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Topo Map of Reservoirs in Jeff Davis County, Texas

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Reservoirs in Jeff Davis County Texas

Place USGS Topo Map
Agua Blanca Tank Mount Locke
Amistad Tank Last Chance Mesa
Antelope Tank Henderson Mesa
Arp Flat Tank Herds Pass
Baldy Tank Ninetysix Ranch
Beef Pasture Tank Mount Livermore
Big Bear Tank Little Aguja Mountain
Big Tank Big Aguja Mountain
Blackeye Tank Paradise Mountain
Blas Tank Major Peak
Brink Tank Echo Canyon
Broke Tank Vieja Pass
Broke Tank Robbers Roost Canyon
Brown Tank Mount Locke
Buzzard Roost Tank Herds Pass
Carmac Tank Little Aguja Mountain
Carpenter Goat Tank Barrilla Mountains West
Cat Tank Mount Livermore
Catfish Tank Big Aguja Mountain
Cavett Tank Little Star Mountain
Clay Tank Gomez Peak
Company Tank Big Aguja Mountain
Cox Tank Gomez Peak
Crow Tank Robbers Roost Canyon
D C Tank Bare Mountain
Dagger Tank Dowman Canyon
Dam Fence Tank Bare Mountain
Davis Tank Herds Pass
Deadman Tank Friend Mountain
Deer Tank Little Aguja Mountain
Deer Tank Herds Pass
Deer Tank Echo Canyon
Devil Tank Blue Mountain
Devils Tank Fort Davis
Dickes Tank Bare Mountain
Dinkins Tank Boggy Draw
Duck Tank Last Chance Mesa
Eagle Tank Antelope Flat
Eagle Tank Herds Pass
East Tank Sotol Hill
El Toro Tank Major Peak
Elbow Tank Mount Locke
Fish Tank Herds Pass
Flat Tank Mount Locke
Flattop Tank Robbers Roost Canyon
Fortyeight Tank Mount Locke
Fresno Tank Mount Locke
Friend Mountain Tank Friend Mountain
Gabriel Tank Major Peak
Hackberry Tank Mount Locke
Hanger Tank Bare Mountain
Hawkeye Tank Vieja Pass
Head-of-the-Canyon Tank Herds Pass
Heider Tank Bare Mountain
Hole Tank Friend Mountain
Howard Tank Ninetysix Ranch
Jack Tank Little Aguja Mountain
Jeff Tank Ninetysix Ranch
Jimenez Tank Little Aguja Mountain
Johnson Tank Echo Canyon
Jones Tank Mount Locke
Jug Tank Ninetysix Ranch
Laguna Tank Little Aguja Mountain
Landrein Tank Bare Mountain
Levinson Reservoir Kent
Levinson Reservoir Kent
Little Hell Tank Big Aguja Mountain
Little Tank Gomez Peak
Lower Beef Tank Mount Livermore
Lucky Tank Boggy Draw
Madera Tank Mount Livermore
McIvor Tank Mount Locke
Middle Rock House Tank Echo Canyon
Middle Tank Gomez Peak
Middle Tank Herds Pass
Miguel Tank Blue Mountain
Mill Tanks Casket Mountain
Mud Tank Herds Pass
Murphy Hill Tank Mount Locke
New Chalk Hill Tank Dowman Canyon
New Tank Gomez Peak
Ninemile Tank Horseshoe Butte
Nunn Tank Robbers Roost Canyon
Ocotillo Tank Dowman Canyon
Old Chalk Hill Tank Dowman Canyon
Old Tank Friend Mountain
Olds Tank Mount Locke
Owl Tank Friend Mountain
Phillips Tank Robbers Roost Canyon
Pinto Bean Tank Bare Mountain
Prude Tank Mount Locke
Red Hill Tank Gomez Peak
Redford Tank Herds Pass
Rincon Tank El Muerto Peak
Road Tank Mount Livermore
Robbers Roost Tank Robbers Roost Canyon
Rock Tank Gomez Peak
Rock Tank Herds Pass
Saint Augustine Tank Robbers Roost Canyon
Santana Tank Blue Mountain
Selman Tank Bare Mountain
Shewmake Tank Barrilla Mountains West
Shoe Tank Mount Livermore
South Tank Herds Pass
Sproul Reservoir Fort Davis
String Bean Tank Boggy Draw
T and P Lake Big Aguja Mountain
Twomile Tank Herds Pass
Walker Tank Little Aguja Mountain
Walker Tanks Mount Locke
Wallace Tank Gomez Peak
Washington Tank Sotol Hill
Water Reed Tank Friend Mountain
Webster Tank Blue Mountain
White Mountain Tanks Little Aguja Mountain
White Tank Soldier Spring
White Tank Gomez Peak
White Tank Little Aguja Mountain
White Tanks Little Star Mountain
Willow Tank Friend Mountain
Wolf Den Tank Mount Livermore
Yellow Tank Echo Canyon

This is a list of all the reservoirs in Jeff Davis County, Texas. In some cases there are duplicate names so try to select the one you are looking for based on the USGS quad topo map name which is often a recognizable feature or town nearby.