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Topo Map of Locales in Webb County, Texas

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Locales in Webb County Texas

Place USGS Topo Map
A Schletze Piloncillo Hill
Albercas Ranch Albercas Ranch
Alexander Ranch San Pedro Hill
Altos Windmill Nido Ranch
Apache Ranch Big Apache Hill
Apache Ranch Big Apache Hill
B Dunbar Mesteno Creek South
Bell Ranch Mesteno Creek South
Bennet Ranch Telephone Tanks
Billings Ranch Mills Bennett
Borden Camp Cibolo Ranch
Brewster Ranch Telephone Tanks
Brown Ranch Landrum Tank
Bruni Ranch Venado Creek West
Buena Vista Ranch Velenzuela Creek
C Chenault Velenzuela Creek
Callaghan Ranch Callaghan Ranch South
Casa Blanca Country Club Laredo East
Casa Blanca Ranch Cerritos Blancos
Chicago Windmill Mills Bennett SW
Chupadera Ranch Chupadera Creek
Cibolo Ranch Cibolo Ranch
Coleman Windmill Spohn Ranch
Cuates Windmill Tios Creek
Cuatralvo Ranch Big Apache Hill
Dairy Crossing Laredo South
Del Alto Windmill Nido Ranch
Del Fondo Windmill Tios Creek
Derby Downs Laredo East
Dolores Ranch Dolores Ranch
El de Camino Windmill Bruni
El Jano Windmill Orvil
El Laredo Windmill Nido Ranch
El Llano Windmill Nido Ranch
El Norte Windmill Bruni
El Siete Windmill Nido Ranch
El Trevino Windmill Nido Ranch
Encinos Windmill Bruni
Espada Ranch Dos Hermanos Peaks
Espejo Ranch Landrum Tank
Florete Windmill Spohn Ranch
Fort McIntosh Laredo West
Fresno Ranch Nido Ranch
Fuller Ranch Las Tiendas
G Lyles Piloncillo Hill
Galvan Ranch Galvan Ranch
Galvan Ranch Pinto Creek
H Garcia Mesteno Creek North
Hearne Ranch Las Tiendas
Hill Top Inn Telephone Tanks
Hilltop Ranch Piedra Parada Ranch
Hirsh Ranch Pato Creek
Huisache Windmill Tios Creek
Huisachosa Windmill Nido Ranch
J Breeding Mesteno Creek South
J Ramon Encinal
J Rector Mesteno Creek North
James Carr Mesteno Creek North
James Ranch Mesteno Creek South
Jefferies Ranch Spohn Ranch
Kennedy Ranch Spohn Ranch
Killam Ranch Laredo East
Killam Siding Retama Creek
Krueger Ranch Mesteno Creek South
La Bota Ranch Laredo West
La Coma Windmill Orvil
La Mesa Ranch Cerritos Blancos
La Volanta Windmill Biel Lake South
Lake Pasture Windmill Tios Creek
Las Mujeres Ranch Biel Lake South
Las Pintas Ranch Biel Lake North
Los Ojuelos Oilton
Macana Windmill Orvil
Mil Ojos Camp Tios Creek
Miller Ranch San Pedro Hill
Mills Bennett Mills Bennett
Mocho Windmill Orvil
Mrs B Carr Mesteno Creek South
Mrs Brown Mesteno Creek North
Nido Ranch Nido Ranch
Nido Windmill Nido Ranch
Old Ranch Windmill Cuervo Creek
Orvil Windmill Orvil
Perone Ranch San Pedro Hill
Piedra Parada Ranch Piedra Parada Ranch
Pilotes Ranch Pinto Creek
Pilotes Ranch Pinto Creek
Pita Windmill Mills Bennett SW
Pratt Windmill Nido Ranch
Puig Ranch Dos Hermanos Peaks
R J Wellhausen Mesteno Creek North
Rancho Corazon Nuevo Tios Creek
Retama Ranch Cuervo Creek
Riverdrive Shopping Center Laredo West
Roberts Ranch Tordillo Creek
Ruben Windmill San Pablo
San Jose Ranch Albercas Ranch
San Juan Ranch Nido Ranch
San Ramon Ranch Callaghan Ranch North
San Ygnacio Ranch Tios Creek
Santa Elena Ranch Cuervo Creek
Saul Ranch Pinto Creek
Shipp Ranch Shipp Ranch
Snakel Ranch Galvan Ranch
South Windmill Nido Ranch
Spohn Ranch Spohn Ranch
Star Ranch Mesteno Creek South
Tasal Windmill Orvil
The Old Ranch Callaghan Ranch SE
Thomas Ranch Pinto Creek
Tiendas Windmill Cuervo Creek
Tordillo Windmill Nido Ranch
Tule Windmill Nido Ranch
Upper Columbia Crossing South of San Pedro Hill
Upper Windmill San Pablo
Wayne Ranch San Pedro Hill
Welder Dobie Ranch Biel Lake North
Yugo Ranch Burrito Tank

This is a list of all the locales in Webb County, Texas. In some cases there are duplicate names so try to select the one you are looking for based on the USGS quad topo map name which is often a recognizable feature or town nearby.