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Topo Map of Locales in Pennington County, South Dakota

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Locales in Pennington County South Dakota

Place USGS Topo Map
Alta (historical) Deerfield
Arrowhead Country Club Rapid City West
Badget Ranch Crows Nest Peak
Baken Park Shopping Center Rapid City West
Baken Park Shopping Center Rapid City West
Bastian Ranch Pedro
Bear Gulch Campground Silver City
Bear Gulch II (historical) Silver City
Bear Mountain Lookout Berne
Beaver Creek Camp Crows Nest Peak
Beaver Creek Campground Parmlee Canyon
Berry Patch Campground Rapid City East
Berry Ranch Crows Nest Peak
Black Hills Country Club (historical) Hill City
Black Hills Kennel Club Blackhawk
Black Hills Maze Rapid City East
Bourne Ranch Pedro
Boutwell Ranch (historical) Medicine Mountain
Burnt Ranch Mount Rushmore
Camp Columbus Piedmont
Camp Fifteen (historical) Mount Rushmore
Camp Judson (historical) Quinn Table
Camp One (historical) Rapid City West
Camp Prospect (historical) Silver City
Camp Rapid Rapid City West
Camp Rapid Rapid City West
Canyon Junction (historical) Silver City
Captain Jacks Dry Diggins (historical) Rapid City West
Castle Peak Campground Rochford
Cattles Ranch Crows Nest Peak
Cave Draw Summer Homes Nahant
Cleghorn Springs Fish Hatchery Rapid City West
Comptons Ranch (historical) Preacher Spring
Conata Picnic Ground Wall SW
Cornelison Ranch Deerfield
Creighton (historical) Creighton
Crouch Ranch Creighton
Crowser Ranch Pedro
Custer Trail Campground Deerfield
Dahl Fine Arts Center Rapid City East
Dale Ranch Creighton
Dale Ranch Pedro SE
Davis Ranch Pedro
Deer Head Lodge Deerfield
Deer Lodge Deerfield
Deerfield Lake Boat Ramp Campground Deerfield
Denke Ranch Pedro NW
Dillon Campground Wall SW
Ditch Creek Gampground Ditch Creek
Dolan Ranch Crows Nest Peak
Doll Ranch Signal Hill
Dunham Field Rapid City East
Dutchman Campground Deerfield
Elkhorn Picnic Area Mount Rushmore
Elm Creek Ranch Elm Creek Ranch
Erickson Ranch Pedro SE
Erickson Ranch Deerfield
Executive Golf Course Rapid City East
Eyster Ranch Crows Nest Peak
Fish and Hunter Siding (historical) Rochford
Flannigan Cabin Silver City
Floyd Fitzgerald Stadium Rapid City West
Four Ranch (historical) Rockerville
Gabriel Ranch Pedro SE
Gillettes Ranch (historical) Medicine Mountain
Glendale (historical) Iron Mountain
Gold Run Campground Deerfield
Grizzly Bear Picnic Ground Iron Mountain
H O Siding Box Elder
Haines Station Shopping Center Rapid City East
Harney Ranger Station Mount Rushmore
Harper Ranch Crows Nest Peak
Hausle Ranch Nahant
Hawks Ranch (historical) Preacher Spring
Herman Matt Ranch Ditch Creek
Hill City Sewage Lagoon Hill City
Hoar Ranch Ditch Creek
Hoffman Ranch Lake Hill
Horse Thief Lake Campground Mount Rushmore
Howell Ranch Preacher Spring
Huckens Ranch (historical) Medicine Mountain
Hupp Ranch Deerfield
Irwins Ranch (historical) Hill City
Jackson Ranch (historical) Medicine Mountain
Jenney Gulch Picnic Area Silver City
Johnson Ranch Creighton
Kimballs Ranch (historical) Ditch Creek
Kinney Ranch Deerfield
Knutson Ranch Pedro SE
LaCroix Links Golf Course Rapid City East
Lake Park Campground Rapid City West
Lake Shore Picnic Area Deerfield
Lazy J RV Park and Campground Rapid City East
Lessering Ranch Deerfield
Lind Camp Deerfield
Lookout Mill Rochford
Luhtasaari Ranch Crows Nest Peak
Maco Sica Picnic Ground Wall
McCoy Ranch Crows Nest Peak
McCullough Ranch Crows Nest Peak
McIlraby Ranch Pedro
Meadowbrook Golf Course Rapid City West
Medicine Mountain Ranch Medicine Mountain
Merry-Go-Round Camp Deerfield
Mickelson Ranch Crows Nest Peak
Miller Camp Deerfield
Miller Camp (historical) Ditch Creek
Miller Ranch Deerfield
Miller Ranch Deerfield
Monheim Ranch Deerfield
Montezuma (historical) Ditch Creek
Moon (historical) Preacher Spring
Moon Campground Moon
Moose Camp (historical) Pactola Dam
Mount Rushmore KOA Mount Rushmore
Mount Rushmore Memorial Mount Rushmore
Mountain City Picnic Area Deerfield
Neuman-Scott Ranch Moon
Newton Lake Picnic Grounds Hill City
Norbeck Memorial Overlook Iron Mountain
North Cove Campground Mount Rushmore
North Rapid Shopping Center Rapid City East
Northgate Shopping Center Rapid City East
Northside Campground Mount Rushmore
O’Connell Ranch Pedro SE
O’Harra Stadium Rapid City East
Oberg Ranch Deerfield
Oblivion (historical) Mount Rushmore
Ochre City (historical) Minnesota Ridge
Old Smelter (historical) Mount Rushmore
Oreville Campground Custer
Pactola Campground Silver City
Pactola Campground Silver City
Pactola Forest Service Facility Pactola Dam
Pactola Point Picnic Area Pactola Dam
Pactola Point Picnic Area Silver City
Pactola Visitor Center Pactola Dam
Paulson Ranch Pedro SE
Pedro (historical) Pedro NW
Peterson Ranch Nahant
Pine Camp (historical) Mount Rushmore
Pinedate (historical) Deerfield
Pinnacles Ranger Station Wall
Placerville Camp Pactola Dam
Power House (historical) Pactola Dam
Prickett Ranch Deerfield
Rapid City Fairgrounds Rapid City East
Rapid City KOA Rapid City East
Redbank Spring Campground Preacher Spring
Reder Ranger Station Hill City
Reynolds Ranch Deerfield
Reynolds Ranch Deerfield
Rhiley Ranch Pedro NW
Rhoads Ranch Crows Nest Peak
Robbinsdale Shopping Center Rapid City East
Rockford Forest Service Facility Rochford
Rosedale (historical) Mount Rushmore
Rossville (historical) Custer
Rushmore Mall Rapid City East
Rushmore Plaza Civic Center Rapid City East
Rushmore Shadows Resort Mount Rushmore
Sage Creek Primitive Ground Quinn Table
Sanders Corral Parmlee Canyon
Sasse Ranch Nahant
Schroeder Ranch Creighton
Scott Ranch Crows Nest Peak
Sears Ranch Ditch Creek
Severson Ranch Horse Tooth
Shick Ranch Deerfield
Soholt Ranch Crows Nest Peak
South Beach Campground Mount Rushmore
South Town Mall Rapid City East
Southside Campground Mount Rushmore
Spring Creek Picnic Area Mount Rushmore
Storybook Island Rapid City West
Strandell Ranch Pedro SE
Strato Rim Overlook Campground Rockerville
Summit Ridge Lookout Fanny Peak
Teddy Bear (historical) Hill City
The Ranch Amusement Park Rapid City East
Thompson Ranch Crows Nest Peak
Three Forks (historical) Hill City
Three Forks Campground Hill City
Tomaha Camp Pactola Dam
Tony Matt Ranch Ditch Creek
Trask Ranch Lake Hill
Tysdal Ranch Crows Nest Peak
Vanderlehrs Ranch (historical) Berne
Villa Ranchero Shopping Center Bend
Wall Electronic Site Wall
Whispering Pines Campground and Lodging Silver City
White Ranch Pedro
White Tail Peak Campground Deerfield
Whites Ranch (historical) Hill City
Willow Creek Horse Campground Hill City
Willuwett Ranch Rainy Creek
Wilsey Ranch Pedro
Wilson Ranch Dead Horse Flats
Y-Park Crows Nest Peak

This is a list of all the locales in Pennington County, South Dakota. In some cases there are duplicate names so try to select the one you are looking for based on the USGS quad topo map name which is often a recognizable feature or town nearby.