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Topo Map of Locales in Kleberg County, Texas

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Locales in Kleberg County Texas

Place USGS Topo Map
Africana Windmill Riviera
Alazan Windmill Escondido Lake
Algivares Windmill Concordia
Alta la Pita Windmill Paisano Lake
Alta Vista Windmill Chapman Ranch
Alto Del Burro Windmill Alice South
Anagua Windmill Escondido Lake
Andrews Windmill Riviera
Arredondo Windmill Kingsville West
Auras Well South Bird Island NW
Balancin Windmill Paisano Lake
Banqueros Windmill Paisano Lake
Beacon Number 57 South Bird Island
Beacon Number 63 South Bird Island
Beacon Number 69 South Bird Island
Beacon Number 75 South Bird Island
Beacon Number 83 South Bird Island
Becerra Well South Bird Island NW
Big Cabeza Windmill Ella
Bordo Nuevo Windmill Ricardo
Burney Windmill Escondido Lake
Burro Well Riviera Beach NE
Cabeza Windmill Ella
Caldwell Windmill Escondido Lake
Cerritos Windmill Kingsville West
Charro Windmill Riviera
Chiltipin Windmill Laureles Ranch
Chivos Windmill Ben Bolt SE
Coyote Windmill Laureles Ranch
Coyote Windmill Paisano Lake
Coyotes Windmill Chapman Ranch
Creek Windmill La Paloma Ranch
Cuatites Well Riviera Beach NW
Don Roberto Windmill Laureles Ranch
Dunn Ranch -A1541 Novillo Line Camp South Bird Island
Ebanito Camp Ella
Ebanito Windmill La Paloma Ranch
El Cinco Windmill Premont East
El Ocho Windmill Premont East
El Perdid Windmill Paisano Lake
Escondido Windmill Escondido Lake
Esquina Well Riviera Beach NE
Estrella Well South Bird Island NW
Falcon Windmill Laureles Ranch
Field Fifteen Well Riviera Beach NE
Field Fourteen Well Riviera Beach NE
Field Twelve Windmill Chapman Ranch
Field Twentyfive Windmill Laureles Ranch
Finados Windmill Premont East
Galixtro Well South Bird Island NW
Gallito Well Riviera Beach NW
Garcias Windmill Chapman Ranch
Guayacan Well Riviera Beach NE
Hacha Windmill Pita Island
Huisache Well Riviera Beach NE
Huisacne Windmill Premont East
Jabalina Well Riviera Beach NW
Jaboncillos Ranch Riviera Beach NE
Jensen Windmill Premont East
King Ranch Kingsville West
La Chanza Windmill Paisano Lake
Lampasosa Windmill Paisano Lake
Las Comas Windmill Premont East
Las Maranas Windmill Chapman Ranch
Las Viboras Windmill Escondido Lake
Laureles Ranch Laureles Ranch
Libertad Windmill Escondido Lake
Lidios Windmill Paisano Lake
Little Cabeza Windmill Ella
Lobo Windmill South Bird Island
Los Cedros Windmill Pita Island
Los Indios Windmill Paisano Lake
Los Voces Windmill Ella
Majiris Windmill Laureles Ranch
Malaquite Beach Development South Bird Island
Marrano Windmill Ben Bolt SE
Martin Windmill Kingsville West
Matanza Windmill Kingsville West
Mateo Well South Bird Island NW
Mesquite Well Riviera Beach NW
Mesquite Windmill Escondido Lake
Miguel Windmill Kingsville West
Monte Verde Windmill Escondido Lake
Mota Corpus Windmill Riviera
Mota Huisache Windmill Kingsville West
Mota Redonda Windmill Concordia
Motas Negras Windmill Ben Bolt SE
Muerto Pens Kingsville West
Nine Windmill Concordia
Noche Bueno South Bird Island NW
Noria Bee Windmill Concordia
Noria Dan Windmill Laureles Ranch
Noria de Tomas Windmill Chapman Ranch
Noria del Bordo Windmill Chapman Ranch
Noria del Charro Windmill Paisano Lake
Noria Honda Windmill Concordia
Noria Maria Well Riviera Beach NE
Noria Richie Windmill Paisano Lake
Novilla Windmill South Bird Island
Paisano Windmill Premont East
Palacios Windmill Concordia
Palanca Windmill Riviera
Palma Windmill Concordia
Palo Lobo Windmill Kingsville West
Palomas Well South Bird Island NW
Papalote Blanco Windmill Ben Bolt SE
Papalote de en Medio Ella
Patos Windmill Pita Island
Pita Windmill Escondido Lake
Presa de Rayo Windmill Ben Bolt SE
Puertos Windmill Kingsville West
Rincon de Tio Luis Windmill Riviera
Rincon de Tio Pandho Windmill Riviera
Riviera Beach Riviera Beach
Santa Cruz Windmill Chapman Ranch
Santa Gertrudis Windmill Escondido Lake
Sarampion Windmill Paisano Lake
Silobaro Windmill Escondido Lake
Sordo Well South Bird Island NW
Stratton Pumping Station Kingsville West
Tamales Windmill Ben Bolt SE
Tanques de Luis Well South Bird Island NW
Taza Windmill Concordia
Telephone Well Riviera Beach NW
Tlacuache Windmill Chapman Ranch
Toro Windmill Pita Island
Tres Esquinas Well Riviera Beach NW
Tulosa Windmill Kingsville West
Upper Little Windmill Kingsville West
Vallejos Windmill Premont East
Veladeras Windmill Escondido Lake
Verderas Windmill Laureles Ranch
Windmill Number Four Pita Island
Yerba Anis Windmill Pita Island
Zacahuistle Well Riviera Beach NE

This is a list of all the locales in Kleberg County, Texas. In some cases there are duplicate names so try to select the one you are looking for based on the USGS quad topo map name which is often a recognizable feature or town nearby.