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Topo Map of Streams in Snohomish County, Washington

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Streams in Snohomish County Washington

Place USGS Topo Map
Allen Creek Marysville
Anderson Creek Maltby
Anderson Creek Index
Armstrong Creek Arlington West
Asbestos Creek Helena Ridge
Ashton Creek Fortson
Austin Creek Index
Backman Creek Helena Ridge
Baekos Creek Glacier Peak West
Baldy Creek Whitehorse Mountain
Barclay Creek Baring
Barr Creek Monroe
Bath Creek Dome Peak
Bear Creek Bothell
Bear Creek Gold Bar
Bear Creek Arlington East
Bear Creek Monte Cristo
Bear Creek Mallardy Ridge
Bear Creek Mount Stickney
Beaver Creek Silverton
Bedal Creek Bedal
Bender Creek Silverton
Benson Creek Verlot
Big Four Creek Lake Chaplain
Big Jim Creek Riley Lake
Bitter Creek Index
Black Creek Prairie Mountain
Black Creek Mallardy Ridge
Black Oak Creek White Chuck Mountain
Blackjack Creek Mallardy Ridge
Boardman Creek Mallardy Ridge
Boss Creek Index
Boulder Creek Verlot
Boulder Creek Mount Stickney
Boulder Creek Evergreen Mountain
Boulder River Mount Higgins
Bowser Creek Sloan Peak
Bridal Veil Creek Index
Brown Creek White Chuck Mountain
Buck Creek Huckleberry Mountain
Buck Creek Bedal
Buckeye Creek Whitehorse Mountain
Bullbucker Creek Evergreen Mountain
Burns Creek Helena Ridge
Burri Creek Everett
Cadet Creek Sloan Peak
Camp Creek Mount Pugh
Canyon Creek Granite Falls
Canyon Creek Index
Canyon Creek Gamma Peak
Canyon Creek Monte Cristo
Captain Creek Huckleberry Mountain
Carpenter Creek Lake Roesiger
Catherine Creek Lake Stevens
Chaplain Creek Lake Chaplain
Chetwot Creek Glacier Peak West
Chikamin Creek Glacier Peak West
Chocolate Creek Gamma Peak
Chocwich Creek Bedal
Church Creek Stanwood
Circle Creek Huckleberry Mountain
Clear Creek Helena Ridge
Clearing Creek Bothell
Coal Creek Silverton
Conn Creek White Chuck Mountain
Conrad Creek Prairie Mountain
Cook Slough Arlington West
Coon Creek Granite Falls
Copper Creek Helena Ridge
Cougar Creek Arlington West
Cougar Creek Sloan Peak
Cranberry Creek Verlot
Crandall Creek Sultan
Crawdad Creek Snohomish
Crystal Creek Gold Bar
Crystal Creek Mount Pugh
Cub Creek Riley Lake
Cutthroat Creek Bothell
Dan Creek Darrington
Dead Duck Creek Mount Pugh
Decline Creek Helena Ridge
Deer Creek Edmonds West
Deer Creek Oso
Deer Creek Index
Deer Creek Silverton
Dick Creek Wallace Lake
Dicks Creek Mount Higgins
Ditney Creek Meadow Mountain
Dolly Creek Gamma Peak
Dome Creek Dome Peak
Dubor Creek White Chuck Mountain
Dubuque Creek Snohomish
Duffey Creek Gold Bar
Dusty Creek Gamma Peak
Dutch Creek White Chuck Mountain
Eagle Creek Arlington East
East Fork Milk Creek Lime Mountain
Ebey Slough Marysville
Eightmile Creek Helena Ridge
Elbow Creek Evergreen Mountain
Eldredge Creek Mallardy Ridge
Elk Creek Mount Stickney
Elliott Creek Maltby
Elliott Creek Bedal
Elwell Creek Sultan
Evans Creek Maltby
Everett Creek Darrington
Everett Creek Silverton
Evergreen Creek Evergreen Mountain
Excelsior Creek Baring
Falls Creek Helena Ridge
Falls Creek White Chuck Mountain
Fern Creek Mount Pugh
Fire Creek Lime Mountain
Forgotten Creek Everett
Fourteenmile Creek Lime Mountain
Fourth of July Creek Evergreen Mountain
Foye Creek Monroe
Freedom Creek Conway
French Creek Snohomish
French Creek Mount Higgins
Fry Creek Oso
Furland Creek Fortson
Gamma Creek Gamma Peak
Garnet Creek Sloan Peak
Gerkman Creek Whitehorse Mountain
Gilbert Creek Mount Stickney
Glacier Creek Monte Cristo
Glacier Creek Lime Mountain
Glacier Creek Agnes Mountain
Glade Bekken Stanwood
Goblin Creek Blanca Lake
Goodman Creek White Chuck Mountain
Gordon Creek Mallardy Ridge
Gravel Creek Darrington
Greider Creek Mount Stickney
Hall Creek Edmonds East
Hannan Creek Monroe
Harriet Creek Huckleberry Mountain
Harvey Creek Arlington West
Haskel Slough Monroe
Hawthorn Creek Verlot
Hayho Creek Marysville
Heather Creek Verlot
Helena Creek Helena Ridge
Hell Creek Oso
Hempel Creek Mallardy Ridge
High Rock Creek Monroe
Hogarty Creek Index
Howard Creek Monte Cristo
Indigo Creek Mount Pugh
Isohis Slough Conway
Jim Creek Arlington East
Johnson Creek Evergreen Mountain
Jones Creek Marysville
Jordan Creek Arlington East
Jorgenson Slough Stanwood
Kelly Creek Verlot
Kelly Creek Mount Stickney
Kennedy Creek Glacier Peak West
King Creek Marysville
Larimer Creek Everett
Lewis Creek Index
Lime Creek Huckleberry Mountain
Little Coho Creek Marysville
Little French Creek Fortson
Little Jim Creek Riley Lake
Little Pilchuck Creek Snohomish
Long Creek Mallardy Ridge
Lost Creek Monte Cristo
Lost Creek Sloan Peak
Mallardy Creek Mallardy Ridge
Marble Gulch Silverton
March Creek Arlington West
Marsh Creek Lake Chaplain
Marten Creek Silverton
Martin Creek Bedal
May Creek Gold Bar
McCarty Creek Mount Stickney
McCoy Creek Sultan
Meadow Creek Meadow Mountain
Meadow Creek Captain Point
Meadow Creek Mount Pugh
Merrill and Ring Creek Mukilteo
Merry Brook Bedal
Middle Fork Quilceda Creek Marysville
Middle Fork South Fork Sultan River Mount Stickney
Milk Creek Lime Mountain
Mill Creek Bothell
Miller Creek Verlot
Miners Creek Lake Chaplain
Miners Creek Gamma Peak
Mission Creek Tulalip
Montague Creek Oso
Moose Creek Fortson
Munson Creek Marysville
Murphy Creek Helena Ridge
Noname Creek Index
North Creek Bothell
North Fork Canyon Creek Meadow Mountain
North Fork Falls Creek Bedal
North Fork Rapid River Captain Point
North Fork Sauk River Bedal
North Fork Skykomish River Index
North Fork South Fork Sultan River Mount Stickney
North Fork Stillaguamish River Arlington West
North Fork Wallace River Gold Bar
North Star Creek Index
Olney Creek Gold Bar
Owl Creek Mount Pugh
Palmer Creek Bedal
Panther Creek Snohomish
Pass Creek Benchmark Mountain
Pearsall Creek Bedal
Peek-a-boo Creek White Chuck Mountain
Penny Creek Bothell
Peoples Creek Monroe
Perry Creek Silverton
Philadelphia Creek Index
Pigeon Creek Everett
Pigeon Creek Number 2 Everett
Pilchuck Creek Arlington West
Pilchuck River Snohomish
Portage Creek Arlington West
Porter Creek Arlington East
Proctor Creek Gold Bar
Pugh Creek Mount Pugh
Pumice Creek Lime Mountain
Purdy Creek Granite Falls
Quartz Creek Monte Cristo
Quartz Creek Blanca Lake
Quilceda Creek Marysville
Rapid River Evergreen Mountain
Red Creek Glacier Peak West
Reflection Creek Snohomish
Ricci Creek Maltby
Richardson Creek Monroe
Riley Slough Maltby
Ritz Creek Lake Chaplain
Rock Creek Arlington East
Roesiger Creek Lake Roesiger
Rollins Creek Mount Higgins
Ross Creek Verlot
Rotary Creek Verlot
Ruby Creek Sloan Peak
Saddle Creek Meadow Mountain
Salmon Creek Monte Cristo
San Juan Creek Blanca Lake
Schweitzer Creek Mallardy Ridge
Scott Creek Snohomish
Segelsen Creek Fortson
Sevenmile Creek Whitehorse Mountain
Shake Creek Bedal
Shell Creek Edmonds East
Shelleberger Creek Edmonds West
Siberia Creek Arlington East
Silver Creek Monte Cristo
Silver Gulch Silverton
Silvertip Creek Monte Cristo
Sitka Creek Bothell
Sitkum Creek Glacier Peak West
Skalabats Creek Glacier Peak West
Skull Creek Bedal
Skykomish River Maltby
Sloan Creek Sloan Peak
Small Creek Gamma Peak
Snohomish River Marysville
Snoqualmie River Maltby
Sorgenfrei Creek Lake Roesiger
South Fork Canyon Creek Meadow Mountain
South Fork Falls Creek Bedal
South Fork Salmon Creek Monte Cristo
South Fork Sauk River Bedal
South Fork Skykomish River Index
South Fork South Fork Sultan River Mount Stickney
South Fork Stillaguamish River Arlington West
South Fork Sultan River Wallace Lake
South Fork Trout Creek Baring
South Slough Stanwood
Spire Creek Dome Peak
Spruce Creek Agnes Mountain
Squire Creek Fortson
Star Creek Lake Stevens
Steamboat Slough Marysville
Stillaguamish River Juniper Beach
Stony Creek Silverton
Straight Creek Prairie Mountain
Stujack Creek White Chuck Mountain
Sturgeon Creek Marysville
Sulphur Creek Lime Mountain
Sultan River Sultan
Swamp Creek Agnes Mountain
Swan Trail Slough Everett
Swift Creek Bedal
Tahlak Creek Glacier Peak West
Thomas Creek Everett
Triad Creek Gamma Peak
Triple Creek Verlot
Troublesome Creek Monte Cristo
Trout Creek Baring
Tulalip Creek Tulalip
Tupso Creek Meadow Mountain
Turlo Creek Verlot
Twentytwo Creek Mallardy Ridge
Union Slough Marysville
Vesper Creek Mount Stickney
Vista Creek Gamma Peak
Wagleys Creek Sultan
Wallace River Sultan
Wayback Brook Maltby
Weeden Creek Bedal
West Cady Creek Blanca Lake
West Fork Quilceda Creek Marysville
West Fork Troublesome Creek Monte Cristo
West Fork Woods Creek Monroe
Westphal Creek Arlington West
White Chuck River White Chuck Mountain
Wiley Creek Mallardy Ridge
Williamson Creek Mount Stickney
Wilson Creek Verlot
Windfall Creek Evergreen Mountain
Windy Creek Whitehorse Mountain
Wisconsin Creek Mallardy Ridge
Wood Creek Everett
Woods Creek Monroe
Worthy Creek Verlot
Youngs Creek Sultan

This is a list of all the streams in Snohomish County, Washington. In some cases there are duplicate names so try to select the one you are looking for based on the USGS quad topo map name which is often a recognizable feature or town nearby.