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Topo Map of Lakes in Burnett County, Wisconsin

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Lakes in Burnett County Wisconsin

Place USGS Topo Map
Ann Lake Webster
Austin Lake Webster
Baker Lake Hertel
Baker Lake Birch Island Lake
Bartash Lake Birch Island Lake
Bashaw Lake Hertel
Bass Lake Frog Lake
Bass Lake Yellow Lake
Bass Lake Danbury East
Bass Lake Siren East
Bass Lake Trade River
Bass Lake Birch Island Lake
Bass Lake Poquettes Lake
Bass Lake Hertel
Bass Lake Indian Creek
Behr Lake McKenzie Lake
Benach Lake Webster
Benoit Lake McKenzie Lake
Berg Lake Danbury East
Big Bear Lake Webb Lake
Big Doctor Lake Siren West
Big Sand Lake Hertel
Big Trade Lake Trade Lake
Birch Island Lake Birch Island Lake
Black Lake Frederic
Blomberg Lake Siren West
Bluff Lake Yellow Lake
Bogey Lake Birch Island Lake
Boner Lake Birch Island Lake
Bradley Lake Frog Lake
Bricher Lake Webster
Briggs Lake Danbury East
Buck Lake Hertel
Buck Lake Timberland
Buffalo Lake Yellow Lake
Buggert Lake Lake Clayton
Burlingame Lake Danbury East
Cadotte Lake Birch Island Lake
Chase Lake Yellow Lake
Clam Lake Siren East
Clear Lake Siren West
Clubhouse Lake McKenzie Lake
Conners Lake Webster
Coruick Lake Birch Island Lake
Cranberry Lake Webster
Cranberry Lake Siren East
Cranberry Lake McKenzie Lake
Crescent Lake McKenzie Lake
Crooked Lake Webster
Crooked Lake Siren East
Crystal Lake Webster
Culbertson Lake Birch Island Lake
Dalberg Lake Webster
Dalberg Lake Webster
Deep Lake McKenzie Lake
Deer Lake Webb Lake
Des Moines Lake Birch Island Lake
Devils Lake Webster
Doctor Lake Siren West
Dogtown Lake Webb Lake
Dubois Lake McKenzie Lake
Dunham Lake Siren West
Durand Lake McKenzie Lake
Eagle Lake Birch Island Lake
Eagle Lake McKenzie Lake
Echo Lake Webster
Elbow Lake Frederic
Falk Lake Webster
Fawn Lake Webb Lake
Fenton Lake Webb Lake
Ferry Lake Webb Lake
Fish Lake Randall
Fish Lake Siren West
Fish Lake McKenzie Lake
Floyd Lake Webb Lake
Fremstadt Lake Webster
Frog Lake Frog Lake
Fuhrman Lake Lake Clayton
Gabrielson Lake Trade Lake
Gaslyn Lake McKenzie Lake
Glendenning Lake Poquettes Lake
Godfrey Lake Clam Falls
Goose Lake McKenzie Lake
Green Lake Birch Island Lake
Greenwood Lake Webb Lake
Gull Lake Webster
Ham Lake Webster
Hanscom Lake Birch Island Lake
Hay Creek Flowage Grantsburg
Hayden Lake Webster
Holmes Lake Trade River
Horseshoe Lake Siren East
Hunters Lake Frederic
Indian Lake Falun
Isaac Lake Trade River
Island Lake Danbury East
Johnson Lake Webb Lake
Johnson Lake Webster
Kapes Lake Siren West
Kent Lake Hertel
Kiezer Lake Webster
Kreiner Lake Yellow Lake
Lake Thirty Two Timberland
Lang Lake Birch Island Lake
Larson Lake Siren East
Leaf Lake Birch Island Lake
Lily Lake Webster
Lily Lake McKenzie Lake
Lind Lake Siren West
Lindy Lake McKenzie Lake
Lipsett Lake Poquettes Lake
Little Bass Lake Webster
Little Bass Lake Indian Creek
Little Bear Lake Birch Island Lake
Little Deer Lake Clam Falls
Little Dunham Lake Frederic
Little Holmes Lake Trade River
Little Mallard Lake Birch Island Lake
Little McGraw Lake Webb Lake
Little Round Lake Webb Lake
Little Trade Lake Trade Lake
Little Wood Lake Trade Lake
Little Yellow Lake Yellow Lake
Lone Star Lake Webster
Long Lake Webster
Long Lake Siren East
Long Lake Birch Island Lake
Lost Lake Birch Island Lake
Lost Lake Hertel
Lost Lake McKenzie Lake
Love Lake Webster
Lower Clam Lake Siren East
Lower Twin Lake Birch Island Lake
Lucerne Lake Frog Lake
Mallard Lake Birch Island Lake
Mallard Slough Siren East
McElroy Lake Webb Lake
McGraw Lake Dairyland
McKenzie Lake McKenzie Lake
Meads Lake Poquettes Lake
Meeker Run Lake Frog Lake
Middle McKenzie Lake McKenzie Lake
Mingo Lake Webster
Miniature Lake Frog Lake
Minnow Lake Webster
Mollete Lake Birch Island Lake
Money Lake Siren East
Mud Hen Lake Siren West
Mud Lake Birch Island Lake
Mud Lake Webster
Muskrat Lake Trade Lake
Myre Lake Birch Island Lake
Myrick Lake Webb Lake
Mystery Lake McKenzie Lake
Nicaboyne Lake McKenzie Lake
North Lang Lake Birch Island Lake
North Twin Lake Hertel
Oak Lake Birch Island Lake
Our Lake Webster
Owl Lake Siren East
Peacock Lake Timberland
Perch Lake McKenzie Lake
Peterson Lake Webster
Phernetton Lake Birch Island Lake
Pickle Lake Trade Lake
Pike Lake Siren East
Pine Lake Trade Lake
Pine Lake Birch Island Lake
Places Lake Timberland
Point Lake Birch Island Lake
Pokegama Lake Hertel
Poquettes Lake Poquettes Lake
Pratt Lake Birch Island Lake
Prinel Lake Frog Lake
Put Lake Siren East
Rahn Lake Yellow Lake
Reed Lake Monson Lake
Reisinger Lake Monson Lake
Rice Lake Trade Lake
Rice Lake Grantsburg
Rice Lake Poquettes Lake
Rice Lake Trade Lake
Richart Lake Frog Lake
Robie Lake Danbury East
Rohr Lake Hertel
Rooney Lake McKenzie Lake
Round Lake Trade Lake
Round Lake Webster
Round Lake Birch Island Lake
Saginaw Lake Frog Lake
Sand Lake Siren East
Sand Lake Birch Island Lake
Sanks Lake Birch Island Lake
Schaaf Lake Webb Lake
Shoal Lake Birch Island Lake
Silver Lake Trade Lake
Silver Lake Siren East
Smith Lake McKenzie Lake
South Twin Lake Hertel
Spencer Lake Indian Creek
Spirit Lake Trade Lake
Spook Lake Trade Lake
Spring Lake Timberland
Staples Lake Danbury East
Stone Lake Danbury East
Stulen Lake Frog Lake
Sunfish Lake Siren East
Swamp Lake Birch Island Lake
Swamp Lake Siren West
Swamp Lake Park Falls
Tabor Lake Danbury East
Tamarack Lake Siren East
Tanda Lake Webster
Taylor Lake Siren East
Temple Lake Hertel
Thatcher Lake Webb Lake
Tobe Lake Grantsburg
Tomoe Lake Webster
Tucker Lake Siren East
Twentysix Lake Webb Lake
Twin Lakes Hertel
Upper Twin Lake Birch Island Lake
Viola Lake Siren East
Ward Lake Siren West
Warner Lake Hertel
Webb Lake Webb Lake
Wilson Lake Siren West
Wood Lake Trade Lake
Yellow Lake Yellow Lake
Yellow Lake Yellow Lake
Zalensky Pond Monson Lake

This is a list of all the lakes in Burnett County, Wisconsin. In some cases there are duplicate names so try to select the one you are looking for based on the USGS quad topo map name which is often a recognizable feature or town nearby.