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Topo Map of Springs in Uintah County, Utah

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Springs in Uintah County Utah

Place USGS Topo Map
Ashley Spring Steinaker Reservoir
Aspen Spring Burnt Cabin Gorge
Aspen Spring Burnt Cabin Gorge
Barker Spring Burnt Cabin Gorge
Bassett Spring Burnt Cabin Gorge
Bear Seep Lake Mountain
Bear Spring Dyer Mountain
Bear Wallow Spring Lake Mountain
Beck Spring Dry Fork
Beeler Spring Lake Mountain
Bench Spring Ice Cave Peak
Bills Spring Lake Mountain
Birch Spring Ice Cave Peak
Bishop Spring Firewater Canyon South
Black Horse Spring Tom Patterson Canyon
Blair Spring Jensen Ridge
Bodily Spring Taylor Mountain
Boone Spring Island Park
Boundary Spring Burnt Cabin Gorge
Bowrey Spring Jensen Ridge
Box Spring Dry Fork
Brush Creek Spring Dyer Mountain
Buckboard Spring Burnt Cabin Gorge
Buckhorn Spring Lake Mountain
Bull Spring Burnt Cabin Gorge
Bullionville Spring Dyer Mountain
Bum Spring Lake Mountain
Burch Spring Dry Fork
Burton Seep Lake Mountain
Canyon Spring Lake Mountain
Cedar Point Spring Lake Mountain
Charleys Park Spring Dry Fork
Charlie Brown Spring Wolf Flat
Chenab Spring Lake Mountain
Chicken Spring Dry Fork
Chicken Spring Burnt Cabin Gorge
Chicken Spring Lake Mountain
Chivers Spring Dry Fork
Chokecherry Spring Dry Fork
Clear Spring Wolf Flat
Coal Bed Spring Jensen Ridge
Colton Spring Dyer Mountain
Corral Spring Lake Mountain
Cottonwood Spring Vernal NW
Cottonwood Spring Island Park
Cottonwood Spring Wolf Flat
Cove Spring Lake Mountain
Cow Spring Lake Mountain
Cuch Spring Ice Cave Peak
Davis Spring Cliff Ridge
Davis Spring Dyer Mountain
Deep Creek Spring Lake Mountain
Diamond Spring Blair Basin
Dodds Hollow Spring Dyer Mountain
Douglas Spring Lake Mountain
Dryland Spring Lake Mountain
East End Spring Dry Fork
Elder Spring Split Mountain
Flat Rock Spring Burnt Timber Canyon
Flat Rock Spring Flat Rock Mesa
Flat Spring Lake Mountain
Freestone Spring Burnt Cabin Gorge
Galloway Spring Taylor Mountain
Gartell Spring Dyer Mountain
Gibson Spring Dyer Mountain
Glen Spring Red Wash NW
Gorge Spring Tom Patterson Canyon
Gorge Spring Burnt Cabin Gorge
Green Spring Marsh Peak
Grouse Flat Spring Lake Mountain
Hawthorn Spring Dry Fork
Henline Spring Dyer Mountain
Horricks Spring Ice Cave Peak
Ice Cave Spring Ice Cave Peak
Indian Spring Burnt Timber Canyon
Indian Spring Lake Mountain
Iron Spring Dyer Mountain
Jones Hole Springs Jones Hole
Judith Spring Firewater Canyon South
June Spring Dry Fork
Kabell Spring Dyer Mountain
Knoll Spring Lake Mountain
Lake Canyon Spring Lake Mountain
Lightning Spring Lake Mountain
Limestone Spring Burnt Cabin Gorge
Lind Spring Dry Fork
Little Doggie Spring Wolf Flat
Lower Big Tom Hollow Spring Ice Cave Peak
Lower Bottom Spring Lake Mountain
Lower Flat Seep Lake Mountain
Lower Flat Spring Lake Mountain
Lyles Hole Spring Lake Mountain
Lyman Spring Lake Mountain
Marvin Spring Burnt Cabin Gorge
McKee Spring Island Park
McKee Spring Burnt Cabin Gorge
Merkley Spring Steinaker Reservoir
Middle Mountain Seep Lake Mountain
Middle Spring Dry Fork
Mill Canyon Spring Lake Mountain
Mud Spring Davis Canyon
Mud Spring Dyer Mountain
Mud Spring Dry Fork
Mule Hollow Spring Lake Mountain
Murray Park Spring Dyer Mountain
Murray Spring Ice Cave Peak
North Point Seep Lake Mountain
Odekirk Spring Pariette Draw SW
Paradise Spring Dyer Mountain
Parson City Spring Dyer Mountain
Pine Spring Pine Spring Canyon
Point Spring Burnt Cabin Gorge
Point Spring Dyer Mountain
Prospector Spring Lake Mountain
Rat Spring Ice Cave Peak
Red Pine Spring Ice Cave Peak
Roaring Fork Spring Dyer Mountain
Sage Hen Spring Lake Mountain
Sand Point Spring Ice Cave Peak
Secret Spring Wolf Flat
Shelmadine Spring Dyer Mountain
Shindy Spring Dry Fork
Single Trough Spring Steinaker Reservoir
Smelter Spring Lake Mountain
Snider Spring Steinaker Reservoir
Sprouse Spring Lake Mountain
Squaw Spring Steinaker Reservoir
Squaw Spring Blair Basin
Squaw Spring Lake Mountain
Sulphur Spring Big Pack Mountain SE
Sulphur Spring Ice Cave Peak
Sweet Water Spring Tom Patterson Canyon
Switchback Spring Jensen Ridge
Tabyago Spring Dog Knoll
Three Trough Spring Dyer Mountain
Tom Patterson Spring Tom Patterson Canyon
Trail Canyon Spring Wolf Point
Trout Spring Dyer Mountain
Upper Big Tom Hollow Spring Ice Cave Peak
Uranium Spring Lake Mountain
Uriah Heap Springs Whiterocks
Walkup Spring Lake Mountain
Warden Spring Lake Mountain
Warm Springs Split Mountain
Willow Spring Seep Canyon
Willow Springs Dry Fork
Woodard Spring Ice Cave Peak

This is a list of all the springs in Uintah County, Utah. In some cases there are duplicate names so try to select the one you are looking for based on the USGS quad topo map name which is often a recognizable feature or town nearby.