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Topo Map of Reservoirs in Webb County, Texas

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Reservoirs in Webb County Texas

Place USGS Topo Map
A R Sanchez Lake Laredo South
Abbott and Clapp Lake Alamito Creek
Abras Tank Cibolo Ranch
Aguila Tank Dolores Ranch
Anita Tank Dolores Ranch
Anzuelo Tank Shipp Ranch
Apache Ranch Lake Dos Hermanos Peaks
Arrowhead Tank Biel Lake North
Bad Bottom Tank Tios Creek
Baltazar Tank Shipp Ranch
Bandido Tank Shipp Ranch
Beatris Tank Piedra Parada Ranch
Beef Tank Piedra Parada Ranch
Biel Lake Biel Lake North
Big Tank Cuervo Creek
Blackio Tank Shipp Ranch
Blanca Tank Mills Bennett SW
Blind Trap Tank Cibolo Ranch
Bonita Tank Cibolo Ranch
Borrego Tank Shipp Ranch
Borregos Tank Cibolo Ranch
Bowles Lake Piedra Creek SE
Brahmas Tank Mills Bennett SW
Briscoe Lake East Losa Tank
Briscoe Ranch Lake Chupadera Creek
Broke Tank Spohn Ranch
Broken Tank Cibolo Ranch
Bruni Tank Laredo East
Bull Trap Tank Dolores Ranch
Bull Trap Tank Orvil
Burrito Tank Burrito Tank
Burro Tank Piedra Parada Ranch
Burro Tank Piedra Parada Tank
Burro Tank Mills Bennett NW
Caballero Tank Shipp Ranch
Caballo Tank Shipp Ranch
Calabaza Tank Orvil
Calabazas Pond Nido Ranch
Callaghan Tank Cibolo Ranch
Camisa Tank Cerritos Blancos
Candido Tank Mills Bennett SW
Cannel Tank Dolores Ranch
Carlos Tank Dolores Ranch
Casa Blanca Lake Laredo East
Casa Blanca Tank Dolores Ranch
Cascavel Tank Las Tiendas
Castillo Tank Burrito Tank
Casuela Tank Cibolo Ranch
Cerritos Tank Orvil
Certificado Tank Shipp Ranch
Charo Tank Mills Bennett
Chenecas Tank Shipp Ranch
Chupahueso Lake Number 2 Las Tiendas
Cochio Tank Las Tiendas
Colorado Flat Tank Tios Creek
Colorado Tank Shipp Ranch
Colwell Lake Dam Alamito Creek
Comitas Tank Nido Ranch
Contreras Tank Piedra Parada Ranch
Corner Tank Piedra Parada Ranch
Corner Tank Orvil
Cuates Tank Cibolo Ranch
Dam Number 1 Laredo South
Dan Tank Biel Lake North
De Cavasos Tank Cibolo Ranch
De La Garza Tank Mills Bennett SW
De Spain Tank Mills Bennett NW
Deer Tank Spohn Ranch
Deer Trap Tank Dolores Ranch
Deer Trap Tank Orvil
Diller Tank Mills Bennett SW
Docha Tank Nido Ranch
Dry Fourmile Tank Spohn Ranch
Dry Tank Orvil
East Side Tank Orvil
El Valle Tank Burrito Tank
Ernesto Tank Dolores Ranch
Escondida Tank Cibolo Ranch
Escondido Tank Dolores Ranch
Escondido Tank Shipp Ranch
Espita Tank Dos Hermanos Peaks
Estaban Tank Dolores Ranch
Estep Tank Piedra Parada Ranch
Evan Tank Shipp Ranch
Fallout Tank Biel Lake North
Flores Lake Blancas Creek North
Fourmile Tank Spohn Ranch
Frank Nunley Lake Venado Creek East
Fransesca Tank Dolores Ranch
Galvan South River Tank Pinto Creek
Gates Lake Mills Bennett NW
Gates Lake Number 1 Landrum Tank
Gates Lake Number 2 Velenzuela Creek
Gault Tank Tios Creek
Gene Walker Lake Agua Azul Creek East
Guajillo Tank Nido Ranch
Herarradura Tank Shipp Ranch
Highline Tank Tios Creek
Highline Tank Orvil
Hirsch Estate Lake Retama Creek
Hirsch Estate Lake Number 2 Callaghan Ranch North
Hog Tank Cibolo Ranch
Home Tank Piedra Parada Ranch
Home Tank Mills Bennett
Hondo Tank Cerritos Blancos
House Tank Tios Creek
Huasache Tank Cuervo Creek
Hubbard Lake Number 1 Agua Azul Creek West
Hubbard Lake Number 2 Blancas Creek South
Huisache Tank Cibolo Ranch
Huisache Tank Cerritos Blancos
Huisachosa Tank Shipp Ranch
Huisachosa Tank Nido Ranch
Iron Pasture Tank Laredo East
Javalina Tank Shipp Ranch
Jave Tank Burrito Tank
Javelina Tank Dolores Ranch
Jefferies Tank Las Tiendas
Jillo Tank Mills Bennett SW
Johnny Tank Mills Bennett SW
Johnson Waterhole Number One San Pedro Hill
Juan Tank Orvil
Kennedy Tank Spohn Ranch
Killam Lake Number 1 Retama Creek
Killam Lake Number 2 Laredo East
Kuykendall Tank Cibolo Ranch
La Bandera Tank Spohn Ranch
La Euraca Tank Spohn Ranch
La Mesa Ranch Lake San Pedro Hill
La Mula Tank Las Tiendas
La Presa Azul Laredo West
La Presa Grande Orvil
La Rosita Tank Agua Azul Creek West
La Z Tank Cerritos Blancos
Lake Casa Blanca Laredo East
Las Tablas Tank Spohn Ranch
Las Tijeras Tank Cibolo Ranch
Lassos Tank Burrito Tank
Leo Flores Lake Laredo East
Leona Tank Shipp Ranch
Leyendecker Lake Laredo South
Link Lake Number 1 Laredo South
Link Lake Number 2 Laredo South
Little Beef Tank Piedra Parada Ranch
Little Colorado Tank Shipp Ranch
Llorona Tank Burrito Tank
Los Lasos Tank Agua Azul Creek West
Los Saus Tank Mills Bennett SW
Loza Tank Chupadera Creek
Lundell Lake Piedra Parada Ranch
Manadas Creek Lake Laredo West
Mars Tank Laredo East
Martin Lake Retama Creek
Martinena Ranch Lake Venado Creek East
Martinez Lake Laredo South
McElrow Tank Shipp Ranch
Middle Huisache Tank Cibolo Ranch
Middle Pasture Lake Cuervo Creek
Middle Pond Nido Ranch
Middle Tank Mills Bennett
Middle Tios Tank Tios Creek
Mil Ojos Camp Lake Tios Creek
Milstead Lake Galvan Ranch
Minnie Martin Lake Laredo South
New Pool Tank Cibolo Ranch
Nicholson Lake Alamito Creek
Nicholson Ranch Lake Number 2 Alamito Creek
Nido Tank Nido Ranch
North Apache Ranch Lake Big Apache Hill
Nunley Lake Alamito Creek NE
Nunley Lake Number 2 Alamito Creek NE
Nunley Lake Number 3 Caiman Creek SE
O’Keefe Lake O'Keefe Lake
Ojita Tank East Losa Tank
Oliver Tank Piedra Parada Ranch
Oliver Tank Shipp Ranch
Palo Blanco Tank Cerritos Blancos
Palo Blanco Tank Nido Ranch
Parrilla Tank Biel Lake North
Paul Young Ranch Lake Laredo East
Pecadito Tank Burrito Tank
Pelon Tank Shipp Ranch
Piedra Parada Tank Piedra Parada Tank
Pina Tank Mills Bennett SW
Pinto Valle Tank Dolores Ranch
Plutarco Tank Piedra Parada Ranch
Pola Tank Shipp Ranch
Pool Tank Cibolo Ranch
Poole Tank Cibolo Ranch
Poso Tank Mills Bennett SW
Potrero Arriba Tank Shipp Ranch
Presita Tank Laredo East
Quiros Lake Shipp Ranch
Rafael B Garcia Reservoir Laredo South
Ranch Tank Laredo South
Ranch Viejo Tank Shipp Ranch
Ranchita Tank Dolores Ranch
Rancho Blanco Lake O'Keefe Lake
Red Tank Piedra Parada Ranch
Red Tank Cibolo Ranch
Retama Tank Biel Lake North
Retama Tank Burrito Tank
Retamosa Tank Mills Bennett SW
Reynolds Tank Shipp Ranch
Rincon Tank Dolores Ranch
Round Corner Tank Spohn Ranch
Royal Tank Orvil
Ruperto Tank Mills Bennett SW
Salinas Tank Cuervo Creek
San Juan Tank Nido Ranch
San Ramon Fish Pond Laredo South
Sandia Tank Dolores Ranch
Sandia Tank Cibolo Ranch
Santo Tomas Tank Cerritos Blancos
Sauce Tank Mills Bennett SW
Sauses Tank Cuervo Creek
Scarborough Tank Piedra Parada Ranch
Scot Camp Tank Dolores Ranch
South Apache Ranch Lake Big Apache Hill
South Colorado Tank Tios Creek
Spohn Ranch Lake Las Tiendas
Stehl Tank Piedra Parada Ranch
Steven Tank Piedra Parada Ranch
Surprise Tank Cuervo Creek
Swisher Lake Callaghan Ranch North
Tapon Tank Laredo South
Tapon Tank Las Tiendas
Tasita Tank Dolores Ranch
Taylor Tank Burrito Tank
Tejones Tank Cerritos Blancos
Tiller Lake Velenzuela Creek
Tinajas Tank Shipp Ranch
Tios Trap Tank Laredo East
Tordillo Tank Tordillo Creek
Tortuga Tank Orvil
Trap Tank Shipp Ranch
Traylor Lake Caiman Creek SE
Traylor Lake Number 2 Alamito Creek NE
Tres Picos Tank Mills Bennett SW
Trevino Lake Blancas Creek North
Twin Tanks Cerritos Blancos
Ugarte Tank Laredo East
Upper Field Tank San Pablo
Vaquillas Lake Number 2 Shipp Ranch
Vaquillas Lake Number 3 Agua Azul Creek East
Vaquillas Ranch Lake Number 4 Agua Azul Creek East
Vaquillas Reservoir Piedra Parada Tank
Varal Tank Laredo South
Vela Tank Mills Bennett SW
Venado Tank Piedra Parada Ranch
Venado Tank Shipp Ranch
Venados Tank Nido Ranch
Venancio Tank Dolores Ranch
Vinateria Tank Shipp Ranch
Walker Lake Alamito Creek
Webb Tank Piedra Parada Ranch
West Novillos Tank Tios Creek
Willow Tank Mills Bennett NW
Willow Tank Tios Creek
Windmill Pit Tank Tios Creek
Wonder Tank Cuervo Creek
Woodpecker Tank Biel Lake North
Zachry Lake Number 2 O'Keefe Lake
Zachry Lake Number 3 O'Keefe Lake

This is a list of all the reservoirs in Webb County, Texas. In some cases there are duplicate names so try to select the one you are looking for based on the USGS quad topo map name which is often a recognizable feature or town nearby.