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Topo Map of Reservoirs in McMullen County, Texas

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Reservoirs in McMullen County Texas

Place USGS Topo Map
A R Kuykendall Lake Pertle Creek
Alamo Tank Loma Alta NW
Arthur Tank Loma Alta NW
Beckman Lake Number 1 Pertle Creek
Beckman Lake Number 2 Pertle Creek
Beulah Tank Cross
Big Mule Tank Mule Creek
Big Tank Fitzpatrick Hollow
Big Tank Loma Alta NW
Birthday Tank Cross
Blanco Tank Briscoe Ranch
Bob Hinces Lake Number 1 Loma Alta NW
Bob Hinces Lake Number 2 Loma Alta NW
Bob Hinces Lake Number 3 Loma Alta NW
Bob Hinces Lake Number 4 Piedra Creek NE
Bracken Ranch Lake Calliham NW
Brown Lake Fitzpatrick Hollow
Brown Tank Crowther
Bull Tank La Chusa Hill
Caballo Tank Mule Creek
Calishe Tank Cross
Cicero Tank Loma Alta NW
Corral Tank Fowlerton
Cuate Tank Cross NE
Devils Waterhole Tank La Chusa Hill
Dickenson Ranch Lake Tilden
Dillworth Lake Mule Creek
Dinosaur Tank Loma Alta NW
Douglas Tank Loma Alta NW
Dugout Tank La Chusa Hill
Dully Lake Mule Creek
El Llano Tank Mule Creek
Esquina Llano Tank Mule Creek
George Tank Loma Alta NW
Grace Graham Lake Pertle Creek
Gravel Tank Crowther
Guadalupe Tank Briscoe Ranch
Gubel Trust Lake Number 1 Cross
Gubel Trust Lake Number 2 Crowther
Gubel Trust Lake Number 3 Crowther
Gueydan Tank La Chusa Hill
Hasete Lake Loma Alta NE
Headquarters Tank Briscoe Ranch
Hindes Lake Piedra Creek NE
Horseshoe Tank Crowther
Horton Lake Crowther
House Lake Piedra Creek NE
House Tank Loma Alta NW
House Tank Loma Alta NW
Hughey Lake Pertle Creek
Indian Tank Cross
James Donnell Lake Number 1 Zella
James Donnell Lake Number 2 Pertle Creek
Javelina Tank Cross NE
Jess McNeel Lake Number 3 Hindes
Jessie May Lake Number 2 Mirasol Creek
Joe Tank Loma Alta NW
Jug Tank Clegg SW
Kamp Lake Cross
Kurkendall Lake Rockaway Creek
Kuykendall Lake Pertle Creek
L L Graham Lake Pertle Creek
Little Mule Tank Briscoe Ranch
Little Tank Loma Alta NW
Live Oak Tank Cross NE
Llano Grande Tank Mule Creek
Lone Star Tank Cross
Lost Tank Loma Alta NW
Manuel Tank La Chusa Hill
Marcou Tank Clegg NE
Maspero Lake Cross NE
Matula Lake Calliham NW
Medio de Llano Tank Mule Creek
Middle Mule Tank Rockaway Creek
Miller Tank Loma Alta NW
Montgomery Lake Fowlerton
Morton Lake Fowlerton
Mustang Tank Fitzpatrick Hollow
New Tank Crowther
Nueces Ranch Lake Piedra Creek NE
Old Rock Tank Crowther
Opossum Hill Tank Crowther
Paisano Ranch Reservoir Calliham
Persimmon Hollow Tank Crowther
Pipeline Tank La Chusa Hill
Pot of Gold Tank Crowther
Pozo Tank Briscoe Ranch
Prairie Creek Tank Pertle Creek
Raleigh Tank Loma Alta NW
Red Gate Tank Loma Alta NE
Retama Tank Briscoe Ranch
Robert Wheeler Lake Number 1 Pertle Creek
Robert Wheeler Lake Number 2 Pertle Creek
Robert Wheeler Lake Number 3 Pertle Creek
Rock Tank Crowther
Rocking Chair Tank Cross
Rowland Tank Mirasol Creek
Rowland Tank Number 1 Mirasol Creek
Roy Tank Loma Alta NW
Ryan Lake Cross NE
Sauce Verde Tank Fowlerton
Singer Lake Calliham NW
T R Kuykendall Lake Pertle Creek
Tanque Llano Mule Creek
Telephone Tank Cross NE
Turkey Tank Cross NE
Twin Tanks Loma Alta NW
Van Meter Tank Crowther
Walker Lake Loma Alta
Wheeler Lake Number 1 Cross
Wheeler Lake Number 2 Cross
Whitmire Lake Calliham NW
Wiley Tank Piedra Creek NE
Willow Tank Caballos Creek

This is a list of all the reservoirs in McMullen County, Texas. In some cases there are duplicate names so try to select the one you are looking for based on the USGS quad topo map name which is often a recognizable feature or town nearby.