pelion West
Sox Ponds Lexington
Spires Pond Pelion East
State-Record Pond Gaston
Staten Pond Southwest Columbia
Steedman Pond Steedman
Steedman Pond Steedman
Sweet Bay Pond Southwest Columbia
Taylor Millpond Gilbert
Taylor Pond Southwest Columbia
Taylor Pond Gilbert
Taylors Pond Gilbert
Urquhart Pond Gaston
Vernett Pond Lexington
Whitehall Lakes Irmo
Younginer Pond Barr Lake
Zimmerman Pond Barr Lake

This is a list of all the reservoirs in Lexington County, South Carolina. In some cases there are duplicate names so try to select the one you are looking for based on the USGS quad topo map name which is often a recognizable feature or town nearby.