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Topo Map of Valleys in Uintah County, Utah

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Valleys in Uintah County Utah

Place USGS Topo Map
Agency Draw Big Pack Mountain SE
Alcorn Hollow Lake Mountain
Alger Draw Big Pack Mountain
Alger Draw Nutters Hole
Alma Taylor Hollow Dry Fork
Antelope Draw Ouray SE
Ashley Gorge Steinaker Reservoir
Ashley Valley Rasmussen Hollow
Ashley Valley Vernal SE
Asphalt Wash Asphalt Wash
Atchee Canyon Dragon
Atchees Wash Asphalt Wash
Augusi Canyon Tom Patterson Canyon
Bally Buck Canyon Cooper Canyon
Baser Wash Rasmussen Hollow
Bathtub Trough Ice Cave Peak
Beach Draw Split Mountain
Bean Draw Dinosaur Quarry
Bear Canyon San Arroyo Ridge
Bear Hollow Split Mountain
Bear Hollow Jackson Draw
Berry Canyon Pine Spring Canyon
Betts Cove Blair Basin
Big Asphalt Canyon Pine Spring Canyon
Big Brush Gorge Donkey Flat
Big Canyon Firewater Canyon North
Big Canyon Wolf Point
Big Doggie Canyon Flat Rock Mesa
Big Draw Jones Hole
Big Tom Hollow Ice Cave Peak
Big Wash Pariette Draw SW
Bishop Canyon Firewater Canyon North
Black Canyon Dry Fork
Black Horse Canyon Tom Patterson Canyon
Blair Draw Island Park
Blind Canyon Pine Spring Canyon
Blind Draw Cliff Ridge
Bottle Hollow Fort Duchesne
Boulevard Canyon Burnt Timber Canyon
Bourdette Draw Jensen
Box Elder Canyon Burnt Timber Canyon
Brewer Canyon Burnt Timber Canyon
Bridger Canyon Ice Cave Peak
Broome Canyon Big Pack Mountain SE
Brown Canyon Big Pack Mountain NW
Brownie Canyon Lake Mountain
Buck Camp Canyon Buck Camp Canyon
Buck Canyon Agency Draw NE
Buckhorn Canyon Donkey Flat
Bull Canyon Wolf Point
Burnt Cabin Gorge Burnt Cabin Gorge
Burnt Canyon Moonwater Point
Burnt Timber Canyon Burnt Timber Canyon
Camp Canyon Donkey Flat
Castle Peak Draw Uteland Butte
Cat Canyon Dog Knoll
Center Fork Asphalt Wash Asphalt Wash
Chandler Canyon Chandler Falls
Chicken Coop Draw Donkey Flat
Chimney Canyon Dog Knoll
Chipeta Canyon Tom Patterson Canyon
Cliff Dweller Canyon Seep Canyon
Cobble Hollow Roosevelt
Collier Draw Vernal SE
Colton Hollow Dyer Mountain
Constantine Canyon Donkey Flat
Cooper Canyon Cooper Canyon
Cottonwood Canyon Firewater Canyon North
Cottonwood Canyon Firewater Canyon North
Cottonwood Canyon Donkey Flat
Cottonwood Canyon Wolf Flat
Cottonwood Wash Ouray SE
Cottonwood Wash Dinosaur Quarry
Cow Hollow Taylor Mountain
Cow Wash Cliff Ridge
Cowboy Canyon Walsh Knolls
Coyote Wash Red Wash SW
Cripple Horse Canyon Weaver Ridge
Crooked Canyon Cooper Canyon
Crow Roost Canyon Pine Spring Canyon
Daniels Canyon Split Mountain
Davenport Draw Jackson Draw
Davis Canyon Davis Canyon
Davis Hollow Dyer Mountain
Death Canyon Wolf Flat
Death Trap Canyon Cooper Canyon
Desert Spring Wash Moon Bottom
Diamond Gulch Jones Hole
Dick Canyon Rat Hole Ridge
Docs Valley Split Mountain
Dodds Hollow Dyer Mountain
Dog Knoll Draw Nutters Hole
Dragon Canyon Dragon
Dry Burn Canyon Tom Patterson Canyon
Dry Canyon San Arroyo Ridge
Dry Hollow Jackson Draw
Dry PR Canyon Seep Canyon
Dugout Canyon Pine Spring Canyon
Dutch Charles Draw Burnt Cabin Gorge
East Cottonwood Canyon Donkey Flat
East Draw Burnt Cabin Gorge
East Fork Asphalt Wash Rainbow
East Fork Cottonwood Wash Big Pack Mountain SE
East Fork Saddletree Draw Asphalt Wash
East Seep Canyon Rainbow
East Squaw Canyon Agency Draw NW
East Tom Patterson Canyon Tom Patterson Canyon
Elkhorn Trough Ice Cave Peak
Enchanted Canyon Steinaker Reservoir
Fantasy Canyon Red Wash SW
Fatty Canyon Rat Hole Ridge
Firewater Canyon Firewater Canyon North
Fourmile Wash Moon Bottom
Gompers Canyon Dyer Mountain
Gorge Canyon Tom Patterson Canyon
Gorge Draw Island Park
Graveyard Draw Island Park
Greek Canyon San Arroyo Ridge
Green Canyon Agency Draw NW
Green Draw Agency Draw NW
Grizzly Hollow Burnt Cabin Gorge
Halfway Hollow Vernal SW
Hamacker Bottoms Vernal SE
Hanging Rock Hollow Asphalt Wash
Hells Hole Canyon Southam Canyon
Hells Hole Canyon Weaver Ridge
Hideout Canyon Pine Spring Canyon
Hog Canyon Split Mountain
Hole in the Wall Canyon Donkey Flat
Horse Trail Canyon Island Park
Horsecorn Canyon Agency Draw NW
Independence Canyon Donkey Flat
Indian Hollow Burnt Cabin Gorge
Indian Ridge Canyon Cooper Canyon
Indian Spring Canyon Burnt Timber Canyon
Island Park Fault Split Mountain
Jackpot Canyon Donkey Flat
Jacks Canyon Seep Canyon
Jacks Wagon Road Canyon Pine Spring Canyon
Jackson Draw Jackson Draw
Jackson Draw Jackson Draw
Jensen Wash Naples
Jim Little Canyon Big Pack Mountain NW
Jims Reservoir Canyon Agency Draw NE
Johns Canyon Tom Patterson Canyon
Johnson Draw Big Pack Mountain
Jones Hole Jones Hole
Kabell Hollow Burnt Cabin Gorge
Kaler Hollow Dyer Mountain
Kane Hollow Jensen
Kane Hollow Burnt Cabin Gorge
Kennedy Wash Red Wash SE
Kings Canyon Moon Bottom
Klondike Canyon Cooper Canyon
Lambson Draw Jackson Draw
Lee Canyon Rat Hole Ridge
Lees Hollow Ice Cave Peak
Left Fork Big Asphalt Canyon Pine Spring Canyon
Left Fork Walker Hollow Jensen
Limekiln Draw Island Park
Little Asphalt Canyon Pine Spring Canyon
Little Bull Canyon Wolf Point
Little Doggie Canyon Flat Rock Mesa
Little Johnny Canyon Pine Spring Canyon
Little Monument Canyon Cooper Canyon
Little Rock House Canyon Firewater Canyon North
Long Draw Rainbow
Lower Bottom Canyon Wolf Point
Lower Wagon Canyon Flat Rock Mesa
Mail Canyon Black Knolls
Mail Draw Crouse Reservoir
Main Bottom Canyon Wolf Point
Main Canyon Agency Draw NE
Mantle Gulch Naples
Mary Cashem Canyon Burnt Cabin Gorge
Meadow Canyon Cedar Camp Canyon
Mexican Canyon Flat Rock Mesa
Mill Canyon Lake Mountain
Miners Draw Snake John Reef
Mitten Canyon Split Mountain
Moccasin Trail Canyon Tom Patterson Canyon
Montes Hollow Roosevelt
Monument Canyon Seep Canyon
Moonshine Canyon Tom Patterson Canyon
Moonshine Draw Split Mountain
Nelson Canyon Cooper Canyon
Oil Sand Canyon Flat Rock Mesa
Orchid Draw Dinosaur Quarry
Papoose Canyon Moonwater Point
Pariette Draw Ouray
Park Canyon Rainbow
Park Canyon Cooper Canyon
Pete Canyon Cooper Canyon
Peter Post Canyon Big Pack Mountain
Petes Wash Crow Knoll
Pine Canyon Dog Knoll
Pine Hollow Dyer Mountain
Pine Spring Canyon Pine Spring Canyon
Pleasant Valley Pariette Draw SW
Pleasant Valley Wash Pariette Draw SW
Pole Canyon Tom Patterson Canyon
Pole Line Wash Cliff Ridge
Pothole Canyon Donkey Flat
Powder Springs Wash Cliff Ridge
PR Canyon Tom Patterson Canyon
PR Canyon Tom Patterson Canyon
Railroad Canyon Tom Patterson Canyon
Rainbow Draw Island Park
Ralphs Canyon Ice Cave Peak
Rasmussen Hollow Rasmussen Hollow
Rat Hole Canyon Tom Patterson Canyon
Red Pine Canyon Ice Cave Peak
Red Wash Red Wash SW
Red Wash Dinosaur Quarry
Red Wash Jones Hole
Reservoir Canyon Cooper Canyon
Reservoir Canyon Cooper Canyon
Right Fork Big Asphalt Canyon Pine Spring Canyon
Right Fork Walker Hollow Jensen
Road Canyon Cooper Canyon
Road Draw Nutters Hole
Rock Canyon Steinaker Reservoir
Rock Spring Draw Nutters Hole
Rough Draw Island Park
Saddletree Draw Asphalt Wash
Sand Wash Red Wash SW
Sand Wash Vernal SW
School Section Canyon Flat Rock Mesa
Seep Canyon Cooper Canyon
Sheep Wash Moon Bottom
Shindy Draw Dry Fork
Side Canyon Davis Canyon
Sixmile Draw Island Park
Slick Rock Canyon Cooper Canyon
Snake John Wash Cliff Ridge
South Canyon Tom Patterson Canyon
South Fork Jensen Wash Jensen Ridge
South Rat Hole Canyon Rat Hole Ridge
South Rat Hole Canyon Rat Hole Ridge
Southam Canyon Southam Canyon
Split Mountain Canyon Dinosaur Quarry
Spring Hollow Rasmussen Hollow
Steinaker Draw Naples
Stone Bridge Draw Island Park
Stuntz Draw Stuntz Reservoir
Suicide Canyon Cooper Canyon
Sunday School Canyon Agency Draw NE
Sunshine Bench Naples
Sweet Water Canyon Cooper Canyon
Tabyago Canyon Duches Hole
Taylor Canyon Tom Patterson Canyon
Tent Canyon Rat Hole Ridge
Tent Canyon Rat Hole Ridge
The Gorge Burnt Cabin Gorge
Threemile Canyon Dragon
Tom Patterson Canyon Tom Patterson Canyon
Tony Canyon Rat Hole Ridge
Trail Canyon Pine Spring Canyon
Trail Canyon P R Spring
Trail Canyon Lake Mountain
Trail Draw Stuntz Reservoir
Trap Canyon Seep Canyon
Twelvemile Wash Vernal SE
Twin Sump Canyon Pine Spring Canyon
Uinta Valley Ouray
Upper Bottom Canyon Wolf Point
Upper Dry Gulch Canyon Tenmile Canyon North
Upper Wagon Canyon Flat Rock Mesa
Ute Canyon Wolf Point
Uteland Butte Wash Ouray
V Canyon Tenmile Canyon North
Wagon Hound Canyon Southam Canyon
Walker Hollow Rasmussen Hollow
Warren Draw Warren Draw
Warren Draw Warren Draw
Weatherbee Canyon Rat Hole Ridge
Weaver Canyon Weaver Ridge
Weaver Canyon Weaver Ridge
West Fork Asphalt Wash Asphalt Wash
West Fork Cottonwood Wash Big Pack Mountain SE
West Fork Saddletree Draw Asphalt Wash
West Squaw Draw Agency Draw NW
West Tabyago Canyon Duches Hole
West Tent Canyon Rat Hole Ridge
West Tom Patterson Canyon Tom Patterson Canyon
Whetrock Canyon Cedar Camp Canyon
Whirlpool Canyon Jones Hole
Wilcox Canyon Flat Rock Mesa
Wild Horse Canyon Steer Ridge Canyon
Wild Horse Canyon Pine Spring Canyon
Willow Canyon Seep Canyon
Willow Spring Draw Blair Basin
Window Canyon Wolf Point
Wire Fence Canyon Cedar Camp Canyon
Wolf Hollow Island Park
Wonsits Valley Brennan Basin
Wood Canyon Agency Draw NE
Zane Canyon Cooper Canyon

This is a list of all the valleys in Uintah County, Utah. In some cases there are duplicate names so try to select the one you are looking for based on the USGS quad topo map name which is often a recognizable feature or town nearby.