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Topo Map of Cities in Knox County, Tennessee

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Cities in Knox County Tennessee

Place USGS Topo Map
Aldenwood Park Bearden
Amber Meadows Lovell
Amherst Bearden
Antioch John Sevier
Arlington Fountain City
Arminda John Sevier
Arrowhead Knoxville
Asbury Shooks Gap
Ashley Oaks Bearden
Audubon Hills Concord
Ball Camp Bearden
Bayless (historical) Big Ridge Park
Bearden Bearden
Beaver Creek Estates Lovell
Beech Grove Big Ridge Park
Beechwood Maryville
Bell Bridge Powell
Belle-Aire Concord
Belmont West Bearden
Berkshire Wood Bearden
Beverly Fountain City
Beverly Acres Fountain City
Black Oak Fountain City
Blue Grass Louisville
Blueberry Hills Fountain City
Bonneville Estates Bearden
Bonny Kate Knoxville
Bonta Vista Estates Fountain City
Boxwood Hills Lovell
Boyd Concord
Brentwood Bearden
Briarwood Estates Fountain City
Broad Acres Powell
Brookfield Acres John Sevier
Buffat Heights Fountain City
Burchfield Heights Lovell
Burlington Knoxville
Byington Bearden
Byrd Chapel Lovell
Camelot Bearden
Canby Hills Bearden
Carpenter Addition John Sevier
Carter Mascot
Caswell John Sevier
Cedar Bluff Bearden
Cedar Crest North Fountain City
Cedar Flats Fountain City
Cedar Grove Fountain City
Cedar Springs Bearden
Cedarchase Fountain City
Cherokee Ridge Powell
Cherrybrook Powell
Chilhowee Hills John Sevier
Choto Estates Concord
Clear Springs Big Ridge Park
Colonial Village Knoxville
Concord Concord
Concord Trailer Park Bearden
Concords Woods Concord
Copper Ridge Big Ridge Park
Corinth Fountain City
Corryton Graveston
Coster Yards Knoxville
Country Estates Mobile Home Park Bearden
Countryside Bearden
Crenshaw Knoxville
Crestwood Hills Bearden
Crossfield Shooks Gap
Cumberland Estates Bearden
Cumberland View Mobile Home Park Powell
Dante Fountain City
Deane Hill Bearden
Deep Creek Knoxville
Dogwood Mobile Home Park Fountain City
Dry Gap Fountain City
Eagles Landing Mobile Home Park Bearden
Eastwood John Sevier
Ebenezer Bearden
Echo Valley Bearden
Edington (historical) Bearden
Emory Estates Fountain City
Fair Oaks Bearden
Farmington Louisville
Farragut Lovell
Farrington Bearden
Fieldview Fountain City
Forest Hills Knoxville
Forks of the River Shooks Gap
Fountain City Fountain City
Fountaincrest Fountain City
Fox Den Concord
Fox Fire Bearden
Franklin Hill Bearden
Freeway Fountain City
Fults Trailer Park Fountain City
Galewood Bearden
Gapcreek (historical) Boyds Creek
Garland Louisville
Glen Arden Bearden
Glenwood Powell
Golden Meadows Bearden
Grand Oaks Powell
Grandview Shooks Gap
Graveston Graveston
Green Valley Bearden
Greenway Fountain City
Greenwood Forest Fountain City
Greenwood Heights Bearden
Gulf Park Bearden
Gulfwood Bearden
Hallbrook Fountain City
Halls Fountain City
Halls And Powell Mobile Home Park Fountain City
Halls Crossroads Fountain City
Happy Acres John Sevier
Harbison Crossroads John Sevier
Harrill Hills Fountain City
Heather Heights Bearden
Heiskell Powell
Hendron Shooks Gap
Hickory Hills Bearden
Hickory Woods Lovell
Hidden Hills Bearden
Hidden Valley Bearden
High Bluff Shooks Gap
Highland Park Fountain City
Highland View Fountain City
Highpoint (historical) John Sevier
Holiday Hills Bearden
Holston Hills Shooks Gap
Holston Mobile Home Park John Sevier
Homestead Fountain City
House Mountain (historical) Graveston
Hunting Hills West Bearden
Huntingdon Place Fountain City
Idlewood Acres Powell
Imperial Estates Bearden
Inskip Fountain City
Island Home Knoxville
John Sevier John Sevier
Johnson Road Shooks Gap
Karns Bearden
Karns Mobile Home Kort Bearden
Kensington Bearden
Kimberlin Heights Shooks Gap
King Arthur Court Bearden
Kings Valley John Sevier
Kingsgate Concord
Kingsley Station Knoxville
Kingston Hills Bearden
Kingston Woods Bearden
Kinkaid (historical) Bearden
Knoxville Knoxville
Lake Forest Shooks Gap
Lakemoor Hills Knoxville
Lakewood Louisville
Lakewood Powell
Landmark Bearden
Lazy Acres Powell
Lincoln Park Knoxville
Lonsdale Knoxville
Loveland John Sevier
Lovell Lovell
Lovell Heights Lovell
Lovell Road Mobile Home Park Lovell
Lyons View Knoxville
Lyonton Mascot
Maloneyville John Sevier
Mapleview Fountain City
Marble City Knoxville
Marbledale Shooks Gap
Mascot Mascot
Mayo (historical) John Sevier
Mayview Heights Powell
McMillan John Sevier
Meades Quarry Shooks Gap
Meadowbrook Bearden
Middlebrook Acres Bearden
Middlebrook Heights Knoxville
Midway Boyds Creek
Mill Run Fountain City
Millertown John Sevier
Mockingbird Hill Knoxville
Montvue Bearden
Mooreland Heights Knoxville
Moshina Heights Shooks Gap
Mount Olive Knoxville
Mule Hollow Shooks Gap
Murphy Hills Fountain City
Mynatt Fountain City
Neubert Shooks Gap
Neubert Springs Shooks Gap
New Hopewell Shooks Gap
North Hills Fountain City
North Knoxville Fountain City
Northbrook Fountain City
Northhampton Acres Powell
Northridge Estates Fountain City
Northshore Woods Bearden
Norwood Fountain City
Oak Grove Fountain City
Oak Grove Heights Bearden
Oak Park Fountain City
Oakland Fountain City
Oxmore Hills Bearden
Park City Knoxville
Pedigo Fountain City
Peters Mill Boyds Creek
Pine Springs Bearden
Piney Grove Mobile Home Park Bearden
Plantation Acres Mobile Home Park John Sevier
Plantation Hills Fountain City
Pleasant Hills Bearden
Pleasant Ridge Bearden
Plum Creek Lovell
Ponderosa Hills Powell
Powell Powell
Powell Heights Powell
Preston (historical) Fountain City
Ramsey Shooks Gap
Rennbore Bearden
Ridgedale Bearden
Ridgeview Heights John Sevier
Rifle Range Estates Fountain City
Ritta John Sevier
Riverbend Knoxville
Riverdale Shooks Gap
Robinson Crossroads Lovell
Rocky Hill Bearden
Rothwood Bearden
Scenic Point Estates Concord
Sentertown John Sevier
Sequoyah Hills Knoxville
Seven Islands Boyds Creek
Sevenoaks Bearden
Sevier Home Shooks Gap
Shadow Wood Powell
Shady Grove Concord
Shannondale Fountain City
Shipetown John Sevier
Shooks Shooks Gap
Sites Mobile Home Park Powell
Skaggston John Sevier
Smithwood Fountain City
Solway Lovell
South Knoxville Knoxville
Southbrook Knoxville
Spanish Trails Bearden
Spring Place John Sevier
Station West Lovell
Still Brook Fountain City
Stock Creek Maryville
Stonebrook Bearden
Stony Point Boyds Creek
Suburban Hills Bearden
Sumter Hills Big Ridge Park
Sunrise John Sevier
Sweet Briar Lovell
Tan Rara Oesta Bearden
Tekoa Bearden
Temple Acres Fountain City
Ten Mile Bearden
Third Creek Bearden
Thorn Grove Mascot
Thornton Lovell
Three Points John Sevier
Tillery Drive Mobile Home Park Fountain City
Timber Line Estates Fountain City
Timbercrest Bearden
Timberlake Knoxville
Topside Knoxville
Trails End Bearden
Trails West Bearden
Treeville Powell
Trentville Mascot
Twi-lite Zone Mobile Home Park Powell
Twin Springs Lovell
Twinville Big Ridge Park
Valley Grove Shooks Gap
Vestal Knoxville
Villa Gardens Fountain City
Village Green Lovell
Virtue Concord
Volunteer Village Lovell
Washington Heights Powell
Wedgewood Hills Bearden
Welwyn (historical) Knoxville
West Emory Bearden
West Forest Bearden
West Haven Knoxville
West Hills Bearden
West Knoxville Knoxville
West Knoxville Mobile Park Bearden
West View Knoxville
Westavia Woods Bearden
Westborough Bearden
Westlyn Bearden
Westminister Ridge Knoxville
Westmoreland Heights Bearden
Wexford Downs Lovell
Whispering Hills Fountain City
Whites Village Shooks Gap
Whittle Springs Fountain City
Windsor Park Bearden
Wood Creek West Lovell
Woodchase Lovell
Wooddale John Sevier
Wooded Acres Bearden
Woodfield Park Shooks Gap
Woodland Acres Bearden
Woodland Trace Lovell
Wyricktown Mascot
Zacharytown Luttrell

This is a list of all the cities in Knox County, Tennessee. In some cases there are duplicate names so try to select the one you are looking for based on the USGS quad topo map name which is often a recognizable feature or town nearby.