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Topo Map of Valleys in Tooele County, Utah

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Valleys in Tooele County Utah

Place USGS Topo Map
Accident Canyon Gold Hill
Alma Young Canyon Mercur
Antelope Canyon Deseret Peak West
Archers Canyon Bingham Canyon
Arts Canyon Goshute
Bagley Gulch Clifton
Baker Canyon North Willow Canyon
Balsam Hollow Stockton
Baltimore Gulch Bingham Canyon
Barlow Canyon Boulter Peak
Barlow Hollow Terra
Barney Reevey Gulch Clifton
Bates Canyon Tooele
Bear Hollow Bingham Canyon
Beards Hollow Craner Peak
Bell Canyon Boulter Peak
Ben Allen Canyon Plug Peak
Ben Harrison Gulch Stockton
Bevans Gulch Stockton
Big Canyon Farnsworth Peak
Big Canyon Johnson Pass
Big Creek Canyon Deseret Peak West
Big Granite Canyon Salt Mountain
Big Hollow Johnson Pass
Big Pole Canyon Salt Mountain
Black Rock Canyon Farnsworth Peak
Black Rock Canyon Boulter Peak
Blood Canyon Clifton
Blue Canyon Johnson Pass
Bowman Gulch Ophir
Box Canyon Salt Mountain
Box Canyon Ferber Peak
Box Elder Canyon Deseret Peak East
Box Elder Wash Grantsville
Broad Canyon Flux
Broad Canyon Indian Springs
Buckhorn Canyon Dugway Range NW
Bullion Canyon Dugway Proving Ground SW
Burned Canyon Erickson Knoll
Burnt Canyon Onaqui Mountains South
Burridge Canyon Johnson Pass
Busby Canyon Gold Hill
Cabin Gulch Clifton
Campbell Canyon Graham Peak
Cane Canyon Plug Peak
Cannon Canyon Dugway Range NW
Cave Canyon Graham Peak
Cave Canyon Johnson Pass
Chandler Fork Lowe Peak
Chokecherry Canyon Goshute Canyon
Chokecherry Canyon Salt Mountain
Chokecherry Canyon Johnson Pass
Christiansen Canyon Ibapah
Coal Pit Canyon North Willow Canyon
Cold Spring Canyon Goshute
Corral Canyon Corral Canyon
Cottonwood Canyon Erickson Knoll
Cow Hollow Deseret Peak East
Coyote Canyon Farnsworth Peak
Craner Canyon Craner Peak
Dairy Canyon Leppy Peak
Davenport Canyon North Willow Canyon
Dead Cedar Wash Ferguson Flat
Deadman Canyon Terra
Death Canyon Indian Springs
Deep Creek Valley Ochre Mountain
Donner Canyon Graham Peak
Dry Canyon Bingham Canyon
Dry Canyon North Willow Canyon
Dry Canyon Deseret Peak West
Dry Canyon Indian Peaks
Dry Canyon Ophir
Dry Canyon Clifton
Dugway Valley Dugway Proving Ground SE
Durse Canyon Goshute
East Faust Canyon Onaqui Mountains South
East Hickman Canyon South Mountain
Edwards Canyon Boulter Peak
Edwards Fork Stockton
Eightmile Canyon Goshute
Eightmile Wash Callao
Engelmann Canyon Dugway Range NE
Fandangle Canyon Dugway Range NE
Faraday Hollow Deseret Peak East
Fera Canyon Dugway Range NE
Ferber Wash Ferguson Flat
Ferber Wash Elephant Knoll
Fish Springs Wash Fish Springs NE
Flood Canyon Bingham Canyon
Footes Canyon Coyote Springs
Gerster Gulch Ochre Mountain
Gilson Canyon Dugway Range NW
Gold Hill Wash Gold Hill Wash
Goshute Canyon Goshute Canyon
Goshute Wash Goshute Wash
Grassy Canyon Coyote Springs
Green Ravine Farnsworth Peak
Grove Hollow Dutch Peak
Guilmette Gulch Ibapah
Hall Canyon Mercur
Hard to Beat Canyon Erickson Knoll
Hardscrabble Canyon Goshute Canyon
Harker Canyon Dutch Peak
Harkers Canyon Lowe Peak
Hartmann Gulch Ophir
Hellhole Canyon Faust
Hicks Gulch Ibapah
Indian Canyon Coyote Springs
Indian Hickman Deseret Peak West
Indian Wash Coyote Springs
Jenkins Canyon Graham Peak
Kelly Canyon Ibapah
Kelly Canyon Goshute
Kelsey Canyon Stockton
Kimball Canyon Flux
Lamb Gulch Clifton
Leavetts Canyon Bingham Canyon
Lee Canyon Indian Peaks
Lee Canyon Johnson Pass
Left Fork South Oak Brush Canyon Erickson Knoll
Left Hand Fork Kelsey Canyon Stockton
Left Hand Fork Settlement Canyon Tooele
Left Hand Fork Soldier Canyon Lowe Peak
Left Hand Stump Fork Stockton
Little Granite Canyon Salt Mountain
Little Pole Canyon Salt Mountain
Little Red Pine Canyon Lookout Pass
Little Valley Onaqui Mountains South
Little Valley Gold Hill
Log Canyon Lookout Pass
Long Trail Gulch Mercur
Lost Canyon Graham Peak
Lost Canyon Coyote Springs
Lucy L Gulch Gold Hill
Mack Canyon North Willow Canyon
Magpie Canyon North Willow Canyon
McFait Canyon Mercur
Meadow Canyon Mercur
Mercur Canyon Ophir
Middle Canyon Tooele
Middle Canyon Lookout Pass
Mill Canyon Boulter Peak
Mill Fork Deseret Peak East
Miners Canyon Flux
Miners Canyon Boulter Peak
Mining Fork of South Willow Canyon Deseret Peak East
Mitchell Canyon Mercur
Monarch Canyon Craner Peak
Monument Canyon Salt Mountain
Morgan Canyon Deseret Peak East
Morgan Hollow Deseret Peak East
Mountain Sheep Canyon Craner Peak
Muskrat Canyon Timpie
North Broons Canyon Salt Mountain
North Fork Durse Canyon Goshute
North Fork Swensons Canyon Bingham Canyon
North Pass Canyon Clifton
North Pine Canyon Lookout Pass
North Willow Canyon North Willow Canyon
Open A Canyon Ibapah
Ophir Canyon Ophir
Overland Canyon Clifton
Pass Canyon Plug Peak NW
Pass Canyon Bingham Canyon
Pass Canyon Salt Mountain
Peepstone Canyon Craner Peak
Picnic Canyon Lowe Peak
Pine Canyon Bingham Canyon
Pipe Hollow Stockton
Pismire Wash Dugway Proving Ground SE
Pole Canyon Farnsworth Peak
Pole Canyon Bingham Canyon
Pole Canyon Goshute Canyon
Pony Express Canyon Ibapah
Pool Canyon Gold Hill
Pope Canyon North Willow Canyon
Post Hollow Tabbys Peak SE
Post Hollow Onaqui Mountains South
Puddle Valley Sally Mountain
Raul Canyon Coyote Springs
Reilly Canyon Goshute Canyon
Right Fork Carter Canyon Craner Peak
Right Fork South Oak Brush Canyon Erickson Knoll
Right Hand Dry Fork Stockton
Right Hand Fork Stockton
Right Hand Fork Kelsey Canyon Stockton
Right Hand Fork Soldier Canyon Lowe Peak
Right Hand Stump Fork Stockton
Ripple Valley Finger Ridge
Rock Canyon Indian Peaks
Rock Canyon Onaqui Mountains South
Rock Canyon Lookout Pass
Rocky Canyon Coyote Springs
Rocky Canyon Goshute
Rodenhouse Wash Gold Hill Wash
Rogers Canyon Farnsworth Peak
Round Canyon Salt Mountain
Round Valley Georgetta Ranch
Royal Gulch Gold Hill
Rush Valley South Mountain
Rydalch Canyon Wig Mountain NE
Rydalch Canyon Tabbys Peak
Sacramento Gulch Mercur
Saint Jeor Canyon Johnson Pass
Serviceberry Canyon Johnson Pass
Serviceberry Canyon Lowe Peak
Settlement Canyon Tooele
Settlement Canyon Johnson Pass
Sevy Canyon Ibapah
Shanty Canyon Plug Peak
Sharpes Valley Lofgreen
Sheep Canyon Clifton
Sheeprock Canyon Erickson Knoll
Sheridan Gulch Ibapah
Shingle Gulch Lowe Peak
Silcox Canyon Stockton
Silver Island Canyon Floating Island
Silverado Canyon Ophir
Simonson Canyon Ibapah
Simpson Canyon Simpson Springs
Six Horse Pass Canyon Wig Mountain NE
Six Horse Pass Canyon Tabbys Peak
Skull Faust Canyon Onaqui Mountains South
Skull Valley Timpie
Slate Rock Hollow Johnson Pass
Slow Elk Wash Coyote Springs
Snow Hollow Dutch Peak
Soldier Canyon South Mountain
South Broons Canyon Salt Mountain
South Fork Durse Canyon Goshute
South Fork Ophir Canyon Lowe Peak
South Fork Swensons Canyon Bingham Canyon
South Oak Brush Canyon Little Creek Peak
South Pine Canyon Erickson Knoll
South Willow Canyon Grantsville
Southport Gulch Stockton
Spotted Fawn Canyon Gold Hill
Spring Canyon Bingham Canyon
Spring Canyon Deseret Peak West
Spring Canyon Lookout Pass
Stansbury Gulch Corral Canyon
Straight Canyon Dugway Range NE
Sunshine Canyon Mercur
Swensons Canyon Bingham Canyon
Tabbys Canyon Corral Canyon
Talawag Canyon Lookout Pass
Tank Wash Elephant Knoll SE
Timpie Valley Flux
Tooele Valley Flux
Trail Gulch Elephant Knoll
Tribune Gulch Gold Hill
Trippe Gulch Clifton
Uiyabi Canyon Clifton
Vickory Canyon Johnson Pass
Vindicator Canyon Craner Peak
Water Fork Settlement Canyon Stockton
Welch Canyon South Mountain
West Canyon North Willow Canyon
West Dip Gulch Ophir
White Pine Canyon Lowe Peak
White Rocks Canyon North Willow Canyon
Wide Hollow Tabbys Peak SE
Wildcat Canyon Tabbys Peak
Willow Canyon Miners Canyon
Willow Spring Wash Callao

This is a list of all the valleys in Tooele County, Utah. In some cases there are duplicate names so try to select the one you are looking for based on the USGS quad topo map name which is often a recognizable feature or town nearby.